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Shippensburg University is a great school to get an education. They are an accredited school for business which was a must for me. Some of my favorite classes I have taken would be Business Law, WIFYS, and Accounting. I really liked the insight Business law gave me. It made me realize that everything you do may have a consequence which is not always in your best interest.
My experience at Ship this past year was really great. I made some new friends and had great teachers for my classes. Each one had a unique teaching style and I had some fun along the way. I would highly recommend anyone to go to Shippensburg University if they're considering on going there.
I'm a current student here at Shippensburg university. It's an okay school. I think the only problem is some of the professors stuck. It all depends. If you go, go to shipunderground. It tells you info on the teachers and classes.
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Shippensburg is a good university, the tuition isn't too expensive and the professors are usually very nice and helpful. It's a dry campus so there aren't too many situations where the neighbors on campus are loud. The suite style dorms are wonderful because there are bathrooms for every two people to a room. There is also a police station in the middle of campus and the blue help buttons are scattered all around the side walks.
The size of the school was perfect. Not too big or small. The location, however, was in an extremely rural area and I was the town was built up a little bit more to involve more community activities.
First off, the campus is absolutely gorgeous. Shippensburg University extraordinarily spacious, there are huge grass lawns scattered everywhere. The dorms are place close to food and dining halls making movement and time management that much easier. Secondly, the faculty and educators are particularly personal. They are willing to help you progress at your pace while keeping you moving with the rest of your class. The advisors are willing to spend the extra time to make sure you make the right choices in classes, and take the right classes at the right time.
The college is small yet big in learning and experiences. I exciting about learning new things and meeting new people. I wish it was closer to home.
I like the variety of clubs that are on campus. There is a lot to choose from to help get you involved on campus and in volunteer work. Most of the professors are very nice and willing to work with you to help you understand the material better.
I came into Shippensburg with a negative mindset and Shippensburg has done nothing to change that. The academics are subpar, food is awful and the party scene is average at best. Unless you join greek life you probably won't have a food time. If I were you I'd treat this university as a community college in order for you to transfer the following year because that's exactly what I am doing.
Shippensburg is a great school! Most people are fairly spirited and on a normal day you will see like 60% of students wearing shippensburg apparel. The party scene is great, there are options almost everyday of the week! A lot of parties do revolve around greek life though, so if you like to party definetly go greek!
The professors are amazing and super helpful. Everyone is really friendly and the buildings are up to date.
I feel like this college was more about money than setting their students up for success. I was talked out of not transferring, even though they did not hold the program I intended on studying. I have had many issues with transferring classes to other locations. My school debt from this college is more than what it was worth. I have friends who had their colleges set them up for interviews and internships.
Shippensburg University is a wonderful university! The program for those interested in becoming educators is phenomenal as well as the business programs. Students are provided with many opportunities to build partnerships with future employers and other students through internships. There are also plenty of activities for students to participate in, as well as a concert venue on campus (H Ric Luhrs PAC) which provides great entertainment year round.
I love it at Shippensburg. I feel like I am apart of something bigger than myself. Everyday I feel like there is something new to do. All the teachers are really helpful and always try and connect to the students.
My experience at Shippensburg University so far have been a really great one. There is a lot of resources on campus to help you when you need it and also the professors are great, they try to help you in any way they can. One of the great things that Shippensburg University has to offer is a class that helps you throughout your first year of college.
Shippensburg has a great community. Part of the benefit of a school like ship is that you always feel at home. It was easy to get used to living there as a freshman and it was easy to find my way around campus. One thing that could be changed is the food. A lot of the food at the dining halls is not desirable. Also it would be nice if more food at the cub was available with a meal swipe.
I like Shippensburg best for its education. There are many clubs and organizations you can join, but the food could be way better.
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Shippensburg University is my first university college. The campus has a delightful atmosphere and is breathtaking during the fall. The students are bright and professors make it worth to attend class.
I like that the Professor's are very easy to talk to. They give you positive and negative feedback and lead you in the right direction to correct the negative. The classes are challenging but if you put 100 percent into your work you will earn good grades. I believe if you invest your time into your education at Shippensburg your return will be of high value in your future.
A lot of my friends from High School go to Shippensburg University. I have heard very good things about this campus. I would love to go here. The students and the teachers are very kind.
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