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Everyone has been so kind and helpful. This school really sets up the first few days to ensure your success in school but also after you graduate. I feel so confident with my education and career being at Sherman College of Chiropractics.
I chose to live in an apartment that is located about 5-7 minutes from the campus. The college recommended this apartment complex and so far I have not had any negative complaints. The cost is very reasonable and it was quite easy to obtain the apartment while I was still in my home state.
I do not know much about places to dine, mostly because money is limited and cooking at home saves money. The few times I have gone out to eat were very nice. Located close, reasonable price, and a good variety. I haven't come across anywhere yet that offers a student discount.
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All of the administration is committed to the success of every student. I truly believe that they take each student and their situation into consideration when creating/updating campus policies and procedures.
Mostly everyone is approved for financial aid. They aid office makes it a very easy transition. Just need more financial aid, hence scholarship searching.
I do not get out to parties much due to the course load and trying to keep up.
I have not eaten at the campus cafe I always bring my food. But other students have said that the food is great and they eat there pretty frequently.
There is no campus housing at Sherman. However, admissions provides several options for housing that is close to the campus. So far no complaints! Every option that they offer is close to not only campus but much of what you will need as far as grocery and gas as well.
There's wonderful. Allow we no longer have an athletic center on campus as it was voted on to make an agreement with a local business to provide 24hr service to the gym.
You won't believe me till you are living the dream like we all are here.
I'd do it all over again Lord willing.
The professors know the material and are knowledgeable in and out of the classroom. They take the time to hear the concerns and address questions.
This is a doctorate level and it lives up to the entire spectrum.
Chiropractic based with focus on "perfect practice makes perfect". The workload is no joke you need to stay on top of things if you're looking to do it with the 3-1/2 year time frame. The curriculum is present for what you need to pass your board exams but the are the sprinkled technique classes mixed throughout so as not to bog you down. Facility is kind and friendly almost a second family. The internships are part of the program here at Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic and it's understood that there is a three month internship at a licensed office.
We're a buffet of different cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs with an ideal to become great doctors of chiropractic.
It's our utmost concern and goal.
The school has local options but if you prefer searching for a deal you have that liberty too.
Review Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic
It's really nice and rural with a city well within reason for travel and if that's not enough Greenville City is an half hour away with all the charm and commotion to settle ones inching-to-do-something feet.
Prices could always come down but from what I've seen they're well within reason.
Not to familiar with all their in/out but just to say we have one and they're very focus/detail driven toward true chiropractic and no mixing.
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