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I loved visiting here. It was a beautiful campus and I felt like I could really fit in with the people around me there.
I like that Seton Hill is a very small and close to downtown Greensburg. I do not like that the accounting major is going to be exclusively online in the future. There MBA in accounting is already online. In addition, their tuition keeps being raised every year without the scholarships being raised as well.
Seton Hill has great teachers with small class sizes but the campus life can get a little boring. There is quite a divide between the athletes and non athletes.
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College that is not too small or too large for students. Offers great opportunities to join clubs , be part of events and utilize all of their options from tutoring, computer help as well as offering traveling abroad. Great athletic programs and scholarship opportunities
I enjoy the close-knit community of Seton Hill University. Everyone always says hello! I also enjoy the faculty and other campus workers. Everyone is invested in your academic and professional success. It feels like one large family and everyone is always rooting for each other.
I absolutely love this school. From the minute I took a tour, I felt so welcomed and loved and I was still a high school senior. It is expensive but the education you are receiving is worth every penny. The Office of Residence Life works so hard to make the campus fun and lively for it's students. The sports team are so rigorous and dedicated to both the classroom and the field. There are parties that happen off campus so it doesn't interfere with those who dislike them. The class sizes are not very big which makes it the ideal learning experience and the professors actually know your name and will say hello to you in the halls. I highly recommend looking into this wonderful university. The only way is up!
Professors are nice, but if you are a resident don’t plan on bringing your car here. There’s virtually no parking and if there is you’ll have to walk a bit to it. So if you ever get a job here, have fun. They will ticket you for any reason they can find just to get some more money out of you. The dorms are always so hot because the buildings are super old. The only building that has central air is the honors building, Farrell. You can bring an air conditioner but you have to have a medical form to get it installed. Honestly I’m really sad that this is the only campus that had my specific undergrad degree because if they didn’t, I would definitely not come here. The students here are also really stuck up, so if you’re shy you will not make any friends.
It's been ok. Most of the professor's have been great. I had a problem with one but no longer there now anyway. It is expensive but you learn a great deal in your field. I have a combo of online and in class. Online classes easy to follow and plenty of time to get the work done. In class is a nice experience because of the collaboration with other students.
It's a fantastic liberal arts school an amazing staff and student body. I feel so welcome here. The community here is fantastic I feel at home while receiving a wonderful, well rounded education.
I really enjoy every aspect about SHU. The faculty are great, the staff is really nice, the people are great, and overall it's a great place. The only thingI would change is that it is a bit small, but I don't mind it because it's very personal.
I love seton hill. The arts program is wonderful. I’m being molded and guided by such well educated, talented, open minded humans and I’m very lucky to have such a great education experience.
Seton Hill is a rigorous school that rewards its students with rich opportunities for career and personal development. It's abounding with engaging and intelligent professors who value their students' success. There isn't as much of a social scene as one might find at a larger school; however, many students at this school are academically driven and, thus, spend much of their time working. In my experience, the intimate friendships that form allow one to fulfill all of their social needs. The food--or rather, the dining staff--is perhaps the single greatest part of this school. They are extremely accommodating of any dietary restrictions or allergies. Additionally, ANY student is able to walk directly into the kitchen and ask for something specific to be prepared if they can't find anything in the cafeteria that they would like to eat.
The overall environment of the campus is very welcoming and comforting. I felt like I had found the right place for me when I had only been there for a few weeks. The people are kind and caring. The campus itself is extremely beautiful with the original buildings. While the price is a little high, almost all of the students receive some amount of scholarship money.
A somewhat academically stringent private Catholic school. It has great theology programs but lacking in philosophy. Most of the people I have met are here either for PA or therapy. A well renowned music school.
I really enjoy the atmosphere. It always feels "homey" there. The professors are always helpful. I have had professors from previous semesters help with an assignment from the current semester. Everybody is pretty easy to contact. There is always a quiet place to get work done when needed too.
I had transferred to Seton Hill from Carlow University, and I believe it is much better. I appreciate the students and professors who are engaged in class and concerned with students' lives. It is a great environment to be in.
Seton Hill University is an excellent and well respected school for academics. Our school just ranked in the top 50 in 2019 as one of the Best Regional Universities in the North.
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I would like to see a change in the housing area. When I was looking for a place to live, my group of 4 got split up and put in all different places. Some of us were in our single rooms and others were in the freshman dorms.
I enjoyed being a student at SHU and hope to carry the knowledge that I learned into the my next chapter of life.
The only good thing about Seton Hill is the students who attend. I would not recommend this University to anybody. Very unorganized and the registrar/admissions offices are terrible at doing their job. If you decide on this University don’t expect to want to stay a full four years.
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