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I came into Shippensburg with a negative mindset and Shippensburg has done nothing to change that. The academics are subpar, food is awful and the party scene is average at best. Unless you join greek life you probably won't have a food time. If I were you I'd treat this university as a community college in order for you to transfer the following year because that's exactly what I am doing.
Shippensburg is a great school! Most people are fairly spirited and on a normal day you will see like 60% of students wearing shippensburg apparel. The party scene is great, there are options almost everyday of the week! A lot of parties do revolve around greek life though, so if you like to party definetly go greek!
The professors are amazing and super helpful. Everyone is really friendly and the buildings are up to date.
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I feel like this college was more about money than setting their students up for success. I was talked out of not transferring, even though they did not hold the program I intended on studying. I have had many issues with transferring classes to other locations. My school debt from this college is more than what it was worth. I have friends who had their colleges set them up for interviews and internships.
Shippensburg University is a wonderful university! The program for those interested in becoming educators is phenomenal as well as the business programs. Students are provided with many opportunities to build partnerships with future employers and other students through internships. There are also plenty of activities for students to participate in, as well as a concert venue on campus (H Ric Luhrs PAC) which provides great entertainment year round.
I love it at Shippensburg. I feel like I am apart of something bigger than myself. Everyday I feel like there is something new to do. All the teachers are really helpful and always try and connect to the students.
My experience at Shippensburg University so far have been a really great one. There is a lot of resources on campus to help you when you need it and also the professors are great, they try to help you in any way they can. One of the great things that Shippensburg University has to offer is a class that helps you throughout your first year of college.
Shippensburg has a great community. Part of the benefit of a school like ship is that you always feel at home. It was easy to get used to living there as a freshman and it was easy to find my way around campus. One thing that could be changed is the food. A lot of the food at the dining halls is not desirable. Also it would be nice if more food at the cub was available with a meal swipe.
I like Shippensburg best for its education. There are many clubs and organizations you can join, but the food could be way better.
Shippensburg University is my first university college. The campus has a delightful atmosphere and is breathtaking during the fall. The students are bright and professors make it worth to attend class.
I like that the Professor's are very easy to talk to. They give you positive and negative feedback and lead you in the right direction to correct the negative. The classes are challenging but if you put 100 percent into your work you will earn good grades. I believe if you invest your time into your education at Shippensburg your return will be of high value in your future.
A lot of my friends from High School go to Shippensburg University. I have heard very good things about this campus. I would love to go here. The students and the teachers are very kind.
I like that Shippensburg is in a good area that gives you both a taste of country and city life with just a short drive. I enjoy the college and its professors are quite intelligent, but most of all I love the fact that I'm more than a number to them and that they truly want to see us do our very best in college.
I love the people but personally I hate the size and location of the college. I have been trying to get out of my housing agreement for awhile.
I liked the academics that are being taught here and would like to see more diversity in the university.
I liked the class sizes and the size of the campus. The smaller class sizes made it easier to get to know your professor and to participate in class. The smaller campus size made it easy to navigate. If I could, I would change the cost of attendance. You pay a lot of money for an average education.
Shippensburg University is a very friendly and challenging environment. The school itself is amazing and the so are the people there. The studies are challenging, but are rewarded with positive professors that are willing to help.
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I like the intimacy of Ship it's a very small school which I personally love. Being in a small/medium sized town you get to know a lot of people, not to the point where you know everyone and everyone knows you which is nice, but in the sense that you get to make a good amount of friends that will stick with you forever. Another aspect of Ship that I love is the housing and dining services. The dorms are extremely nice and accommodative, and make you feel right at home which helps settle in your first year away from home. The food is amazing and you get a lot of options which is nice it's not the same food everyday, and you also have late night options for late night study sessions. If there was one thing I could change it would be to have a more diverse campus. Because Ship is a smaller school people don't really come from all over the county or world even to attend and I really wish there was a more diverse population.
Shippensburg is a welcoming place. Coming from a small town, I was able to appreciate the diversity spread across campus. Within the residence halls, you build a family and notice that there are many engaging activities that include talking about diversity. They challenge everyone to face the reality of racism, privilege, and hardships that people don't necessarily want to talk about but need to if they want to experience change in this world. This was an amazing experience- if given the chance to do it again- I would continue to go to this campus forever. If you're in search of a mid-size home where you can make a difference, then Ship is the place to look into. You will not regret it.
My experience at Shippensburg has been great so far. I like how friendly everyone is on campus. The campus is very safe and protected by campus police. There are many types of dorm selections to choose from. The classrooms are nicely sized and has good professors. Also, there are plenty of resources on campus that can help you with your work. However, I say that the food on campus can improve and the prices can be lowered. Overall Shippensburg is a well built University.
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