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Shasta College is a wonderful 2-year community college. It's been a pleasantly surprising experience overall. From the admissions department to the teaching staff, everyone is committed to their students. They are hardworking, dedicated, and passionate about what they are doing at Shasta College. There are students of all ages here, but that doesn't affect the attention each person gets from staff and faculty. Everyone matters and everyone is believed in. I can name a number of students who thought they would never leave Redding, CA. Yet, because of the care and attention given by their professors and counselor, they are now attending schools like Harvard, Columbia University and UCLA. I am proud that I was able to spend a few years here at Shasta College.
It has been a truly enriching experience, and it is a perfect pathway for transferring to a four-year university at a fraction of the cost. The teachers are great, the campus is wonderful and the staff are always helpful in assisting students to the best of their ability. The Student Senate is a great place for student Services and to rent out free books for the semester. It has been a great few years for me and now I am finally ready to transfer to another school to obtain my bachelors. Will miss the school and the people in it.
Great school with great healthcare programs. Affordable! I love the downtown campus it is close to everything. Professors are great.
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I had some really great and helpful professors and some that were not so great. Redding is beautiful with mountains and lakes, the weather is great. The people are not as amazing. The college campus has a lot of nature, but isn't very nice. The classes I've taken have a lot of older people so making friends was kind of difficult. The staff is kind and ready to help.
Shasta College overall is a perfect place to receive a great education and be saving money simultaneously. The more involved you are, the better your experience. Great professors, however, at times the environment can be a bit demotivating.
Shasta College has been such a wonderful experience for me personally, Since i have been In rolled the people who i have had the pleasure of meeting and who have helped me along the way have been nothing but kind. But someone who i think deserves to be mentioned the most is Julie Fisher, Julie who works in the veterans service office has all ways been very kind to me and to anyone I've seen her help whenever I have had any question she is all ways willing to help me and put in as much effort as she can. And for that i am very grateful and i would defiantly recommend anyone to come to Shasta college weather that be for the Staff, the food, or the overall atmosphere.
Resources at this college are plenty, and the staff have provided excellent admissions and counselor support for me to achieve my academic goals. Scheduling of courses is such that I'm typically able to cobble together a school schedule that fits into my life comfortably enough. I've had great experiences with most of the professors during school and office hours. I've learned something significant from every professor I've taken a course with--they've helped me to locate and direct areas of weakness in my study and help me to keep my GPA impressive.
Overall Shasta College is an average school, It has all the basic requirements of a community college. There are however a few places that it shines. Shasta college is a very inexpensive school that draws people from all different ages. It has classes all day Monday- Friday to accommodate a working schedule. It even offers online classes. The college also has a very good nursing program, but it usually has a wait-list. The professors overall are adequate some are good and some are not. I would recommend this school to anyone who did not have much time or money, but wanted to further their education in Northern California.
I truly do love Shasta College, the professors are very helpful. The class sizes are very small and are not intimidating.
The school isn't very interactive, but it is very beautiful. The teachers do a great job at their jobs, but nothing feels personal. The campus is insanely quiet in all places and at all times.An effort is made to put on several events, however the participation rate is very low. Therefore, there isn't much stimulus.
I have had a great experiences at this school over the last few years. I've made so many new friends, people that I hope to know for the rest of my life. The staff here, for the most part, is extremely nice, helpful, and understanding. There were a few occurrences that I've had with instructors that were not the best, but I feel that will happen wherever I go in life, you can never appease everyone. For the most part though, the staff is courteous and they want to help you to so your best and succeed in your life and help to achieve your dreams.
Shasta college is a small quiet community college for the local kids to attend, or the lower class to get more money from financial aid and live off the system. The only thing really going for this school is the athletics are semi good. Many kids come from all over to play football which the football program has been doing very well for several years now. All the other athletics have good programs allowing a lot of athletes an opportunity to play. The teachers are another positive part about this school. The teachers are very helpful, provide for a fun learning experience, and honestly care about their students. Other than the academics and athletics this school has a very sleepy vibe, not a whole lot of school spirit, or activities to get the students involved. The other faculty, admissions office, is pretty much worthless, very little help or guidance for the students, takes forever to be seen by a counselor, and little to almost no help in the transfer center.
Shasta College has really surprised me. I've never been to a community college before and am really impressed with the school. It offers a lot of great financial assistance, lots of great programs and the teachers are excellent. I'm really impressed with this school!
Easy to navigate campus, friendly staff. Borrowing books and tutoring are always available. Quick and efficient counseling appointments. Campus is very diverse and security is available, the only downfall with security is they can take a long time to respond. The instructors are all very well informed and passionate about teaching, I have never taken a class with a bad instructor.
Overall, I enjoyed Shasta College. I liked the staff and was able to get my General Ed done while being involved with sports.
Shasta College is a great college for high school graduates to start out at. Shasta College has a very simple website for anyone who is not extremely tech savvy it is okay! The things needed on the website are all clearly labeled and visible. The campus is also very easy to navigate! The whole campus is basically one big circle. The buildings are numbered according to the circle which makes it easy to find the building you are looking for. The staff is very friendly and are helpful. Shasta college also has a wide range of classes that helps students begin in the field of study they choose.
For a 2 year college, it's a wonderful place. It has good programs, and almost all of the teachers actually care actually about you as person. I have had negative experiences, but only with one teacher, and a few students. I have had an overall great experience here.
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Shasta College is a great starting point for new students uncertain about what they want to do moving forward in their life.
What I like about Shasta College was that there are very good teachers there that help out the students
Shasta college so far has been a great experience for me and I've met a lot of great people along the way including teachers and students. I'm just getting my general education for right now at a great and reasonable price.
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