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I love how SPU welcomes the new students who've never been away from home before. They have made my first month a wonderful transition with a beautiful community atmosphere.
My favorite thing about Seattle Pacific has to be the amazing professors in the science department. Since a lot of the classes are on the smaller size, you can have that one on one relationship with the professor. The professors also genuinely care about how you are doing both academically and personally.
One con that I could say about the university would have to be that there isn't a lot of diversity on campus. As a student of color, I would like to see more activities/clubs geared towards POC
SPU is an amazing school, this school not only guided me in the right career path for myself but it gave me a chance at having an amazing education. This has broadened my knowledge base with the many resources they provided through my undergraduate years and has led me to return to my alma matter in completing my masters degree. The staff know you by name and not just your id number, the environment is warm, caring, providing you with that comfort of not letting you fall behind.
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The small size of SPU gives it a number of advantages. First, you get smaller class sizes. Most of my lower division classes were 25-40 students. Upper division classes are even smaller. The professors are there because they want to invest in students, so nearly all of them welcome students to visit during office hours, and I have met with a few of my professors for coffee to further discuss class material or life. I also found a really good community of peers at SPU. It should be noted that a lot of this is because I started there as a freshman in the dorms--if you do not live on campus and/or transfer in, it is a lot harder to feel that you have joined the community. Also, they lack diversity. The majority of students are white women. The majority of professors are white men. Nevertheless, I had a very positive experience at SPU. I am pleased with the level of education I have received and how the professors have developed deep, critical thinking in me.
It is a wonderful school with great teachers and classes. Student life is great if you are a social person. Food is not too bad and dorms are nice.
The coursework is difficult but very informative. Teachers are very knowledgeable but also very kind and caring.
Seattle Pacific University is a great school! The professors connect with their students and truly want them to succeed in college and their future careers. Also, the learning atmosphere is phenomenal, as the small class sizes make it possible to ask many questions during the lecture. Overall, the campus is beautifully maintained in a great location.
I graduated from Seattle Pacific University two years ago. I was there only for three years as I had transferred credit from a local community college. It was a very challenging three years for me, but, once I felt connected with a community, it was very rewarding. I met many very wonderful, compassionate, and intelligent people there, but I think my favorite part about SPU, beside it's great location in Seattle and all of the opportunities that location provided, were the professors. While I did not connect with all of my professors, I did with most and still stay in touch and see them. They played such a huge role in my development, not only academically, during those three years, but also personally. There were some times I can recall have felt like I gave up on myself, but it was the professors of all people that kept me going and gave me the motivation and self-assurance that I would get through those challenging moments.
I have immensely enjoyed my time at Seattle Pacific University. Although the campus is small, it is a beautiful oasis nestled in the affable Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, with plenty of city to explore! The food--Gwinn--is amazing, and you'll love the buffet-style cafeteria featuring amazing cookies you can stash in your backpack for later. I have learned so much during my time at SPU, due to the excellent academics and engaging professors. Give it a chance and I promise you'll love it just as much as I do!
Seattle pacific university is my top choice for college. I recently applied there and was even more recently excepted. I will be starting a new chapter in my life and I'm very grateful it will be at SPU. The campus is great and the fact that it's only a few minutes away from downtown Seattle is a huge perk and it will hopefully open so many doors for me and other future students.
The faculty is generally extremely proactive in helping you and the school provides some good networking activities. Very warm environment and wonderful location. Love their political science department!
My experience at Seattle Pacific University so far has been wonderful. The professors and other faculty members are very friendly and helpful and are always very available to explain any confusions or just talk. The community of students is very tight knit and welcoming and there are always events and clubs to be involved in. There is a wide diversity of students who all have different interests and the dorm life is a very fun and positive community. The academics here are rigorous and challenging, but they are very beneficial and students are provided with a wonderful well-rounded liberal arts education.
Coming to SPU definitely changed my life. It provided me an atmosphere to grow and flourish away from home and to figure out who I was. The professors and academics are great! The biggest part of why I chose this school was the great campus and how homey it felt to me when I first visited. I love it!
Enjoying my time at SPU. Love my dorm and the rigorous academic program. Campus is compact enough to feel home-y.
The most disappointing aspect of this school was the blatant lies I was told to get me attend. It turned out to be a sales pitch for as awful a product as are often featured in infomercials. Their school can't be very good if they have to lie about their product to get attendees. I asked very specific questions, which upon attendance, proved completely untrue.
Ideologically speaking, this school advertises as conservative, but practices an oppressive hostility towards any ideas different than their liberal ideas.
The majority of professors are unprofessional with arbitrary and unequitable grading methods. When speaking with a veteran of the school, my third year in, s/he told me to take professors, not classes. I got nothing out of most of my classes, with the exception of two or three professors.
The on campus "amenities" such as commuter accommodation, food options, exercise, are all mediocre at best.
If I had a choice, knowing what I know now, I doubt I would attend.
Seattle Pacific University has given me a lot of opportunities to grow myself spiritually, academically, emotionally and socially. The faculty and staff are wonderful and the overall community is caring and good intentioned. If anything needs to change, I would say that there needs to be a space or community center for people to hang out late in the night.
Funny how there are reviews saying the campus is diverse or the sports are good. Totally inaccurate. I have never seen a campus with such a large percentage of white students. There is no football team; sports at the school feel non-existent, just like the clubs. The tuition is very high, yet the school has very little to offer. The facilities are pretty lousy and the food is bad. Course offerings are very limited. The worst thing about the school is the community. The students are very immature and sheltered. Vast majority are very preppy, cliquey, stuck up and very unkind. I have had a very sad experience at this campus and I really have lost all respect for the school.
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All the people you meet here are amazing and kind people. The professors work well with you to make sure you succeed. The faculty make you feel as if you're a genuine human being, rather than a number they're getting money for having. Small class sizes make having a one on one with professors easy, because it allows them to get to know you.
SPU is a smaller, more tight knit private Christian University. Though based on a methodist background, the school is highly accepting of people from all ways of life. They are focused highly on the idea of reconciliation and making a global impact.
I am still figuring out how to use this site. So far it looks like it can be a lot of help. I am still trying to understand how I know I am eligible or not.
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