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Teachers want you to succeed, they are willing to listen. A good program overall. Dislike no dorms and/or no help for living off campus
The layout of the online website seems to change every semester, and it's confusing every semester. Somethings get better but you have to relearn it every semester. I feel like there could be a better way
I love how the teachers are all about the students and their success. It still is the best college experience of my life and I am still in college. I would tell everyone to go in a heartbeat.
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Instruction is sub-par, not accredited, business ethics are sorely lacking. Look elsewhere if you are seeking any actual quality of instruction and/or level, academic engagement, or how to treat patients in an ethical manner as opposed to regarding them as clients/sources of revenue.
You will find resistance from certain instructors regarding exam reviews. Resistance to the extent that your final grade in the class depends upon the assistance you receive from the instructor. One particular class was instructed by two professors who had little knowledge of the subject, leading to their redaction and retraction of information taught to the students. Certain clinical groups print and take home patient records to complete assignments (as was the experience in one of my clinical groups) which is a HIPAA violation and ethical non-fulfillment. Exceptionally unfair grade appeals--this process is almost never in favor of the student challenging their grade. I would not recommend this college to any prospective nursing student. Proceed with caution.
The experience has been very positive. All staff is willing to help and their goal is to see you succeed!
I really like that this school incorporates hybrid learning. There is both online portions and in class experiences for people that like both types of learning. I wished the faculty would communicate a little better.
This is a school that can't get accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), which makes you wonder how good their instruction can be. In addition, it is a piss poor place to work. Stay away from this place if you know what's good for you.
Just started school, actually in my first week and so far I can overall say that my experience has been amazing. Being out of school for over 13 years, graduating a vocational school previously, and pretty scared not knowing if I would be able to get back into school. I have found that all of my instructors are truly and genuinely their to help you learn and to succeed then go off into your career. I am more excited and not nervous anymore to get into the hands on skills labs and then into the hospital for some real life experience.
Everyone that has been helping me get everything i need correct and accurate prior to start course has been very helpful. Answered all my questions and concerns and introduced me to other admin who was able to help me in specific areas.
Transferring credits were very easy. The classes are scheduled for full time thus flexibility is limited
Our online work is manageable if the student takes the time to do the work
We have many alumni networks that help us figure out which location we would like to work at after graduation
Students work one on one with preceptors who are working in the field. We have a job interview every time we go to a clinical site. Meaning there are so many jobs out there once we graduate each site will be fighting over which student they want
The teachers are very knowledgable and take time with each individual student to make sure we are getting the information we need to succeed.
The new associates degree encourages students to broaden their knowledge.
I love going to this school and would recommend it to anyone wanting a career in the health field
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I love everyone in my program, and the student body as a whole is very professional and hard working.
I personally haven't had a problem with flexibility! Everything has worked perfectly for my schedule. It's a lot of work and hours but it's so worth it in the long run.
I have never had a problem with the computer network! Everything has be in order, even when I brought in my laptop from home!
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