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Explore the hardest colleges to get into ranking based on acceptance rates and SAT/ACT test scores using data from the U.S. Department of Education. Compare the most selective colleges with the lowest acceptance rates and highest SAT/ACT test scores. Read more on how this ranking was calculated.

  1. Rutgers University - Newark

    • 4 Year
    • Newark, NJ
    • 941
    10 Hardest Colleges to Get Into in New Jersey

    College Senior: I've had a really specific experience at my school because my department was so small. My professors not only knew your name, but literally knew your skill levels in certain areas, and could go back and remember work that I'd done two years ago! That aspect was wonderful. They held a very personal stake in my success and went above and beyond the call of duty to give me opportunities to work, learn, and grow as a student. If you show a little interest and that you actually care about academics, the staff will more than meet you halfway and ensure you have a great experience. Of all three campuses, I definitely find this one to be the most academically demanding. A lot of that is owed to the small class size—you can't just hide behind your laziness. If you want to bum along, not learn anything, and just party for four years, go to New Brunswick. The Newark campus *really* knows how to make an academic out of you, in a good way.

    If you're in a larger major, however, I know the experience can be very different. Sometimes the way my friends in the business school or the sciences speak about it, you'd think they went to a totally different university! So I'd say if you're ready to really build those relationships, put yourself out there, and if you truly are passionate about what you want to do—this is a great campus. If you're wavering a little, or are more interested in the sports or clubs or greek life components of a school, then perhaps look elsewhere. Passion and focus finds a happy home at Rutgers—Newark.
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    • A-
      Overall Niche Grade
    • B+
    • 65% Acceptance Rate
    • $10,771 Net Price
    • 910-1100 SAT Range
  2. Rider University

    • 4 Year
    • Lawrenceville, NJ
    • 1,079
    14 Hardest Colleges to Get Into in New Jersey

    College Sophomore: I've had my fair share of awesome classes, but bad professors, bad classes, but good professors. I think with this type of question, what you put into your education is what you will gain from your education. Here's an example. In the fall 2015 semester I took a Gen-Ed Art class, Art & Society. This was not a hands-on class, it was simply learning about classical artwork from a long time ago. Booooring! I dialed out of the class very fast, because the professor put on many art movies and we read a book on art. He also used a really old projector that had slide inserts, it was a dinosaur! So many artists were drilled into my head for months, artwork that I stared at for months, but once the final came around, I thought I'd never use that information again. But just the other day I visited the Art museum at Princeton University and just as I was leaving, a painting by Monet caught my eye. Monet! I never thought I'd actually see one of his works. I had stared at that artwork for months, and as I kept walking, I saw paintings by Renoir and Cézanne! I knew these famous painters and their stories. It was incredible, seeing these artworks in person. I didn't expect to see any of these art works. How funny, I appreciated the art so much more as I saw it in front of me, each individual brush stroke, the signature in the bottom right-hand corner. So crazy, the real-world connections I made from a Gen-Ed class I didn't even want to take. Not only did the class have an impact on me, but the professor as well.
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    • B
      Overall Niche Grade
    • B
    • 72% Acceptance Rate
    • $29,037 Net Price
    • 916-1110 SAT Range
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2018 Hardest Colleges to Get Into in New Jersey