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  1. Bentley University

    • 4 Year
    • Waltham, MA
    • 640
    8 Best Colleges for Accounting and Finance in America

    College Freshman: Bentley University is slowly becoming a more popular school for students, and for good reason! I am currently finishing up my first year at Bentley and couldn't be more pleased with how my experience went. At first, Bentley wasn't even a possibility for me, in fact, at the bottom of my list! Then, when I finally decided to take a tour, everything changed. Even just a few hours on the campus made me feel so at home (cheesy but true). Everyone at Bentley is dedicated, ambitious, and hard working individuals all with the dream of becoming a successful business men/women. It is great to be with a group of like minded individuals because it makes your education all the more exciting knowing exactly where you want to be in four years. Bentley also offers liberal studies majors which allow you to explore much more than just your business education and you can take classes in other topics that interest you. This school is also top notch with professors who have had years of experience with well known and reputable companies along with state of the art technology that most schools don't have. Although Bentley is a small school, the social scene is still amazing! There's so many different clubs and orgs to be a part of, you'll never get bored! Granted the party scene isn't what you'd expect at a large state school, but there is always something to do on the weekends! Along with that, with such close proximity to Boston, you can't go wrong! Bentley University is the perfect school for a driven student who wants to learn in a competitive environment along with receive a well-rounded and experiential education.
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    • A
      Overall Niche Grade
    • 46% Acceptance Rate
    • $35,579 Net Price
    • 1060-1290 SAT Range
  2. Claremont McKenna College

    • 4 Year
    • Claremont, CA
    • 406
    21 Best Colleges for Accounting and Finance in America

    College Senior: I've had some great classes and experiences at CMC, and a few that weren't so great. Anyone coming to CMC should be aware that the social scene is pretty centered on alcohol and partying (though there is a substance free dorm with a strong culture, and a surprisingly high number of people who don't drink/go out). Thankfully, the parties are on campus, hosted by the student government, and open to everyone. There isn't a whole lot of the sketchiness or exclusivity that usually comes with frat parties at larger schools, since parties are open to everyone. I see this as a huge benefit of the school, though I no longer regularly attend parties.

    It's really easy to get involved in things you're interested in, whether that's student government, a club, or research. Research opportunities are probably more available for Econ majors than others, and in the sciences/engineering you won't have the same kind of research experiences you would at a school that has real researchers.

    We have some great professors here. Philosophy is by far the best, and there are some excellent professors in probably all of our other departments as well. In my opinion as someone majoring in both, our government and economics departments aren't deserving of the reputations they have. I wouldn't come here looking to study science, engineering, or pre-med, unless I'm also really interested in studying the humanities/social sciences. Classwork is generally reasonable, though challenging. People are motivated, but not super competitive with each other or stressed out, which is great.

    Many CMC students are smart, motivated, and interested in their academic subjects. Others are more interested in partying. Many are a mix of both. People are not particularly artsy or creative; if you are, you might feel that side of yourself slipping away over your four years here (though we're getting better and now have a dedicated music space on campus). It can feel small after 4 years, but overall great!
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    • A+
      Overall Niche Grade
    • 9% Acceptance Rate
    • $30,527 Net Price
    • 1320-1490 SAT Range
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2018 Best Colleges for Accounting and Finance in America