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Coming from Hawaii and moving to Seattle to go to SU was a very big change but it has all gone well. Seattle University has an absolutely beautiful campus, especially in the fall when all of the trees change colors. The food in the cafeteria in Seattle University is very good and changes every single meal of every single day. I love it here. The people are very nice and really want to help you. The professors here at the school truly care about the students. They show up to athletic events, they go out of their way to help students in their subject, they are always there for students to just have a conversation with. It is amazing. I recommend Seattle University 100%
Small campus conveniently located near restaurants and coffee shops. Within easy reach of public transportation options. My experience studying in Seattle University has been very positive. There is a lot of cultural diversity here among the student body. The professors have, in general, been very approachable and willing to help.
I am currently enrolled in Seattle University and I enjoy the classes. The professors are usually engaged int the material they teach, which makes class more engaging. There is academic support which is great. Free tutoring, facilitated group study, learning specialists and supportive teachers. My favorite part of Seattle U is that were are in the middle of Capitol Hill so many people will walk their dogs through campus, allowing me to get some doggie snuggles.
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Great school in downtown Seattle with small class sizes yields a great education with hands-on learning in all majors.
Seattle University is a great small private school hidden in the center of Seattle. SU has a diverse student population, great food, and an amazing surrounding neighborhood. There is a wide arrange of classes to try out and many great professors. Seattle itself has four very distinct seasons so you get a little taste of every season when you're there.
Like all institutions there are flaws, but the overall experience far outweighs the flaws.The experience is what the student makes it. There are plenty of activities and clubs to get involved with and the food and housing are good. There are fun annual events to really get students connected to the school. Diversity isn't as strong as it could be but the school is actively working to change that. Academically, the course work is as challenging as you let it be. If you engage with it and go beyond the classroom, many more doors will be opened.
I transferred to the Business school here my Sophomore year after attending the University of Oregon. I LOVE my experience here thus far (senior in the fall). SU has provided me with so many opportunities; a social media job within the business school, networking and mock interview opportunities, job fairs (how I landed my first internship). SU is in an awesome location in Seattle. I love the connections I make with professors and as a transfer I had no problem with making friends here. I highly recommend SU to everyone.
Seattle University has a fantastic academic environment and a beautiful, localized campus in the perfect location within the city. However, it falls short when it comes to our expectations of support of student life and overall well-being. There are many programs in place intended to foster a community between students, but they are not very active and often don't do enough to really do what they are intended. Honestly, you get out what you put in with the social aspects of going here, but that's true for many universities. The professors are knowledgable (a bit pretentious at times) and the workload is a fair degree of difficulty. Campus is pretty safe and accessible, and the neighborhood that surrounds us is great save the high cost of living when moving off campus. While there are many things I'm not the biggest fan of about SU, I can't imagine going anywhere else!
I've only had a year at Seattle U, but overall it's been great! Classes are generally good, and it's clear that most of the professors here genuinely care about their students, and all of them are passionate about what they teach. My classes have been challenging and definitely require time and effort, but not so much that they overwhelm me.
There are lots of things to do in the area, but a lot of them are pretty expensive. Off-campus housing is hard to find, and rent can be over $1000 a month for a tiny studio (which is true all over Seattle, not just around SU). On-campus housing is good, but your amount of floor and storage space really varies depending on which building you live in.
I love Seattle University, I was scared when I first went but everyone was welcoming and now that I've been there for 2 years, I'm glad I chose it.
I wish I could give it three and a half stars. The faculty and professors are absolutely wonderful and committed to the well being and education of students, however the administration is not to be trusted. Lots of gossip and lack of transparency. The facilities are absolutely beautiful and well kept, and the greenery on campus is gorgeous as well. I have very close relationships with my professors and fellow classmates, which is invaluable.
I like that Seattle University strives to educate the whole person and puts an emphasis on inclusion and the acceptance of all.
As a freshman at Seattle University, I have had a great experience. The academics and professors are excellent and the university does a great job involving students.
I enjoy the experiences I've had and lessons I've learned here but I wish there was more focus on the arts. It is such an art heavy city and our department and performance center are barely highlighted.
When going to Seattle University I liked the way the community was small. It was not too big. Knowing for me and my short legs it is very needed for a small campus. When I visited for the tour and it got started I could see myself going to that college. What may could may change is maybe everything is all in the same side of the street. That could make me feel just a little safer. The food was just excellent. I have not tasted something so amazing in my entire life. Knowing about the community and learning new things around your community was even greater. Just a small tour really helped me make a big decision in my life.
Attending Seattle University has given me so many opportunities to grow and learn in an active city. As an artist, SeattleU's location is perfect for getting involved in the local art scene, including attending figure drawing classes across the street at Studio Paradiso, going to the monthly Capital Hill Art Walk, and much more. I would recommend this university for students looking for: more than just a college town experience, a more intimate classroom setting with small class sizes, connections to pursue a career in Seattle, or a jumping off point to explore new subjects with the diverse UCOR general education credit courses.
Seattle University is an outstanding college, holding a high reputation in Washington. Featuring passionate professors, knowledgeable staff, and connected student body, everyone acknowledges college struggles and support each other to reach success. Given the near majority of students are majoring in business or some form of communication, I find them to be quite more open than cut throat colleges specializing in STEM majors. This college is great for getting a solid foundation for college success. If you need a reputable school that will support you to ensure you are on track toward graduating in four years, Seattle University is the college for you.

My only gripe with the school is the cost ($61,000 total), though it is justified given it is a private school.
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The atmosphere is busy but nice, the class sizes are just right to provide the students a closer learning experience with the proffesor. The school is also very connected to multitudes of businesses allowing you to have a surefire way at an internship or job after graduation.
i like the people who attend the university and i also like the location (Capitol Hill) and it's near downtown seattle. There is a lot to do around the area which is great.
Overall, my experience at Seattle University has been amazing so far. The atmosphere and people in the environment make it a welcoming, fun place to learn. The class sizes are small and make it easy to get to know your professors. This makes it easy to ask questions.
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