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Shelton is academicly and culuturely diverse. Our student represent Tuscaloosa's hodgepodge of learner's. Shelton offers a wide array of courses... from Art to World History. Numerous certificate/diploma programs are available and can be completed at your pace on a two year track with the option of transferring to a four year institution to receive a bachelor's degree.
My experience at Shelton Community College is great. I'm starting my second semester at this awesome campus and, everyone is very friendly. One thing I would like to see change is more information on the financial aid process. I feel like as a Freshmen it would be nice to make that a topic for upcoming students. I also like the fact their seminars are very informative and very outspoken. This campus very good professor's. I would recommend this campus to any upcoming freshmen.
This is a wonderful school! The only thing is use it is the truth!!! If there is a bad teacher rating on there and I have given them a try due to schedule anyway I have regretted it because everything that was said about them was TRUE!!!!!
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very good the professors care about the area around the school is safe make you feel welcome and get more the enough help
I am in The School of Culinary Arts and I enjoy it a lot, this is my second career I started school because my husband pasted away with cancer and I really needed something to do and Shelton State and it’s staff has been great at helping me cope and get back into society. They have flexible hours, the staff will assist you in all your career goals, they have updated technology, great resources and open communication. They also help me to receive a scholarship to help with books and tuition. I would recommend Shelton State to anyone who is interested and seeking a degree but not attending a huge university a college that has a hometown feel to it, and beside TUSCALOOSA is the home of Nick Satan and The Alabama Crimson Tide, RTR.
I had a blast at this two year college. It’s so great that it’s becoming a 4 year college! It doesn’t break your bank and it’s very convenient when making that adjustment from Highschool to College.
It's a great school and great staff, they help in every way the can and its a very friendly environment.
Outstanding value! Almost all the teachers I had were engaged, cared about the students and put a lot of effort into their preparations. I was on the baseball team and can only say GREAT things about the fairness of the opportunity to prove yourself and Coach Sprowl is fiercely loyal and honest with his players.
I love attending Shelton State Community College. I love the small class size and the one on one you get with your instructors. Shelton State has two campuses in my hometown. Both are very nice and easy to get to. Shelton State offers so much for students. They have a career center that will help you with your resume and with interview skills. Shelton State offers many technical and academic programs. They have many student organizations you can join as well. I joined Phi Theta Kappa and it has been very rewarding. I have met a lot of people and it has been great for my self-esteem. Shelton State has several athletic programs and an award- winning cheerleading team. I would recommend Shelton State Community College to students coming right out of high school. It helps you get the college experience without the stress that comes with large campuses.
Shelton has an amazing staff and teacher's that make the material where it can be understood. In my time at Shelton I have gotten much needed support, personal investments in me from my professors, and made several lifelong friends.
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I like how the professors and staff is willing to work with you especially being understanding. I like how Shelton State offers tutoring for math and English. Positive attitudes on all the staffs and professors.
Shelton State Community College is an amazing place to get your education! They have many different tracks to choose from, or you could get an associate's degree and then transfer to a 4-year university.
What I like about Shelton is that everyone is familiar with one another and the professors are all outstanding.
For my first year in college, I'm glad I decided to start my freshman year at Shelton State Community College. Shelton gives me a chance to discover what I want and who I am in life.
I am an incoming freshman and will begin school August, 2017. My experience registering, locating offices and staff has been excellent thus far. The students and administration have been kind and helpful with the questions and direction I might need. I look forward to a fun, educational experience the next two years.
Shelton State Community College is a very good college to start at for those who are unsure about four year schools. The classes are much smaller, but the professors are outstanding. Since the classes are much smaller, students are able to obtain help if needed. I do have two minor issues with this school. First, they do not accept student loans, only grants. Second, they mostly use textbooks that are "customized." So, students can only sell those books back to Shelton's bookstore.
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I have really enjoyed my experience at Shelton State the past year. The faculty and staff are super friendly.
Shelton State had an incredible nursing program! The clinical and theory are very helpful and interactive. I would highly recommend!
Shelton State has been an amazing experience, not only because the classes it offers but because of the faculty and staff. The classes I have taken so far really have helped beyond words and I truly can not wait to see how far this school takes me in life, because I know it will.
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