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  1. Rochester College

    • 4 Year
    • Rochester Hills, MI
    • 255
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    College Senior: This school is great. I applied and was accepted and just completed my orientation with Rochester College. I love the class size, campus, accessibility and great staff. The class sizes are very small in comparison to universities and other colleges. These small class sizes are fantastic in that students have the ability to have more one on one time with professors to go over difficult concepts. This aspect I feel is essential to success in the classroom.

    In addition to this, the campus both the main campus and the satellite campuses are stunning. Rochester College's main campus is beautiful. There are brand new dormitories made of beautiful brick, perfectly maintained landscaping, and attractive architectural buildings all over the campus. Not only this but they are expanding and building an athletic center which only add to the many awesome buildings there. The satellite campuses are equally beautiful. The campus I will be attending is located on Macomb Community College's campus (where I graduated Most Distinguished Graduate). The University Center where the satellite campus is located is a beautiful building surrounded in part by the serene nature trail and forest. It is so relaxing after a hard day in the classroom to be able to walk outside take a deep breath and take in the beautiful surroundings.

    This last aspect, the satellite campuses, are more reasons why I love Rochester College. These campuses make getting a degree from Rochester College much more accessible and attainable. For example, if I had to travel to Rochester College's main campus for the entirety of my time at this school I would not be able to do it. This is because it is just too far of a drive to commute and paying for room and board is not an option as I could not afford it. With the satellite campus I am able to avoid that huge cost as I am able to commute to school. The satellite campuses make earning this degree much more accessible for students like me.
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    • B
      Overall Niche Grade
    • B+
    • 57% Acceptance Rate
    • $17,520 Net Price
    • 785-1135 SAT Range
  2. Lake Superior State University

    • 4 Year
    • Sault Ste Marie, MI
    • 453

    Recent Alumnus: I enjoyed my time here for the most part. The instructors were nice and knew their students by first name basis. The school is small and personable. I transferred here from Northern Michigan University and I do not regret it one bit. The biggest thing I would change about this school is the administration and other higher position holders who refuse to embrace change or modernization in anyway. Nobody wants the school to get with the times or do anything new. Everyone is stuck in their old ways and refuse to listen to fresh ideas, therefore nothing gets down and the school remains the same and enrollment continues to plummet. I do however praise the new president of the University, Thomas Pleger. He is certainly open to new ideas. He is easily relatable and makes has a presence around campus. The first time I met him, (his first week moving to this school during the summer), I had no idea he was even the new president. He was a much younger man than one would typically associate with a university president. He was in the gym working out like any other student or staff member. I spoke to him for nearly 15 minutes before he introduced whom he was. I had attended the university for 3 years previous and couldnt tell you what the former president looked like. I applaud Tom for all of his hard work during his first year on campus. He definitely seems to have the universities best interest in his goals and is willing to consider new ideas and embrace change. Also, not sure why it seems to be a reoccurring theme at this school, and off topic but the Track and Field coaches are always arrogant assholes who are extremely passive aggressive like to cause trouble.
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    • B-
      Overall Niche Grade
    • B-
    • 91% Acceptance Rate
    • $11,030 Net Price
    • 860-1060 SAT Range
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2018 Best College Locations in Michigan