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Seminole State College Reviews

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Seminole State college is a wonderful college. Professors are very attentive to students and willing to help. The campus is beautiful and always clean. Dorm life if fun too.
The professors are very easy to work with, they take time to explain the material whenever help is needed. The campus is kept clean and small enough to get to classes on time. The advisors are always helping students find ways to apply for scholarships and aid.
The staff is friendly. The instructors are helpful and knowledgeable. The classes are smaller. It’s a short drive from surrounding towns.
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Most people may not think of it but it is an amazing school. The administration staff goes way out of their comfort zone for their students. The teachers, most of them are great and wants you to succeed; on top of all that they also provide a whole building where you can get all the academic help needed on a daily basis for free.
I am attending Seminole Sate College right now as a concurrent high school student. By the end of the year, I will have completed four courses and recommend this college to anybody that is looking for a degree but is unsure if they are wanting to go to a university. The classes are taught by actual professors who genuinely care about your learning ability and want you to succeed in life. The campus is very easy to follow and understand and is not too big where it is overwhelming.
I love my school! The faculty and staff are very helpful and do their best to make it feel one-on-one. The college as a whole is very connected, it’s almost like everyone on campus are friends or family. They work very hard to provide resources and information to help students succeed. Also, the tuition is super affordable. I’m paying right at $2,000 for this semester. They also have programs and advisors that work step by step with you to get you transferred to a four-year university or to help you get your degree. I recommend this college for anyone who likes smaller class sizes, great teachers and a loving, helpful, & supportive atmosphere!
I've had some really great professors during my time here. My current math professor seems a real sweet heart and I'm looking forward to finishing off my last year with a bang!
Small college so if you come from a. small high school it’s a really good transition into a larger university. Very friendly staff and students.
Seminole State College is a 2 year school that definitely serves as the next stepping stone coming right out of High school. It's not as stressful as an University but more challenging than a High school.

I play volleyball at Seminole State and I'd say if your not an athlete you will have alot of free time. There's nothing around Seminole to do so playing sports is a must to stay busy and from being bored.
Seminole State is a great college to attend, especially for students that have just graduated from highschool. This school feels like home to me. The teachers are very engaged and will do everything possible to help students reach their full potential. The college is located in a small Oklahoman town, very quiet and peaceful. The town itself has several fast food restaurants, with a city area located just 15 minutes down the road, with more options. Living in the dorms at Seminole State College can be very rewarding. Friends are made easily, along with some great memories. When attending Seminole State College, expect to feel as if you are apart of a family.
I love how the professors and Seminole State staff members are so helpful, they don't mind giving advice or explaining things that you should know but don't know.
It’s a great small college and the teachers are very helpful. They give you a great one on one experience. They make sure you have all the tools you need to succeed.
Would like to see more locations and housing campus.More programs offered as well as more room for bigger classes.
All of the professors genuinely care about you and do their best to help you succeed. The classes are small which makes it great for more hands on learning with the class.
I am really enjoying my time here at Seminole State College. I have only ever went to small schools so this is the perfect school for me.
Would give a five out of five stars if the SSC had more arts driven courses! Alas, it is a junior college. They have brand new dorm buildings, and are adding on new features to the campus frequently. The campus is small, but it is BEAUTIFUL. Seminole State makes a great transition school before heading off to somewhere bigger and more intimidating! Despite not being as big as Harvard or Stanford this college seriously has the most helpful faculty ever, especially their enrollment advisors and counselors. I have never left their offices dissatisfied. Talking to any staff or professor at SSC is like a breath of fresh air.
Seminole State College is a very small school which gives students more one on one time with professors, which helps academically.
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Seminole State College is one of the best community colleges, in my opinion. The classes aren't too big so the teachers know your name and are willing to help each and every student. The campus is small enough to where walking is not a struggle. Plus, almost all of the staff is super friendly and helpful! Everyone here just wants everybody to succeed.
This is my first year at Seminole state. They have been amazing so far and school hasn't even started. If I could change anything about Seminole sate college it would be better cheaper books, of course. All around though its a great first college to go to.
I love attedning Seminole State College! This school has great professors and wonderful degree choices. I highly recommend attending!
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