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I enjoy the diversity of subjects offered at Shasta College. The campus is beautiful and full of positive energy.
Shasta College is a great college to start at. The professors are always willing to listen and answer any questions that the students have. Shasta College also helps students with counseling, financial aid, and any other student success help that we need.
I have enjoyed Shasta College, the staff are amazing. From office, security, learning center, tutoring, counseling, and instructors, are fantabulous.
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I enjoyed Shasta College very much. Community Colleges often have a bad reputation of not being organized or having as many resources available to them. This is untrue of Shasta College. When you talk to your counselors they go above and beyond what they need to to make sure you the student succeed.

They have a wonderful staff available for tutoring and if you can't make it to the main campus (I think they have 4 or 5 in Shasta County) they offer services online.

The office staff offer a wide variety of information to make your college life easier. They have tons of flyers for campus and scholarship offerings.
Truly enjoy the college experience here. Everyone is really helpful and answers are answered in timely manner.
I love that we have alot more programs to help students reach graduation. I would love to see more daycare availability on campus.
All staff and student body go out of their way to get you the help you need. It is an excellent school with a beautiful campus. It has amazing programs for students.
Shasta college is an excellent school in regards to academics, safety, and campus. The staff are always there to help and the professors want you to succeed.
This school has helped me every step of the way, from financial aid, to education planning, it has helped tremendously! Having taken a ten year break from school, I was decidedly nervous, but only after a few days I felt right at home. The atmosphere is laid back, without discrimination or prejudice, and makes you feel like you have been there forever. The staff is friendly and capable, and there are many programs offered to help you along your collegiate path. The library is well stocked, with many private study rooms to choose from, as well as a textbook lending library that helped me the first couple of weeks in my Pysch 101 class. I recommend taking the college preparatory class, STU 1. This class is amazing in its ability to not only help with anything school related, but also a great way to focus on introspection. In this class I was able to gain a respect for myself and others I had once thought impossible. A great school all around, I highly recommend it.
I would like there to be a lot more attention paid to how professors treat their students. They treat them as if they don't deserve to be in there class. I afraid to ask questions because I don't want to feel like an idiot.
Every teacher I've had have been absolutely wonderful. Every part of campus is easy to locate and walk to. The only flaw I can think of is that some of the faculty that work in the offices can be a bit snarky towards you, even if you're asking perfectly valid questions.
This college has some great dedicated teachers, especially in the science department. The campus is located on the outskirts of town and has a lot of room to roam. That being said, it's pretty far from any commodities, like food and easy commutes. You're stuck with the cafeteria. The buildings are a mix of new and dilapidated. They put all their money into renovating and building giant new buildings for administration and library, but made no advances in the actual classrooms. The lecture halls are very old, crafty, and looks like it hasn't been updated from the 60's. Students don't really benefit day to day on their "renovations".
BUT its affordable and teachers are great.
Great school, Extremely helpful and supportive towards their students. Students receive a great education and the chance to experience sports and several amazing clubs around the campus.
Shasta College has been a wonderful experience. The campus is beautiful, located in northern California, it is surrounded by large trees and a great view of Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen. Every professor I have had, puts the students first and does everything in their power to help students succeed.
As a current student enrolled in Shasta College I can say that I am truly happy with the return on investment. Shasta College offers a relatively low tuition rate, making each semester affordable. Also, Shasta College offers many great trade options and certifications with a high success and accomplishment rate.
I've really liked attending Shasta College a lot. Living at the dorms is extremely convenient, because it makes rolling out of bed and getting to classes simple, and you can't ever have the excuse of not being able to find a time to get help on campus or from a professor. I have met so many people at the dorms and in my classes who are very driven and help me to continue doing well in school. The imporvements that could be made would be a more diverse amount of clubs and organizations, and a musical during the school year instead of making it during the summer so students are less likely to participate.
Printers to use at the downtown campus location for students to print from the computer lab and not just run copies. So many students there have projects weekly that need that access. As of right now, here is only one printer available for making copies and there are over 300 students that use the building.
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I like the low class sizes, and from my experience the teachers have been very nice and flexible. They teach well and seem to know what they're doing.
Over all, during my time at Shasta College, I found it to be an upbeat environment. They're rather accepting of many individuals there and they help you feel right at home.
This college is friendly. The only thing need to change probably just need a map in campus because it is quite complicate when the first time you walk in.
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