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Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania Reviews

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Ship is lit!!!! The cops dont care about people, the townies dont care about people either. Its like a zoo and we can do whatever.
I’m a junior at Ship and I don’t think I could be happier anywhere else. It is on the smaller side of medium sized schools, but student involvment is huge. The greek presence here is huge, and practically run the school. The athletics are also good, especially for just a state school. There are parties every day of the week, day drinking everyday, wibs every night too. I feel like I am still getting a good education while still getting to party like the bigger schools do. My only complaint is that greek life needs more housing.
There are many things I like about Shippensburg University. It has a nice sized campus, its not too big or too small. All the professors are very kind and understanding and will do anything to help you. There are many things to become involved in on campus which I also enjoy. The food is isn't the best but it could be a lot worse. And one of the most important things to me is that I feel safe.
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I like the people and some of the teachers. There are only a few things that bother me. The school is not big. The food isn't great. There is only a small town outside of the campus. Police are cracking down on parties. The campus is dry, so no alcohol allowed. The dorms are way too expensive when the off-campus housing is almost half of the on-campus price. However, the school has many accreditations. The people are great. Lots of people help with charities. We have pretty good athletics teams that consistently win.
Shippensburg University has great programs that fit my needs in Communications. I have found my niche in the basketball as well as in other sports leagues in the community. I am happy I chose this to be my college home and look forward to continue going here.
Ship has a friendly atmosphere and very welcoming to all of its students. I love meeting new people and having the opportunity to learn with them.
I absolutely love my university and all of its fun events, people, academics, and opportunities to thrive.
People often say that Shippensburg University has something for everyone, and after spending 4 years on and around campus I would have to agree. With hundreds of clubs, sports teams, and constant free activities, it is truly difficult to be bored. Coupled with amazing accredited academic programs and professors with real-life experience in their respective subjects, it is easy to see that Ship is it!
As someone who grew up being homeschooled, Shippensburg University has allowed me to meet new people from different backgrounds and meet some of the greatest friends I have ever had.
Shippensburg is small enough where you can get to know the community and make the school feel like home. There is a good atmosphere for learning.
Shippensburg University creates a community that provides a home-away-from-home feel. It is big enough that you do not feel like you are constantly seeing the same people, but small enough that you will see a familiar face as you walk across campus. It provided me the opportunity to become an independent woman as I earned my degree.
This school is definitely a second home to me. The residence halls are very nice and the RA's are very involved. There are many social events to go to such as movie night, bingo, skating, laser tag, and dances. The professors are very hands on, they want to see you strive for greatness and want to help you as much along the way. The only thing I would consider changing is the food, they make the best food for open house, but when all the families leave, it goes back to mediocre food. If you want a home away from home and to feel
a part of something this is definitely the school for you.
Shippensburg University is a great school to get an education. They are an accredited school for business which was a must for me. Some of my favorite classes I have taken would be Business Law, WIFYS, and Accounting. I really liked the insight Business law gave me. It made me realize that everything you do may have a consequence which is not always in your best interest.
My experience at Ship this past year was really great. I made some new friends and had great teachers for my classes. Each one had a unique teaching style and I had some fun along the way. I would highly recommend anyone to go to Shippensburg University if they're considering on going there.
I'm a current student here at Shippensburg university. It's an okay school. I think the only problem is some of the professors stuck. It all depends. If you go, go to shipunderground. It tells you info on the teachers and classes.
Shippensburg is a good university, the tuition isn't too expensive and the professors are usually very nice and helpful. It's a dry campus so there aren't too many situations where the neighbors on campus are loud. The suite style dorms are wonderful because there are bathrooms for every two people to a room. There is also a police station in the middle of campus and the blue help buttons are scattered all around the side walks.
The size of the school was perfect. Not too big or small. The location, however, was in an extremely rural area and I was the town was built up a little bit more to involve more community activities.
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First off, the campus is absolutely gorgeous. Shippensburg University extraordinarily spacious, there are huge grass lawns scattered everywhere. The dorms are place close to food and dining halls making movement and time management that much easier. Secondly, the faculty and educators are particularly personal. They are willing to help you progress at your pace while keeping you moving with the rest of your class. The advisors are willing to spend the extra time to make sure you make the right choices in classes, and take the right classes at the right time.
The college is small yet big in learning and experiences. I exciting about learning new things and meeting new people. I wish it was closer to home.
I like the variety of clubs that are on campus. There is a lot to choose from to help get you involved on campus and in volunteer work. Most of the professors are very nice and willing to work with you to help you understand the material better.
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