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  1. Eastern University

    • 4 Year
    • Saint Davids, PA
    • 742

    College Senior: I love my school!

    But some things about it are less then stellar. The housing is very expensive, and the majority of the dorms are really old and worn down. The community bathrooms in older bathers get really disgusting. Some buildings, like mine last year, had a bee problem that had me and several others out of their rooms for 2-3 days.

    The food options are rather limited and portable healthy options are a little hard to come by. But the dining commons has a great salad bar and sandwich bar.

    The community at this school is wonderful! At any given time you can find a group of students discussing deep life questions, social issues, and theology, and a few tables down you will see others deep belly laughing with each other just being silly. The campus is aesthetically beautiful. There are several ponds with paths around them, excellent for a mind clearing study break or a cute #ootd photo with friends.

    I love 98% of my professors. Granted, you will come across one or two you simply can not stand. But for the most part I LOVE my professors, especially ones in my major. They have become some of my dearest mentors in my career, in faith, and life in general. They genuinely love their work, God, and their students. Constantly giving of themselves, always striving to provide you with the very best education they can.

    My program is like one big family: loving, a little quirky, but all extraordinarily hard working and supportive.

    Our administration on the other hand has consistently been less then stellar. In my 3 short years I have seen the administration make several senseless large decisions without consulting anyone. Always causing huge backlash, disgruntled students and professors all around. Eastern's latest and probably largest 'stunt' to-date was cutting a thriving major, without so much as a warning. 2 out of the 3 full time staff members and professors were fired. Although it was one of the fastest growing majors at the school.
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    • B
      Overall Niche Grade
    • 61% Acceptance Rate
    • $22,877 Net Price
    • 930-1140 SAT Range
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2018 Best Colleges for Business in the Philadelphia Area