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  1. Massachusetts Maritime Academy

    • 4 Year
    • Buzzards Bay, MA
    • 156
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    College Junior: In order to make the most of your experience at Mass Maritime, you need to be prepared for a lifestyle that you have never experienced before. Located in the blue collar coastal town of Buzzards Bay, Mass Maritime sits on a beautiful, isolated piece of land at the tail end of the Cape Cod Canal. Waking up every morning at the crack of dawn to clean toilets, mop floors, and taking out trash and later, being forced to sit in their rooms for two hours at the end of the night to study isn't what the typical freshmen looks foreword to at their first year of college. The school offers leadership positions within the academy for cadets that have built up appropriate and dedicated reputations over the years of attending. If you were to step foot on the campus, you would realize that the cadets run the academy by serving on honorary boards, training the incoming freshmen, and running the training ship. Offering maritime business, marine safety and environmental protection, emergency management, and facilities engineering as non-liscense majors in addition to marine engineering as well as marine transportation as license majors, narrows down the type of applicants that get admitted into the school. This administration specializes in studies centered around marine occupations, and therefore offers courses and opportunities that no other school offers. As for the night life during the week, Cadets tend to culminate in TJ's, a small run down bar just a little over a mile from MMA. As for weekends, the schools becomes almost like a ghost town with the exception of cadets obligated to stay, whether they are from out of town, on weekend watch, or for disciplinary reasons. It takes a special person to choose this school as an 18 year-old fresh out of high school, but the job placement when coming out at 21 years old earns most graduates up to six figures, but is definitely well earned after attending the unique and regimented lifestyle at Massachusetts Maritime Academy.
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    • B
      Overall Niche Grade
    • 80% Acceptance Rate
    • $14,035 Net Price
    • 950-1150 SAT Range
  2. American International College

    • 4 Year
    • Springfield, MA
    • 451

    College Senior: My experience here at American International College has been up and down. When I began, I began as an excited OT (occupational therapy) student with such excitement and dreams that had already been shattered10 years ago. Nevertheless, I was ready to take that step head on full force and after being out of school (college that was at the time) fifteen years already, there were many things I had to catch up to without help getting there and that was a difficult experience. But then realising that the college itself was split into two different entities, a medical school and a college of psychology, sociology, business, and criminal justice that were a part aof and entire different " school". That I didn't like at all, because the med program, even though I did very well academically until my spirit began to be broken, behind the differences in the care and welfare some professors on that side of campus take in the quality of care the students received as the professors do where I am now graduatin from I would have had a better start and would have never dropped my GPA behind foolishness of those still lost in a century of hate. Overall now that I'm graduating in May and have completed my course load as Psychology major with a minor in Sociology, I love American International College so much that I will be returning in the fall for myMasters/ Doctorates in Clinical Psychology with an interest in Forensics.
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    • C+
      Overall Niche Grade
    • 69% Acceptance Rate
    • $20,362 Net Price
    • 762-990 SAT Range
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