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I love this place it has the most wonderful people and good classes I cant wait to spend the new year at my campus its going to be fun I love Manchester a lot I grew up in Seattle WA its so awesome the people are so nice I still have a lot to learn here
The only thing that the school seems to be after is money.
They have the act of being a new school. They don't really have there ducks in a line. You ask a simple question and you get the run around instead of just a straight forward anwser.
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The campus is great it has everthing necessary. It is not a University it is a school for continuing ed and the main focus is to get you into a career.
The campus is a resotred old mill building. It is nothing state of the art. This is basically like a school for continuing ed. There are no sports teams or auditoriums or anything like that.
The financial aid process was very easy. Kris is very helpful and helps fill out all the forms. It was quick and painless.
So far I like the school and I am excited that the offer externships and help with career placement. It looks like I can be in and out of school quickly and into my new career veery soon. This is very exciting.
Some programs are mostly younger students and fresh out os high school. The program I am in is mostly adults making career changes. The students are mostly female with a big span of ages, and a ajority of them are caucasion..
Students for Students – My school is big on support. there is only 400 of us so there isnt a lot, but we raise money to help each other. We do Christmas events to get gifts for families in the school that have low money. We have a pay it forward where people can get lunch if they help out with student council or put food or clothes in "my best-friends closet" so people who are struggling can get food, interview clothes or things they need.
Fast and Fun – Sea Coast is a really fun place to be. I'm a student council member and since the first call its been GREAT! The staff is nice and we have fun activities, the classes can be hard but overall enjoyable. mild drama, but that's the students not the teachers.
We Are All in It Together – All of the students are really interested in helping each other. We all want to see each other succeed and grow in our chosen career path.
Awesome Admissions – The admissions process was so easy and all of the admissions reps are great. I met with Jack, and by the time I was done signing up, I couldn't stop smiling. He really made the courses sound interesting and told me that the career I was interested in would be perfect for me!! All of the instructors are required to have a minimum of 5 years in the field they are teaching so we get real world information as well as what we are taught out of the books.
Jump Right in! I have just recently started at Seacoast and so far, so good! They break our classes in to 6 week "mods" and this being my first mod, I am already learning the basics of coding. It was a little overwhelming the first week, but the students and faculty are all very encouraging and super friendly. Alot of the other students are in a similar situation as far as being a single parent, or struggling parent, so it's comforting to have people that understand your struggles around you.
I'm really looking forward to the next 9 months of classes, especially the externship at the end!!
the ladies who run our job placement after graduation are amazing. they are really helpful and make it easy and a great experience for us all.
i really think it is a good price for the education i recieve. i get the help and extent of what i need here.
Could Be Better – The school offers a class where resumes are made and interviewing is practiced, I found it to be very helpful! After you graduate the career center is there to help however with dental assisting being a new program they do not have a lot of leads.
Scheduling Is NOT a Problem. Worry Free – Credits are NOT transferrable! The curriculum was fair. As far as scheduling goes, you need not worry about signing up for what you need or worrying about not fitting into a class you need because they handle it for you. You start with one class, which is a prerequisite for the next class and keep going until you graduate. They also have the program as a day or night option to work around your schedule. The night program is longer however.
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A Mix of Slackers and Determined Students – Admittance into the college is very easy, pretty much any and everyone is accepted. On the plus side the class that I was part of had a good mix of determined, intelligent women trying to become something for themselves and their families and (here is were they accept anyone) lazy slackers. The majority of the students are female with males being scarce. And the ages of the students are all across the spectrum. They have recently graduated from high school to adults with children in high school.
Class of 2011=Guinea Pigs of Program – The workload is fast paced, which is understandable because it's a nine month program. The teachers were always available and willing to help when anyone needed it, which was fantastic. The curriculum could use a bit of tweaking and focus more on actual hands on material. The program really should not have been made available to the public until it was at a superior ranking. As an alumni of their first dental assistant program graduate I feel like my class was the guinea pigs, which was not fair. In NH the only other dental program offered is at NHTI and they have a great reputation for their dental assistants, should Seacoast be compared, no, but the truth is they will will be, so they should have put that into consideration and made a program that could stand to compete with NHTI.
Not Worth the Thousands I Now Need to Pay Back – The great teachers in the dental assisting program are valuable and knowledgeable, however, that's not enough of a reason to have a program cost so much. The equipment does not function, and you do not graduate with the credentials needed to have a successful career as a dental assistant. For example, how can the students properly learn to suction when the it's not hooked up to anything? It's a career program, not let's play make believe like we did as children! And as a prospective student we were told we would be radiology certified, which is not the case. Graduates must complete 400 hours in an office before they are eligible to take the DANB exam. Overall, I would not recommend the school to someone looking to become a dental assistant.
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