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For a 2 year college, it's a wonderful place. It has good programs, and almost all of the teachers actually care actually about you as person. I have had negative experiences, but only with one teacher, and a few students. I have had an overall great experience here.
Shasta College is a great starting point for new students uncertain about what they want to do moving forward in their life.
What I like about Shasta College was that there are very good teachers there that help out the students
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Shasta college so far has been a great experience for me and I've met a lot of great people along the way including teachers and students. I'm just getting my general education for right now at a great and reasonable price.
Returned at 50 years old to take there heavy equipment operators class going for my cert finish in 2 semesters. Getting a lic also crane cert
I like the way they care for the students and the dicipline that they practice everyday,teachers try their best for the students to understand the class the objective of the class and that working in groups increase your ability to make more friends and get controuble with your class
For me, Shasta College has been very convenient--not only close to my residence but I've been able to get the classes I need at workable times.
I've been very happy with the quality of the courses I've taken, the classes offered, and impressed with the professionality of the professors.
It seems like there are a fair number of returning or older students like me who are coming to gain credentials for career opportunities, and a degree from Shasta is considered in the community as valid and positive.
Because Shasta dosn't have a specific transfer degree in Graphic Design, the designation--AA in Studio Arts--feels less than specific. That said, the counselors I've worked with have been diligent to help me figure out the best way to fill all the prerequisites that I'll need with credits that will transfer for my Bachelor's.
The overall attitude at the college is positive--counselors, teachers, and staff are for the most part positive and really seem to care that students have success, and the professors I've had so far have been personable, caring, and willing to go the extra mile.
It easy to find classes to fit with my busy schedule.
Online classes here are simple to access and easy to complete.
My professors have been just right. They have provided a great education without an overpowering work load.
This school works hard in order to provide for their students and their financial needs. They do have many job programs within the campus for those interested.
There are millions of classes to support a specific major at this school. For instance my major is in Criminal Justice this school provides me with every required class I need. The criminal justice program even has thier own simulator in order to practice the real life experience. The workload of each class varys widely from class to class, however it has yet to be too much for me to handle.
My experience with Shasta College has been great. My favorite experiences revolve around being involved in school activities as well as the softball athletic program. This school is unique in that the students themselves come from all walks of life as well the professors. I would choose this school again because it is based in a great area and is full of great people.
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Learn a lot of new things about handling computers.
The teachers have been supportive and friendly :)
Overall I enjoy attending school. Favorite experience would have to be meeting many diverse people who come from different backgrounds and if possible learning about their culture and such being. If it could all be done all over again again, I would not have attended a junior college and would much rather have gone to a four year university.
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