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Shelton State Community College is an amazing place to get your education! They have many different tracks to choose from, or you could get an associate's degree and then transfer to a 4-year university.
What I like about Shelton is that everyone is familiar with one another and the professors are all outstanding.
For my first year in college, I'm glad I decided to start my freshman year at Shelton State Community College. Shelton gives me a chance to discover what I want and who I am in life.
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I am an incoming freshman and will begin school August, 2017. My experience registering, locating offices and staff has been excellent thus far. The students and administration have been kind and helpful with the questions and direction I might need. I look forward to a fun, educational experience the next two years.
Shelton State Community College is a very good college to start at for those who are unsure about four year schools. The classes are much smaller, but the professors are outstanding. Since the classes are much smaller, students are able to obtain help if needed. I do have two minor issues with this school. First, they do not accept student loans, only grants. Second, they mostly use textbooks that are "customized." So, students can only sell those books back to Shelton's bookstore.
I have really enjoyed my experience at Shelton State the past year. The faculty and staff are super friendly.
Shelton State had an incredible nursing program! The clinical and theory are very helpful and interactive. I would highly recommend!
Shelton State has been an amazing experience, not only because the classes it offers but because of the faculty and staff. The classes I have taken so far really have helped beyond words and I truly can not wait to see how far this school takes me in life, because I know it will.
Shelton State is a pretty decent college, although you have half of the teachers who aren't actual teachers and the other half who actually have degrees in the subjects they teach. There is a variety of classes for everyone.
I've been at Shelton State for two years and I love it. Every instructor I've had was always there to help. Whenever I needed help in my classes they have always had someone in SOAR for tutoring to help students. All of the employees are very helpful and nice.If I had to choose between what Community College I wanted to go to, I would stay at Shelton. I just enrolled back spring 2017 and I am so happy to be back in school. Since I started I have been to the career center at Shelton to see Ms.Amy. She is very helpful and kind, she help me do my resume so I could find a job in the medical field that I'm going to school for. A couple weeks later I got a phone call from the hospital asking me to work for them. That made me so happy to know that she help me find a job.
Loved the teachers and classes. Had six classes to go, before graduation, and my financial aid was cut off. Can not complete my classes, and can't graduate.
Here at Shelton State you will find some of the highest quality, caring, and respected Professors, Instructors, and staff in Tuscaloosa. Scholarships are well provided and the transfer rates are a pro. One con is that you will not find is a strong school spirit and community. There is a distinct lack of unity and school pride as you might like to experience. However, Shelton State takes education seriously and they will prepare you to transfer. I strongly encourage students to join Phi Theta Kappa and Shelton's Ambassador Program. They will provide tremendous scholarship opportunities that make CC the best choice for students paving their way on their own financially. Shelton also boasts of an extremely talented cheer leading team, decent baseball program, and solid basketball program. Shelton State is dedicated to student success and has prepared me for success as I prepare to transfer and I have no doubt that it will prepare you as well.
My classes were basically picked for my due to being in the Mechatronics Program with Mercedes-Benz. It has made it VERY difficult to work therefore there is a major burden on my parents to help pay for alot of my expenses.
In high-school the online classes seemed to just take up time and help nothing. My school gave online classes to the seniors just so we could leave school early because they did not have enough teachers for all the students. In college, so far, all of my online learning has pertained to things I actually need to know for my field.
The courses are tailored specifically for the students in the Mechatronics program and are very hands on. The instructors have years of experience in the setting we will be in and are very excited to see us succeed in our field.
My experience may not have been like all the others because of the program I am in. Mine was well though. I had to deal with not only the school admissions but the admissions of Mercedes-Benz. It was fairly easy as they did everything they could to make sure everything went correctly.
It is Wonderful having the classes i do because the instructors know what is needed and have experience to teach us to go into what we aspire to be a part of at the end of our schooling. Alot of what we are learning is hands on and does a great deal of good because that is how i learn best.
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My college career is not like most. I am going to Shelton to take classes to be a Mechatronics engineer for Mercedes-Benz (MBUSI) and only Shelton State has these classes, and specific classes they are, to teach what is needed to work as a Mechatronics Engineer at MBUSI.
I help to have a good teacher
I a first time student
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