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  1. Covenant College

    • 4 Year
    • Lookout Mountain, GA
    • 334
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    College Junior: Covenant is a very academically challenging school. I feel pushed and challenged in my studies by the on campus community, and by the professors. It is a great environment. Professors really do care about your studies and future, and want to assist you in whatever way they can. Chapels are informative and often interesting. Classes are great for the most part. Professors don't often make use of TA's, and teach their own classes. Because of this, not a lot of research is being done, which is one of the school's shortcomings. Research is done, just not a ton of it. The positive is that with small class sizes, you get to know the professors who teach the classes. Almost all of the professors i've taken have been outstanding people.

    Community/residence life on campus is phenomenal. RA staff and community coordinators do a great job of facilitating great relationships and a fun environment. I honestly can't say enough about how good the res. life staff is!

    The campus is beautiful as well. Looking from my dorm window I can see the lights of Chattanooga at night, and mountains beyond during the day. Sunrises and sunsets from the windows of the academic buildings and dining hall are second to none. It really is a beautiful campus, and rightly earns its ranking as the #1 most beautiful christian school.
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    • B-
      Overall Niche Grade
    • 97% Acceptance Rate
    • $23,238 Net Price
    • 1050-1280 SAT Range
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2017 Best Colleges in Georgia