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Seminario Evangelico de Puerto Rico Reviews

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Is an excellent place with an spectacular curriculum, and people. The library, the cafeteria , the offices and while personal are excellent.
Are awesome professors.the courses are okay.the classes are great!!
All services are high qualified. Are personal are full of Jesus Love even the janitors.
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Is not bad, but also is not good.
I dont use the housing, but are okay!
Excellent place to be spiritually connected with others an oneself while study and aquire theological knowledge..
Deberia haber mayor acceso a otras ayudas financieras disponibles.
Puede ser de menor cantidad de creditos y podrian ofrecerlo trimestralmente.
Hay gazebos para compartir con los compañeros y aunque la Biblioteca no tiene salones para estudio en grupo.
El lugar no invita a comer allí y la comida no es variada
The infrastructure is very old and everything is old. They do not keep things taken care of. They are very close though.
There is a cafeteria that is closed from 2-4pm. The food is ok, but theplace is not inviting at all.
There is only one available scholarship and funds are variant and limited. For example, I had to pay fully for my first semester and didn't even have a job (I found one but things didn't go well in the company so I lost it after two months). That first semester they wouldn't even let me apply for financial aid. My second semester I had financial aid and it fully covered the fees, but now in my third semester they let me know as late as last week that I have a debt because the financial aid didn't cover for all, and I have to pay it before January, otherwise, I will not be able to continue (I can't find a job). If the scholarship fully covers and there is money left for books (and gas) you receive this aid at the end of semester, not the beginning when you actually need it. This only scholarship is available for just one program in the Seminary, the rest have to get loans.
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