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Getting my Multimedia Arts education through Sessions was such a wonderful and enriching experience! It has certainly helped me in my professional career as an artist working in the entertainment industry where I have had the opportunity to use my skills learned at Sessions. My multimedia arts skills have also given more freelancing opportunities. I am grateful that I was able to incorporate my local community college as part of the curriculum which was a time saver and gave me more time to spend with my family –which I was able to incorporate into some of my class assignments! Instructors with real-world experience, I highly recommend Sessions College for Professional Design. It was an investment that has paid off for me in many ways, professionally and personally!
Completing a Graphic and Web design program with sessions college has been the best thing I did for my career. It not only equipped me with a recognised qualification and a strong multi-disciplined portfolio to show to prospective employers, but it also gave me a great start to setting up my own freelance design business which I have been doing now for the past 5 years now. Each lesson and course was a joy to follow, you really did feel that you were tacking real life projects. The tutors gave great constructive feedback and support along the way. It was great to study and build such a wide area of design skills with sessions such as web design, logo, business branding, packaging, illustration, designing for print. If you are thinking about pursuing graphic or website design as a career choice then I would highly recommend completing a course with sessions college. I wouldn't be where I am today without this great start in design.
I loved attending Sessions so much that I went back for a second degree. The teachers are attentive and helpful. The classes are fun and challenging.

Everything is online so it helps fit my schedule. I can do my lessons whenever it's the most convenient for me. I have maintained a very heavy workload and kept up with my design classes.

If you're interested in a design degree but don't have the time to sit in a classroom, look into Sessions as its scheduling is flexible and accommodating. I'm a non-traditional student and so glad that I took the time to go back to college and better myself academically.
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Sessions college was perfect for me. I already had my Bachelor's in Marketing and was working for a startup company but feeling unfulfilled. I decided to chase my graphic design dreams, but the idea of going back to school was daunting. I felt like I didn't have time or money to go back and get another degree. Then I found Sessions. Sessions is affordable, FLEXIBLE (you work at your own pace!), and customizable to fit your specific needs. I build my ideal plan and enrolled while still working my full-time job. Now, I run my own graphic design business, thanks to the skills and confidence I gained while at Sessions. If you're in a similar situation as I was, I highly recommend it!
This is a great school that offers a quality education for an affordable price. The teachers and staff are all professional designers and have won awards in the design industry. From my experience I feel I have been well prepared to be a successful multi-disciplined designer in this exciting field. If you are looking to take that next step on your creative path, Sessions College is a great place to start.
Everything is available 24/7 since it is online. You do the work when you have time and as long as you can carve out some time in your schedule to complete the work, it doesn't really matter when it is. There are specific due dates for assignments, so you do have to work to a timeline, but it is always the same every week, so you can set a schedule that works for you.

I have some basic education credits that transferred which made my program a little shorter overall, so that was nice.
As it is an online school, there aren't the typical facilities. The library is pretty cool and you can get almost anything you need electronically.
I have learned so much in my time at Sessions. I have felt challenged every step of the way. Every other week you are given a new assignment based on lecture from the previous week. Every week I would read through teh assignment and think to myself, "I can't do that!" But after taking some time to work through it, I figured it out. And if I ever got stuck, I could reach out to my teachers. The only thing about this is that there is some delay between hearing back and sometimes I didn't have time to wait for a response. It would be nice if there was some sort of online community where we could talk with other students about the challenges we are facing. It is great to be challenged, but it is also great to have others to work through the problems with and sometimes this is a bit lacking in the online format of the college.

The teachers provide a lot of feedback to help improve the work that you have done. If you want, you can make changes and then resubmit after you have received feedback. Not only does this help your grade, it really helps to interpret feedback and put it back into the assignment. You can also see what every one else has submitted for the assignment. This is really helpful to see how others interpreted the brief and to see what a wide range of talents and visions your classmates have. It really pushes you to do the best that you can do.
The professors are really great. They have a lot of experience and can really offer some valuable feedback. There are some that are more involved than others, especially in the discussion boards. I would really love to see all the professors come into the discussions so that questions that get asked can be answered properly.

The workload is totally manageable. I decided to go 3/4 time (3 classes per semester) and there are options to go 1/2 time or full time as well. Every week you either have a lecture/discussion or an assignment. The classes you have will be on an A track or B track where they alternate between having a lecture/discussion or an assignment in a week so the maximum assignments you will have in a week is two (unless you take classes at a rate that is more than full time).

Classes are pretty much laid out for you, so you are given a schedule at the beginning of the semester. You get your for the entire program at the beginning, so there are no surprises here.
There is a Career Center and they have some good resources, but it isn't the type of Career Center that is constantly offering suggestions for internships and job opportunities. There is room for improvement here as they could be more interactive and helpful with finding intermediate jobs while studying or when we finish.
Compared to other online design schools, Sessions is reasonably priced. I feel like I am getting what I pay for and the education that I receive will be well worth the investment. I pay for my tuition each semester, so it has been good to break up the expense throughout the program. There were many ways to access financial aid if needed and they also offer other types of payment plans that you can explore.
There are people from a a variety of geographical locations and they often bring this into their coursework, so it is really interesting to learn about people that way.
The online free library is a good feature to use.
I use my own computer and it has been really good.
The online classes and community is very convenient for me to do my work whenever I have the time.
Sessions had a career service that I plan to use when I graduate.
I like my classes so far and I'm excited to work on my assignments already.
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I love being a graphic design major, it's fun and creative and I know I'll enjoy learning everything about it.
My financial aid is enough to cover the cost of my education without any out of pocket cost except for a software mebership, and my future loan fees are less than I expected.
The workload is very small, only two assignments due each week, so it's not overwhelming. Online discussion forums to contact classmates and instructors is easier than making time to call and try to remember everything that was discussed.
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