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The college needs to invest more in it's students, especially considering how expensive it is to go there. Overall, community and diversity are lacking. The professors are average for the most part, some exceptional in the bunch.
I have grown and come into my own in ways I never would have expected by coming to Seattle University. In my time here, I've encountered professors who have been essential to my growth as a person and who have expanded my view of the world around me immensely. The school administration itself has some issues with not being diverse and not truly fulfilling its mission of "inclusive excellence," but there are so many staff and students who are working with one another to build a better environment on campus, to create an environment where anyone can learn and thrive. The expense that comes with this school is steep, but I've found that with the help of loans and scholarships, I am better able to appreciate what I am getting for that price.
I absolutely love Seattle University. It is an amazing college with great professors, classes, people, and opportunities. I will always be proud to say I went to this college and I will always be grateful for the friends and connections with teachers I have made here.
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Sports and Exercise Science faculty is AMAZING, however, I really disliked most other faculty members and university structures.
I am about to start my sophomore year at SU and I could not be more excited. Seattle U is a diverse and exciting school to be at. Class sizes are small so you get more interaction with your professors and gain relationships/friendships too.
Seattle University is a school that focuses very much on its academics though at the same time can get lost in the needs of administrative and political ideas.
The professors in the business school are absolutely amazing. The school has small class sizes, rigorous programs, and a great reputation in the Seattle area. Their strong alumni base makes the transition from school to a full-time job almost seamless.
Loved the school, hated the whether. The nature scene outside the city is great if you have transportation.
Could provide better resources for class registration housing, and meal plan options. Otherwise, has dedicated professors and class sizes benefit leanring expreince
Contrary to what they advertise, Seattle University is not as centered around Social Justice as they say. The education is good and challenging but the social aspect is not what was expected.
My experience is unique. I am a student athlete, so I have missed out on things other students get to do. I have really enjoyed the small class sizes and feel like I have gotten a ton out of my classes and professors. I definitely have personal relationships with some of them and it has definitely benefited my education. Also, the city makes the school; I love being in Seattle and it is a great place to be. I do feel like though because it is small school it lacks in two things: school spirit like at sports games, and resources to provide clubs and community for students.
Academically, not extremely rigorous; however, very experiential and personalized learning. I have been able to meet with many top business executives, and drastically increase my network. Party scene is pretty meek. Athletics are ok. Lots of clubs to choose from. Quite a diverse group.
Being a transfer student I came into Seattle hoping that I would have no difficulties. Seattle University was one of the most open and understanding colleges I have ever visited and helped my transition be that much easier than expected. Having so many clubs as well as resource groups only made my transition easier because the university personally provides the students with resources they might need to come into contact with while attending the university. The diversity of the campus is greatly appreciated since there are many colleges who focus on one set of nationality while this campus focuses on growth and learning in which they set aside cultural differences. It is an amazing college to attend as well as an eye opener to the real world.
Great school academically. The quality of the school/teaching is not worth the money. If it wasn't for how rare my program is (ultrasound) I would not have chosen this school. And if I could do it over I would choose a different school. The price of tuition is outrageous and they don't give very much financial aid out.
First of all, you should be aware that the Seattle Freeze is very real at this school. People will be nice to you but good luck making friends. The professors are really good and really care about you. They put a lot of time into their work and I have gotten a lot out of their lectures. Classes are very discussion based which really helps with learning the topic. You also have service learning where you are required to do community service or you get an F in that section of your grade. Usually it is about ten percent This is for core classes. Think what you want about that one. Honestly though it's a good school. But in my experience it felt very much like high school. Small classes are nice but expect to be graded based on attendance and participation. Food is good here but very repetitive and there isn't much variety. Seattle is a very cool place but no one brings an umbrella so be prepared to suffer in your rain coat.
Seattle University offers a comfortable environment, both welcoming and encouraging. There is not much diversity, however, the few minorities are encouraged to celebrate and appreciate their differences.
Seattle University is what you make of it. There are a ton of student activities to get involved with and a strong sense of community within the groups of students involved in those activities. However, many students choose not to partake in these activities, which can make it feel as though there are two different populations of students at the school. For those who take advantage of the wealth of opportunities at SU, it can be a wonderful experience. I loved my four years at Seattle University and the urban environment surrounding the school. It is a vibrant community filled with passionate students.
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I absolutely love Seattle University! It has become the stage for so much growth in my life. It is a beautiful campus, loving community, and excellent education. After starting my education at SU, I have become a much more socially and politically aware person and student. It is a smaller school though, so be prepared to know most people on campus if you are a social person. Lastly, I love that there is no Greek life on campus.
Seattle University is overall a solid institution. Although the school is expensive, lacks community and diversity in my eyes, the education is good. The classroom settings are nice, professors are generally kind and easy to contact. The campus is growing and expanding. The school teams aren't great which gives the students more of a possibility to walk-on.
I love this Seattle University. The professors in the business school are excellent as they're all very willing to help their students. The location of campus is nice because it's right in the heart of Seattle so there's always something to do (walking to downtown Seattle is one of my favorite things to do). Public Safety is always visible around campus which is nice because it makes me feel safer.
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