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I liked the academics that are being taught here and would like to see more diversity in the university.
I liked the class sizes and the size of the campus. The smaller class sizes made it easier to get to know your professor and to participate in class. The smaller campus size made it easy to navigate. If I could, I would change the cost of attendance. You pay a lot of money for an average education.
Shippensburg University is a very friendly and challenging environment. The school itself is amazing and the so are the people there. The studies are challenging, but are rewarded with positive professors that are willing to help.
Review Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
I like the intimacy of Ship it's a very small school which I personally love. Being in a small/medium sized town you get to know a lot of people, not to the point where you know everyone and everyone knows you which is nice, but in the sense that you get to make a good amount of friends that will stick with you forever. Another aspect of Ship that I love is the housing and dining services. The dorms are extremely nice and accommodative, and make you feel right at home which helps settle in your first year away from home. The food is amazing and you get a lot of options which is nice it's not the same food everyday, and you also have late night options for late night study sessions. If there was one thing I could change it would be to have a more diverse campus. Because Ship is a smaller school people don't really come from all over the county or world even to attend and I really wish there was a more diverse population.
Shippensburg is a welcoming place. Coming from a small town, I was able to appreciate the diversity spread across campus. Within the residence halls, you build a family and notice that there are many engaging activities that include talking about diversity. They challenge everyone to face the reality of racism, privilege, and hardships that people don't necessarily want to talk about but need to if they want to experience change in this world. This was an amazing experience- if given the chance to do it again- I would continue to go to this campus forever. If you're in search of a mid-size home where you can make a difference, then Ship is the place to look into. You will not regret it.
My experience at Shippensburg has been great so far. I like how friendly everyone is on campus. The campus is very safe and protected by campus police. There are many types of dorm selections to choose from. The classrooms are nicely sized and has good professors. Also, there are plenty of resources on campus that can help you with your work. However, I say that the food on campus can improve and the prices can be lowered. Overall Shippensburg is a well built University.
Shippensburg is a great school. I highly recommend its business school, education program and communications program. It has all the resources you could ever need. A faculty that is committed to helping you succeed. The social scene is good and the dorms are fantastic.
This campus is set away from the city. It is very quiet area. There is a Walmart nearby for easy access for students to shop. The staff is all very friendly. Large campus. Campus life is nice with well kept area. Lots of types of different sports offered also. Campus safety is always around to help with any issues.
I really love Shippensburg University! With the smaller class sizes I really get to know my professors, which you normally are not able to do at a bigger university. Also, everyone is so friendly and people really go out of there way to make you feel welcomed. Overall I have really loved Shippensburg and I can not wait to spend another two more years at the amazing university!
Shippensburg University is a college that provides you with the support you need to succeed. Everyone there is very friendly and helpful and they offer lots of help including tutoring session, writing labs, and just help with professors. The school is very diverse and sets an environment so that everyone feels comfortable.
I love Shippensburg University and all it has to offer. The classes, professors, greek life, and clubs are all great in their own way. If you want to, you can be involved in so much which really helps you out for the future.
Shippensburg University is a nice school. While the surrounding city is not exactly bursting at the seams with activity, the campus itself makes up for that. There is always something to do, whether its an APB activity or a party on Richards, there's always something to do.
I love Ship its such a great school, the environment is friendly and their are great resources on campus like financial aid, academic advising, health center just to name a few
Shippensburg University is located in the small town of Shippensburg. One of the many things I adore about SU is the tight-knit and cozy environment. It is very easy to make friends and be involved in the community. Due to being located in a small town, Shippensburg University is safe and relatively peaceful. There are many things to do on campus and several community outreach opportunities. I am a freshman at Shippensburg University, and I have lived in Shippensburg my whole life. Shippensburg University encourages diversity and welcomes all religions, customs, and beliefs. Individuality is something that I adore about the academics at SU. While the professors are focused on your academic potential, there is also a sense of responsibility and individuality offered in the classroom. I am extremely excited to pursue my major in Spanish Secondary Education at Shippensburg University, as it is a college that is well known for its teaching education program.
Shippensburg University is a fantastic place to be. The University is located in the Cumberland Valley in Pennsylvania. Campus is beautiful with large areas of open fields and adirondack chairs to lounge in across campus. The University offers seven different on-campus residence halls, one traditional and six suite-style residence halls. The suit style residence halls offer various room arrangements, with a private bathroom for every two residents. Suite style residence halls have laundry on each floor, a TV lounge on each floor, study rooms on each floor, and a kitchen/game room on the ground floor. Every student at Shippensburg University has access to the "Ship Rec", our gym and recreational facility. The University offers many dining options such as Reisner Dining Hall, Kriner Dining Hall, Century Cafe, Papa John, SubGen, Mondo Subs, Tomato, The Test Kithchen, The Grill, Sushi Do, Chickendipity, Dunkin' Donuts, and Starbucks.
Small town with plenty of surrounding entertainment locations. Campus safety and preparedness is a major plus. Professors are friendly in and out of class. Plus a Starbucks on campus!
I absolutely LOVE Shippensburg University. The campus is beautiful and everyone you meet always has a smile on their face. Of course the cow smell can be annoying at times, but I would not trade it for the world. Of course it is college, so the classes are hard work but you should be working hard anyway. All of my professors so far have been easy to talk to and they are very flexible with schedules. And don't forget about the Starbucks on campus! It's my home away from home!
Review Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
I enjoyed looking at the beautiful campus and the environment of the students. The academic programs that are located at this school are also ones that will help those undergraduates figuring out their future.
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