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  1. University of the Pacific

    • 4 Year
    • Stockton, CA
    • 1,130
    17 Best Colleges for Computer Science in California

    College Sophomore: I love Pacific! I'm from SoCal so I love the weather. It's really hot around August/September because it's the end of summer, but it cools down for the rest of the year. I'm an engineering major and the classes are challenging enough that you can do well, but at the same time they really make you think. Most professors are very helpful; however, I've heard that there are some bad ones. Dorming is great everywhere except the quads (I heard it's really quiet so unless you like that you might wanna live somewhere else.) The food in the UC gets old fast because they offer the same things every week so you might go off campus on the weekends a lot to eat. The diversity of people on campus is why I chose Pacific. Yeah there's about 30% asians, but it is way different from my mostly white high school. People that I have met and interacted with are very friendly and willing to help out new freshmen. I've heard that some people act high-schoolish and that is true, but that's a small amount of people compared to the 3000 that are on campus. Sororities are cliquey and exclusive, but you can still be friends with individual girls. My RA was in one and she said that it's not the sisterly lifestyle that they say it will be because there's a head bitch in every house even tridelta... I would stay away from social greek life.
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    • A-
      Overall Niche Grade
    • 66% Acceptance Rate
    • $33,794 Net Price
    • 1030-1300 SAT Range
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2018 Best Colleges for Computer Science in California