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As a freshman at Seattle University, I have had a great experience. The academics and professors are excellent and the university does a great job involving students.
I enjoy the experiences I've had and lessons I've learned here but I wish there was more focus on the arts. It is such an art heavy city and our department and performance center are barely highlighted.
When going to Seattle University I liked the way the community was small. It was not too big. Knowing for me and my short legs it is very needed for a small campus. When I visited for the tour and it got started I could see myself going to that college. What may could may change is maybe everything is all in the same side of the street. That could make me feel just a little safer. The food was just excellent. I have not tasted something so amazing in my entire life. Knowing about the community and learning new things around your community was even greater. Just a small tour really helped me make a big decision in my life.
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Attending Seattle University has given me so many opportunities to grow and learn in an active city. As an artist, SeattleU's location is perfect for getting involved in the local art scene, including attending figure drawing classes across the street at Studio Paradiso, going to the monthly Capital Hill Art Walk, and much more. I would recommend this university for students looking for: more than just a college town experience, a more intimate classroom setting with small class sizes, connections to pursue a career in Seattle, or a jumping off point to explore new subjects with the diverse UCOR general education credit courses.
Seattle University is an outstanding college, holding a high reputation in Washington. Featuring passionate professors, knowledgeable staff, and connected student body, everyone acknowledges college struggles and support each other to reach success. Given the near majority of students are majoring in business or some form of communication, I find them to be quite more open than cut throat colleges specializing in STEM majors. This college is great for getting a solid foundation for college success. If you need a reputable school that will support you to ensure you are on track toward graduating in four years, Seattle University is the college for you.

My only gripe with the school is the cost ($61,000 total), though it is justified given it is a private school.
The atmosphere is busy but nice, the class sizes are just right to provide the students a closer learning experience with the proffesor. The school is also very connected to multitudes of businesses allowing you to have a surefire way at an internship or job after graduation.
i like the people who attend the university and i also like the location (Capitol Hill) and it's near downtown seattle. There is a lot to do around the area which is great.
Overall, my experience at Seattle University has been amazing so far. The atmosphere and people in the environment make it a welcoming, fun place to learn. The class sizes are small and make it easy to get to know your professors. This makes it easy to ask questions.
Seattle university has been a great nursing program. The staff are helpful and accessible. Something I would change is when you are transferring in you still have to take the universities “UCORs” in order to graduate from SU. It would be helpful if they were online because the classes usually interfere with your nursing schedule.
I've only been at Seattle U for two quarters but am just not liking it. Kids get cliquey right after welcome week, and the clubs don't cover a wide range of interests. All anybody seems to care about is social justice and tying progressivism into every aspect of education, which I just don't care too much for. Academics are good, professors are available, students just aren't very intuitive. It's just not the greatest school for its cost.
I am the first of my family to attend a 4-year institution and Seattle University has exceeded my expectations. There is such a variety of classes, clubs and programs to join, and the professors are extremely knowledgeable on their respective subjects. We also have an on campus chapel, which is great because I am a practicing Catholic and I am easily able to pursue my faith along with my education.
Seattle University is in the heart of downtown, you would think it gets crowded and too busy however its the complete opposite. When you walk around campus you can feel how warm and accepting the atmosphere is. Seattle University is one of the most diverse colleges I've ever toured and to top it all off everyone is extremely open-minded. How would you feel about being in a class where your professor knows your name and cares about your academic success? At Seattle U, you aren't just a number, YOU matter.
It's a very small school and you receive a lot of attention. There is always some to help you and focus on what you need. It can be scary starting college, but the school makes a huge effort to make sure there is something to help every succeed. It is a very difficult school, you need to be prepared to do your work. It's a beautiful campus and there is so much to do on and off campus, it will be easy to connect with like-mined students.
As a masters student in the Arts Leadership program, I have greatly enjoyed studying at Seattle University. It is a new, growing, innovative program that has some growing pains but it seems like they work through a few more every year. Their mission and values are in line with my own.
I love it. My college is the College of Science and Engineering. Just like everyone that transfers from a community college, I wanted to get into UW. But I am glad that I did not since Seattle University has been great thus far. Just started my second quarter and I already feel at home. Have met a lot of people, and everyone has been so cool. Small classes and one-to-one with your professors. Seattle U is definitely great!
I have been accepted to this school, and after touring it 2 times, I am slightly conflicted on it. While many people say that the school is full of hipsters and stuck up snobs, I have only gotten the vibe that it is slightly sleepy.
It's great! Small classes, great curriculum. Some things can be improved! Been going here nearly 8 years.
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The college needs to invest more in it's students, especially considering how expensive it is to go there. Overall, community and diversity are lacking. The professors are average for the most part, some exceptional in the bunch.
I have grown and come into my own in ways I never would have expected by coming to Seattle University. In my time here, I've encountered professors who have been essential to my growth as a person and who have expanded my view of the world around me immensely. The school administration itself has some issues with not being diverse and not truly fulfilling its mission of "inclusive excellence," but there are so many staff and students who are working with one another to build a better environment on campus, to create an environment where anyone can learn and thrive. The expense that comes with this school is steep, but I've found that with the help of loans and scholarships, I am better able to appreciate what I am getting for that price.
I absolutely love Seattle University. It is an amazing college with great professors, classes, people, and opportunities. I will always be proud to say I went to this college and I will always be grateful for the friends and connections with teachers I have made here.
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