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My experience at Seattle Pacific University has been so awesome. Since we are a small school, that means we have smaller classes and our professors are able to build closer relationships with us. The support, challenge, and care I received from my professors were what made my first year so worth it. Many of our professors are Doctors in their fields and teach from a place of great experience and knowledge. It is very evident in their teaching! In smaller classes, it is also so much easier to make friends with colleagues and build closer relationships with them as well. Campus life is great. All of the dorms have great communities and our dining hall is known by other colleges to be really good. Although you will reach a point where you get tired of dining hall food, it is at the end of the day, pretty good for a college cafeteria. Altogether, I love SPU and look forward to the rest of my years here.
I love the community of Seattle Pacific. I was easily able to meet new people that have helped me grow individually and educationally.
Wonderful community of students, top notch educators, beautiful campus, and entertaining city! Seattle Pacific University has it all and provides
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I love this school! It's a great community, there are so many fun events! People down grade this school because there is no greek life or party life, but don't want a greek life then apply to a school that has no greek life, and then complain about it!! I am seeing more and more diversity on campus. Yes, it is still primarily white BUT the diversity is growing and there are more events celebrating different cultures. The class sizes are small, and professors are wonderful. Everyone is so loving and supporting. A truly great community. The food options are getting better. It has so many cute and exciting neighborhoods nearby. There is a WONDERFUL safety and security office. LOVE LOVE LOVE
I really like the small school atmosphere of the place. You make good friends that you most likely will have multiple classes with so it makes it easier to study and makes class more fun. The teachers have a lot of knowledge and are very receptive to feedback. Campus is beautiful and really well taken care of! The only down fall is that since they are a Christian school you are required to take quite a few in depth theology classes, regardless of your major. This takes up a lot of time, credits, and money for classes that may not be applicable for some people.
I really love the campus size and the location! Being in the city, yet not being in the city, is a great place to live. Having smaller classes means more hands-on experience, and more one on one time with professors. However, the school tends to lack in diversity.
LOVELY!!! SO FRIGGING AMAZING! As a Muslim student, I don't feel excluded as I did in highschool. All of them are kind and lovely, including the professors.
Seattle Pacific is a really great school. Although a Christian affiliate, SPU does a lot to maintain proper social, political, and cultural awareness and advances. However, I think there should be more to include students that do not identify with Christianity. The class sizes are small, intimate, and the teachers care about the students. I like the small school setting, especially because spu is situated in a good area, so as not to get too isolated by the size of the school
They seem very friendly there. So far, I have only visited, but they seem nice. The administration has done a great job of reaching out to me!
Decent school, I am not sure it is worth the price tag. Despite the economy within Seattle, the tuition price is high and the added prices continue to rise. I am not sure where most of the money goes since the sports program is small and there are heavy fines on textbooks, dorm fees, uniforms, and transportation.
I like how everyone is very friendly. I also like how SPU tries to add diversity. However, they could add more diversity.
I like Seattle Pacific because of the small class sizes and attention I receive from professors. It is an easy place to be yourself and learn without feeling as if you are being judged. I enjoy this school because it gives me the opportunity to thrive in whatever direction I choose due to the fact that it is diverse in the studies it offers. Seattle Pacific University is a culture that is loving and welcoming and it is a blessing to be a part of. All of these are reasons why I decided to come here and I am so glad I did.
I love going to school here! The class sizes are fairly small (20-40 students), so I actually know my classmates and my professors. No matter how busy they are, my professors have always been more than willing to provide help outside of class as well.
What I love about Seattle Pacific University is the community aspect. Everyone loves and accepts each other and the professors do an amazing job of creating the community. What I would like to see change is for our campus to be more culturally and ethnically diverse.
I love Seattle Pacific. I am a second year here. I think a lot of the lower reviews saying we have no greek life and students cannot drink are funny because they openly advertise that on the tour, on the website, in the rules, etc. SPU proudly says it is a dry campus and if anyone took two seconds to ask, they would know that going in. It is a great school, the professors really care and the workload is actually manageable.
So far SPU seems like a good school. It is very small however and sometimes hard to get away from people.
I love how SPU welcomes the new students who've never been away from home before. They have made my first month a wonderful transition with a beautiful community atmosphere.
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My favorite thing about Seattle Pacific has to be the amazing professors in the science department. Since a lot of the classes are on the smaller size, you can have that one on one relationship with the professor. The professors also genuinely care about how you are doing both academically and personally.
One con that I could say about the university would have to be that there isn't a lot of diversity on campus. As a student of color, I would like to see more activities/clubs geared towards POC
SPU is an amazing school, this school not only guided me in the right career path for myself but it gave me a chance at having an amazing education. This has broadened my knowledge base with the many resources they provided through my undergraduate years and has led me to return to my alma matter in completing my masters degree. The staff know you by name and not just your id number, the environment is warm, caring, providing you with that comfort of not letting you fall behind.
The small size of SPU gives it a number of advantages. First, you get smaller class sizes. Most of my lower division classes were 25-40 students. Upper division classes are even smaller. The professors are there because they want to invest in students, so nearly all of them welcome students to visit during office hours, and I have met with a few of my professors for coffee to further discuss class material or life. I also found a really good community of peers at SPU. It should be noted that a lot of this is because I started there as a freshman in the dorms--if you do not live on campus and/or transfer in, it is a lot harder to feel that you have joined the community. Also, they lack diversity. The majority of students are white women. The majority of professors are white men. Nevertheless, I had a very positive experience at SPU. I am pleased with the level of education I have received and how the professors have developed deep, critical thinking in me.
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