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I have talked to the softball coach and she is super sweet and she is very helpful. The school itself is nice, it's not amazing but its a pretty ok school.
Great school with a beautiful campus set in the woods of the old boeing family hunting grounds in shoreline. Great teachers and staff, best automotive program in the country. Lots of clubs, informational meetings, and free exercise classes on campus.
This school I can accept the focus is that he is a community college, but he did not have a swimming pool and football field This is a big disadvantage, but this is the community college can not ask too much, but the pursuit of perfection is not a bad thing, the food is not good , The school area is small, not many facilities
Review Shoreline Community College
I loved shoreline community college. It was a fun and very entertaining but the classes were strict and hard. I love everything except the idea that everyone was focused on the idea of not hurting each other. Like they want self expression but at the same judge those who think differently.
Shorelines really ensures that class sizes are never too big the maximum that wya the students get the attention and guidance they need and professors aren't overwhelmed from the class sizes.
We have many jobs on campus for students, a large population of the students are involved in work study or use the campus to help find jobs.
Shoreline has many classes to train and educate the business majors because it's such a popular major
I enjoy going to shoreline a lot the staff and faculty are very helpful and want to see the best for everyone that goes there.
I've had some courses that were both not exciting and exciting. It was based off the instructor style, and my own personal preference on how I learn. Most of mine were very engaging with the classroom, while few may had seen it as a job.
The school had both evening and morning options for anyone to work with their schedule; however it wasn't for every class only specific ones. The schedule was very straight forward, I don't remember transferring credits. Just transferring from Edmonds to Shoreline as a student.
Being in a online course helped me better manage my time. It seemed really easy to not pay attention for the three months, luckily they have a calendar system that shows all the assignments, homework, test, and due dates. I enjoyed online classes for specific topics.
The workload was manageable as long as you make time for school (homework, attending class, etc). The instructors will encourage their students if need be. Along with encouragement the instructors give, they are also approachable.
Went to shoreline community college and got my general associates degree. Their criteria tries to match with university of Washington if anyone is looking to transfer later on. The instructors had personality and were knowledgeable in their field.
I will have a set class schedule so there is zero flexibility.
There are a lot of career options and technical program people can look at.
Class sizes are small, and the professors seem great. I really love the campus, it is in a wooded area right in Seattle. You don't get the feeling of being outdoors a lot when you live in Seattle.
Being a dental hygiene student I know there will be work for me when I get out of school. I can't wait to be done and actually start working and earning a great salary!
Review Shoreline Community College
It's not easy, any technical program is going to be challenging. That's why I need scholarships because I cannot work, and do school. So I need to find sources of income, that way I can focus on getting good grades.
Applying for the Dental Hygiene program, they were the only school that did more than look at my test scores, and grades. I went in for an interview and I got to show them who I am, and that I have been working and paying for school those whole time. I liked them because they saw me, not just as a student.
If you wanna change your major, you can change right away.
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