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Shepherd University has a beautiful campus. The small town of Shepherdstown, West Virginia provides a quiet, nice environment in which to expand one's knowledge in one's studies. Throughout my experience thus far, Shepherd University has provided me with very helpful resources and commendable staff members.
Great school. The classes are small, so the professors learn your name and actively communicate with their students.
Shepherd University is a great school as far as academics go. However, other aspects make the school less appealing. Only liberal views are encouraged by the school, professors, and most of the students. Students with other views are strongly encouraged to keep their opinions to themselves. Up to $1,000 in athletic fees are charged to every student regardless of their participation in sports or other events.
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I believe the Admissions Staff and Faculty are amazing. They are very prompt and they know what they are doing. I would like to see more financial aid opportunities and a little better communication.
Make it more about the students than about making money. Seems many people do not graduate after 4 years and need to take addition class due to scheduling conflicts and poor advising.
Shepherd university is a nice school in a very pretty part of West Virginia. The professors are nice but parking here is a daily struggle
I extremely LOVE Shepherd University. Its an easy, adapting environment and an extremely safe and small campus. The campus reminds me of my high school because of the class sizes. Also the atmosphere at Shepherd University makes me feel as if I am home.
Shepherd is a growing college in a beautiful setting. They make it easy to get additional help by teachers and tutors if needed. So far my professors have been knowledgeable and consistent.
I love Shepherd University and the town of Shepherdstown. I call Shepherdstown home now. Shepherd University was a perfect fit for me. I would not change a thing about my choice in the University. Let's go Rams!
Shepherd is a nice school, there just aren't enough professors and some of them make their course harder than it should be... the food isn't that great.
I spent 5 years at Shepherd and didn't graduate with a degree. The school doesn't want to take the time to help their students. The professors are the same way. They are either lazy and can't do their jobs or they show up to lecture and then leave and won't respond to emails or questions.
I love Shepherd University. The small town of Shepherdstown is amazing to explore. Classes are small and most students are nice. There's always something going on at the campus from free shows to moves. We even get free food and coffee on occasion from groups at the college.
There is a wonderful job/internship program at Shepherd, I have had a first hand experience because i was in the co-op program. If you want an internship, you're guaranteed one when you sign up for the program which also a class you get credit for. Honestly, I'm not sure about recruiting or the career services on campus.
There's a lot of classes available for this being a small school and campus. The nursing and teaching department are excellent. The class sizes are small, at max you might have 30 kids in one class. I think there is a shortage of professor though, I'm a FACS major and I have the same professor for all of my FACS classes. That same professor is also my adviser.
The school is a little scary at night, campus becomes very dark and personally I make it my mission to park in a spot closest to my building when I have night classes. I do see police officers almost every single time I'm outside, they're familiar faces and very nice officers.
I commute to school, so I still live at home because the school was so close to my home. However, I have been in the dorms and they are actually pretty small, the apartments on campus are bigger and nicer. They are close so they must be convenient to get to food places.
Greek life is very big at our school, they do so much for the community and school. They are some of the nicest people I have met around campus and are very welcoming. They encourage all students to join. I think non-Greek students, such as myself just see them as groups of people, I would say even a family. I believe some of the fraternities have off campus housing, but I have known everyone else to just live with each other in available apartments.
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Athletic groups are relatively big at our school, the football team is amazing and have won most of their games. The football games is a crowd drawer, I'm pretty sure I see most of the school there when I go. The fans are crazy and support our teams through our school colors and chants. We have a huge brand new gym, the Wellness Center, it's a beautiful gym, with an indoor walking track, pool, exercise group rooms, and so much more.
I attend Shepherd University and fun fact it's one of the most haunted towns in America and we have a tv show. It's a small campus in a quaint town. I love the vibes and feelings while walking to class to hanging out around campus, everyone is so nice and you pass smile after smile. You really start to feel at home there because of the family you build and comfort of the town. There's lots of school spirit and fun themed days to boast moral like hot coco day, peanut butter and jelly day, Popsicle day, and so much more. There's little spots to eat around town and lots of hiking opportunities. The professors are kind and easy to talk to. The small class size is one of my favorite things because all of my professors know my name and we form a nice student teacher relationship. I would chose my school a million times over again due to the unique small town features, great professors, beautiful scenery, and school activities. You are encouraged to be yourself and have a free spirit here!
My professors are all very hard, but one can only expect that when in pre-nursing!
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