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The atmosphere is amazing and the teachers are just as awesome. The school offers and excellent instructor who teaches Anthropology, and has a dynamic pool of integrity and dedication towards higher student learning. Thanks Sheridan College for making dreams turn into realities. The 2018 commencement was such an experience that I shall never forget for as long as I live; with bagpipes and applause from all around me that definitely changed the way I feel about going to school than when I graduated High School - no offense intended.
Its local and I enjoy walking around the campus as well as the students and teacher's. Was easy to navigate around the campus, felt safe.
Sheridan College is at the forefront of progress in post-secondary education in the state of Wyoming. SC has many beautiful new facilities and attracts great teachers and faculty from around the country. Diversity isn't great, but diversity in Wyoming in general isn't great.
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Personal help and mentors. Online courses offered as well as in class. Instructors were there to help any time. Easy access to the classes. Scholarships available. Smaller campus was friendly and my needs were met in obtaining my degree.
I am reviewing Gillette College NWCCD since it is technically considered to be a part of Sheridan College.
Overall, I am unimpressed with the amount of importance Gillette College places on it's athletics department. It sacrifices from other more important areas to keep it's athletics going and I don't find that right.
It also is punishing it's students by raising fees due to the fact that it lost the quarter-cent sales tax income it was placing too much faith in getting. It has cut scholarships and staff as a result of losing the community vote.
Sheridan College is a very educational and amazing experience for college. It is very welcoming and organized. I wish there was an orientation for the freshman.
Great community college with individualized education and professors that care about your success. The area is beautiful with plenty of outdoor opportunities. The college even has a camp in the mountains. Bonus.
I attended NWCCD in Gillette. Like any college, there were ups and downs. Some excellent professors some complete garbage. No party scene. Nothing social for a "college student" to attend around town. Not even any fast food within walking distance. Basically, a great way to save money, especially if you're on the fence about a major, but it isn't what I'd call the "college experience"
I enjoy Sheridan College, class sizes are smaller, teachers are helpful. As a non-traditional student I was apprehensive going back to school after 20 years, but they made the process easy and comfortable. The students were very nice and never looked at me like I was weird for being there. Food is excellent also
I think that overall the college has done a phenomenal job at building a base to help students learn and figure out what is a good plan for their lives. The business director has been an amazing in helping me get my future started!
As a Student who is in dual enrollment I love it here. The services they provide are remarkable for the tuition price.
I really like the campus so far. I love how easy it is to get from class to class and how we all bond together. I think the food needs to be a bit better it gets tiring to have the same thing each day. I love how clean the campus is and stays.
My experience at college was very positive. Faculty were very understanding and got to know students on a one on one level and did an excellent job of assisting me on achieving my academic goals. The facility was brand new and outstanding in design and helpfulness to students. Everyone was very friendly and supportive and overall the experience was very progressive for my academic career. The only change I'd like to see from Sheridan college would be the food-- although quite good -- could use more variety.
The Gillette campus is friendly and generally the people want to help you and help you learn. As a non traditional student they are willing to help you get back into the swing and give little help when they can.
Very cosey campus. Friendly people EVERYWHERE. Smaller classrooms with lots of one on one time with professor
because my program has very specific core courses which we need to learn in order to be able to work in the industry, the transferred credits only covered my general elective credits. While i would have enjoyed getting more credits in order to lighten my workload, I feel that the core courses are necessary towards my professional development and without taking them, i would miss out since the credits i transferred would not have given me the proper knowledge
there is no professor student relationship or peer to peer interaction, it is solely online and you must rely on your own self discipline to make it through successfully
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the career centre offers help for alumni and recent grads, but it is not widely advertised
small class sizes allow for the students to get to know each other, and for the faculty to get to know each student and their work, which allows for them to give the best help and feedback to allow the student to grow.
For the animation program specifically, there is a lot of value associated with our degree. The program is highly esteemed, and there are a lot of opportunities for students to break into the industry. Not only does the faculty have experience in the field, they also have a lot of connections to those still working in the industry, and many big industry professionals are graduates of our program. There is also a Co-op semester where most students spend a summer working in a studio, allowing them to gain studio experience and contacts in the field. We have a lot of visiting artists who come to the school, usually allowing students to get feedback on their work, especially for the senior students, and we have an industry day for the graduating class where industry professionals come to the school to hire the grads.
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