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Class sizes for the upper level classes are small. Everyone is friendly and caring. As a student you feel like the teachers and administration care about you. There are lots of performances and concerts to go to for free with your student ID. With the smaller school size you get to know your fellow classmates pretty quick.
I love the small campus vibe. You are able to know people easier, have a connection with teachers, and get from one class to another quicker!
I like how small the campus is and the ratios of teacher to student. The professors here are all really great. There are over 80 clubs to join and even though we are a D3 school, the sports teams are really good. The are lots of new and nice buildings being made for athletics and the college of Arts and Sciences. The food has improved a lot over the past two years, and the conservatory puts on really good performances. Also, I love how close all the restaurants and shops are.
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Great school for a learning environment. Class sizes are small to enable students to be close to their professors to ensure that the students are able to learn to the best of their ability.
I have loved my time at Shenandoah! The staff and faculty are all extremely passionate about their specialties. They are open and will sit down and have a heart to heart conversation with you. The campus is warm and inviting, the student life is full of energy and opportunities for involvement. We all come together for the homecoming football games in the fall, and the breathtaking conservatory performances all year round. My favorite time of the year on campus is just before Winter break when campus is all decorated with red and blue Christmas lights. And then there's always the Apple Blossom festival at the end of the spring semester.
great school with great academics, great people that go there, everyone is friendly, great teachers, everyone is there to better themselves, great campus, but the only downfall is that it is a small school so there are days where you can get bored
I found Shenandoah to be a place with good curriculum and generally decent professors - a lot of mine were excellent but I know of a lot of not-excellent ones, but when reported, they were addressed by the necessary offices and authorities. I found Shenandoah to be open-minded but still full of faith; proud of its tradition but not stuck in it; and although I complain about the food and lack of parking and mold problems they've had in years past, I've made friends that I would give my life for and found a program that I can't imagine myself working outside of. I study music composition and Shenandoah has broken me down as a composer and is rebuilding me, and the process is one I enjoy.
Shenandoah was a wonderful school to visit! Their conservatory program looked very competitive and prestigious, which is exactly what I am looking for! Their dorms were fabulous and so were their facilities. The students I encountered on campus were fantastic to meet and I cannot wait to go back again in February for my Conservatory audition!
The ease into freshman year is a huge focus for this school and it helps the students tremendously. Finding resources and help with future goals was little hard but overall everyone is helpful.
Very family oriented, seemed like home. I went on a blind recruiting visit for football and truly fell in love with the school. It sits in the Shenandoah Valley and is rich with the history of our founding fathers.
I like how Shenandoah is such a small school. The longest walk on campus is seven minutes so you can always make it to class on time. You get a really amazing sense of community here, everyone is so friendly and will hold a door open for you if you're walking from a mile away. One thing that I would change about the school is the geese control. There are geese all over campus, which makes it difficult to walk without stepping in a land mine.
It is a good school. It is a little expensive and very small. there is not much of a nightlife. Sports are not a huge deal and the classes are extremely easy. They have tons of cool teachers. The food is terrible at times but amazing at others.
Everyone is very friendly. Professors are down to earth and care about your academics. Everyone cares about you. The food can be better, but the food is manageable to like.
Shenandoah University has a very attracting campus with great health programs. Everybody is nice and always willing to help. The class sizes are relatively small so you get a better relationship with professors. Shenandoah is always adding new buildings and expanding campus each year.
I have been going to Shenandoah for 2 years now and enrolled in their nursing program. Parking is horrific. They need to be more commuter friendly, even though they do their best. They will throw out parking tickets like it is candy to those who have class but there is not a single parking spot available.
I am a rising junior Music Therapy Student. The Music Therapy department staff are all very understanding and close-nit and I feel very fortunate to be a part of this program.
I really enjoy my time at Shenandoah University. I not only graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications, but I also have chosen to pursue my graduate degree. The staff and faculty you interact with really do care about your well being and education. You can also always meet with your professor one on one and they will know who you are. I always stay in touch with former professors and they love to hear from me. It's a great family where you will feel welcome and it'll always outweigh the bad!
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This school has wonderful opportunities for young artists at the Shenandoah Conservatory. I can't wait to start school there in the fall
At first I was on the fence about even going to college as I felt maybe school just wasn't the right fit for me. I decided to go and give Shenandoah University a shot and I haven't regretted it one bit. Although it is a smaller school, it provides a great environment to live in. Also, the safety provided by the school is amazing and I have yet to feel in danger since I have been here. The professors here at the school do more than just lecture and offer great classes to learn from.
Shenandoah University is a very friendly school set in the beautiful and historic small town of Winchester, Virginia is northwestern Virginia. My first degree at SU was in the healthcare field. Shenandoah started as a conservatory for music majors but has grown in the scope and field of the programs offered. SU boasts one of the best Pharmacy schools and nursing schools in the country. They have since added more to their health professions with a Respiratory Care program and a Master in Public Health. The MPH program is brand new and promises to be a competitive program focusing on global and rural health issues.
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