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The 2018 Best College Food ranking is based on meal plan costs and student reviews. Top-ranked colleges offer outstanding on-campus dining—students can easily access healthy, quality food across a wide range of cuisines and dietary preferences. Read more on how this ranking was calculated.

  1. Florida Gulf Coast University

    • 4 Year
    • Fort Myers, FL
    • 2,213
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    College Freshman: Although it may not be the number one school in America, I truly feel like I am getting a top notch education. Having the amazing faculty and resources all in the palm of my hand allows me to have the confidence that I am truly capable of anything. The academics at the school are still challenging enough that if you amerce yourself into them, you will achieve great things. The professors are all different but share the common core of wanting each other their students to succeed, and have the necessary skills needed to thrive in their desired pathway. F.G.C.U offers such a vast variety of courses that honestly you can study anything, just to prove it, I am currently enrolled in a Apocalypse class! The class styles vary by each professor but are usually fun and involved, in all honesty having some 7:30 am classes isn't the most fun but I actually look forward to each session and what I am going to learn that day. Finally, having ADHD has had it's challenges in my academic life, I have always required more guidance and assistance from my teachers than the average student, so when I was told that the average class size was 33 people at F.G.C.U., I instantly felt comfortable, because I know that my professor will truly learn how I am as a student, and work with me to achieve the best possible result.
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    • B+
      Overall Niche Grade
    • B
      Campus Food
    • 56% Acceptance Rate
    • $13,842 Net Price
    • 990-1150 SAT Range
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2018 Best College Food in Florida