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2023 Best Colleges with Computer and Information Systems Security Degrees in the Salt Lake City Area

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  1. #1 Best Colleges in Salt Lake City Area.

    Brigham Young University

    4 Year,

    PROVO, UT,

    8316 Niche users give it an average review of 4 stars.

    Featured Review: Sophomore says I love BYU! If you want a world class education, and to also keep high personal standards, it has no peer.I'm in a STEM major, and the opportunities here for undergraduates are amazing. I can work on world-class research as an undergraduate, and really get access to knowing how the world and field I plan...I also love BYU's commitment to the arts. Some institutions don't have a very strong arts program, or disregard the humanities, but not BYU. We have world-class choirs and orchestras and animation...Sometimes I do feel like the general conservative attitude of the students and faculty can influence the way that they treat others for the worse, so I would not recommend this university to people...Generally, though, I am glad. To be here at BYU!.

    Read 8316 reviews.

    Overall Niche Grade: A,

    Acceptance Rate: 69%,

    Net Price: $13,150,

    SAT Range: 1200-1410,

  2. Salt Lake Community College

    Blue checkmark.

    2 Year,


    2358 Niche users give it an average review of 3.8 stars.

    Featured Review: Freshman says My overall experience with Salt Lake Community College is excellent because of its benefits for all students who attend there. Socially, students feel welcomed and safe because the teachers there....

    Read 2358 reviews.

    Overall Niche Grade: B minus,

    Acceptance Rate: 100%,

    Net Price: $6,204,

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  4. Ensign College

    Blue checkmark.

    2 Year,


    335 Niche users give it an average review of 4.2 stars.

    Featured Review: Junior says Ensign College is by far one of the best experiences I've had so far. It is a good school with lots of potentials. I admire the professors and the expriences they bring to the school, I like whenever...There are some things that they need to improve, but I feel like they are minimal and does not affect the academical life as much. For instance, the food, social life, activities, campus size, and....

    Read 335 reviews.

    Overall Niche Grade: B+,

    Acceptance Rate: 100%,

    Net Price: $9,434,

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