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  1. Davidson County Community College

    • 2 Year
    • Thomasville, NC
    • 210

    College Senior: Davidson County Community College has given me so many amazing and valuable experiences. I am a student in my third year at this college. My current program of study is Zoo and Aquarium Science. This is a very special program and there are only 6 other programs like it in the country. I am so proud to represent my college at any events. I had no idea the amount of dedication that it takes not only phyically, but mentally as well, to be a zookeeper. Students come to campus for classes as well as complete 5 internships throughout the program at various facilities. This gives us, as students, a chance to apply what we have learned in real-life scenarios. There are some things no textbook on earth can teach you, and you can only learn those things from experiencing them for yourself. This program has given me the opportunity to apply what I am learning in my classes, every day at my internships. Just today, I assisted in a physical examination of a meerkat and a reintroduction into her mob, which is much more complicated than it sounds. I love every second of every day at my internships and have had the opportunity to build so many amazing relationships with so many animals and people too. I get to share with the world what I do and why its good. I get to educate the public on how they can contribute to animals in the wild and in captivity. From working with baboons, gorillas, or tigers, to the amazing people I meet each day, I can say with conviction I would not have had these experiences elsewhere. I've met so many people with so much knowledge to share, and it is all through my college. Not many people can say that they get up in the morning and go feed a penguin or check on a wolf pup, thanks to Davidson County Community College, I can. I would choose this school a thousand times over again and highly recommend it to anyone interested. It has given me the foundation to not only my career, but to my passion, and for that, I am eternally grateful.
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    • C+
      Overall Niche Grade
    • C
    • 100% Acceptance Rate
    • $6,301 Net Price
    •  SAT Range
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2018 Best Value 2-Year Colleges in North Carolina