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One thing I like about Shaw is the one on one time we can get with the professors compared to a more bigger college. One thing I dislike is the cafe food. Other than that you just have to stay involved and stay focus.
The thing i like about shaw is that there cheerleading squad is amazing. The one thing that i would like to see again at shaw is all the geek squad come out.
Shaw University is very diverse. Me coming from New York I look forward to being around that type of environment. Just because Shaw University is A HBCU, it doesn't mean that only black students attend. I've met great friends so far and gained a lot of knowledge and experience in just short amount of time. If I can change one thing about Shaw University it would be that they offered more extra curricular activities because it is important to keep students involved.
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I love attending shaw and meeting new people and learning new things and the professor they really do help you when you need help from them
Shaw Univerisity is a decent school. The professors do a very good job teaching their classes and make learning easy. Campus can be fun with all the students but others schools do a lot. Overall Shaw is a good School.
My experience with Shaw University was great I went to A visit to Shaw University with the Athletics -Football and just fell in love with the place for a African american black male that is the type of atmosphere I would love to be around its like everybody knows each other and care about each other from what I experienced
I love my college so much. I have had a wonder first semester and my second one is starting off any better. There isn't anything I can say I would change about my school.
my experiences at shaw are great i learned a lot about the history of the school and how each building got there name. also some professors are really willing to help you know the product and help you to make the right choices, overall i would change how the residence halls look and a safer environment where the school is built.
My experience at Shaw University is great and I like the way the teachers teaches the student. And I hope to graduate from Shaw University four years from now. And to be a uprising woman in future
As I began my college career I thought it would be pretty cool fulfilling my dream of attending a historically black college. Shaw university is a small university; which is exactly what I wanted. Some of the teachers cared for your success in college. Shaw University is right downtown with a lot of activities and museums to visit. The cafeteria food wasn't all that bad, but then again I barely at in the café. one thing I would lie them to improve with is the dorms and bathroom situation. I think the dorms just needs to be rebuilt as a whole.
I attend a school where almost anything is possible. People on campus are more like family and not strangers. You have a staff that wants to see you succeed in life. Not to mention Shaw University is also the first HBCU in the south.
Shaw University is a good university. The university have history and it's prestigious because it's been around so long. Being around for 151 years is fantastic to me that's one thing I love about the university I attend. Also, most of the faculty and staff cares about the students and willing to help the students if they need it. That's why I love Shaw University because of the faculty and the area it's in.
I like the people and the activities they sometimes have on campus, you can always find friends and meet great people on or off campus. The security is okay even though they're just now starting to really crack down on security due to two shootings we had earlier in the year. The food is good but really, Shaw is what you make it.
My experience at Shaw University was very interesting I learned a lot of facts while walking on campus. It's a wonderful school to go to if you don't necessarily like walking because the campus is small. The food is great and the Professors are nice and very understanding!
It's a nice school and many people are nice
Crime on our campus is <1%; Our school #1 priority is each student safety. Secruity and our police is very visible on campus and nonsense is not tolerated.
Living on campus I found ok. The dorms are nice and spacious; social atmosphere is good where you can meet different people and start up new relationship.
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As a freshman, we are not allowed to join but we do attend activities given by different organizations which allows us to see what take place when it comes to community services etc.
Teams need more practice and encouragement. School spirit is awesome; participation from the students.
My first year as a Freshman at Shaw U was a little rocky. As time went on I was able to build new relationships with students and professors/teachers. I took advantage of everything that was offered such as tutoring and joining active groups on campus.
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