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Shawnee when I first started the LPN program was amazing and the staff were very helpful. But this past semester and ever since the new president has changed things the school is not very student oriented and it has killed the atmosphere of the whole college and the teachers no longer care about student concerns anymore because they have so much on their plates and we are getting the short end of the stick and it’s my money that they are wasting.
My experience with Shawnee has been a very good one. Everyone is very social if you talk to them and the staff is very nice. They really care about the student body and what they are going to be. What I like about Shawnee Community College is the communication. I love the fact that everyone is communicating with each other in the college and that there isn´t any drama from what I see. The food and scenery are very good also. I honestly do not know what I would like to see changed other than adding more classes if they could.
The faculty and staff are well student oriented. The professors are alway ready to help you if need extra help learning thing. Not hard to find classrooms and the food is great.
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I had an amazing experience at Shawnee Community College, all of the professors are kind and understanding if you have an problems as well as the rest of the facility. Also the students that attend are just as nice and helpful.
Shawnee sufficiently prepared me for my current career. The nursing program was good and although I didn’t like all of my professors, most of them were fair and very knowledgeable in the subject matter. I took undergraduate classes at Shawnee and also earned an associates degree there. I would recommend Shawnee to anyone who isn’t quite ready for a major university.
My experience at Shawnee community college was fantastic. It's not a university but I feel that its a start. Its getting me ready for a bigger university. The professors were very helpful and they well always there. What I really liked about Shawnee the most was the classes.
Shawnee Community College is a small college located in rural Southern Illinois. It's offerings to local high school students make it stand apart from others and its classes and class sizes are reasonable for a beginner college student.
could not have chosen a better school to start back with - instructors and faculty and students are all very helpful and cheerful on a daily basis very good learning atmosphere felt very comfortable right AWAY did not feel embarrassed to ask for help
the courses are challenging and the homework is modest where it is easily done with a little effort and studying
awesome fitness center, student center, library, and a large selection of club and organizations to join
Shawnee College is awesome and everyone tries to help those in need
students who care about each other and who stick together when they need to be stuck together.
simply amazing. Each program has an internship process that helps you find a job while you are finishing up your education.
the professors, the topics, and the workload as well as the tutors that are available for free to help you in anything you might have a need for is amazing.
it is one of the most challenging courses that I have ever had and I love it
this is a wonderful college where the instructors care about their students, and the financial aid office bends over backwards to help students find money to go to college
my classes have been good, it just a change my major so now i have to take more classes. i like all my classes
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i havent had any problem with anybody, most of the time i get a group of student to study with me. right now, i am helping one of my classmate with math so far his doing good
i like their science program and instructors communication. i like the environment and everyone is friendly. i feel very welcome the college everyday
I have had a chance to really experience the environment to much but i believe it offering one of the top schools for computer science/ Game development i can assume that there resources are extensive.
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