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I love the people, they make it so welcoming and its a great school! I recently went into a lecture and it was amazing! :)
Kind of cliquey. Love the campus life, campus culture, classes, math department, gym facilities, food... everything else is great

There is a kind of exclusive activist culture here that is common in leftist/liberal college campus spaces currently. it's very toxic but also very possible to avoid.
My experience with Scripps was one I'll always remember. I stayed there for two weeks over the summer and they took very good care of me. The campus is beautiful. The professors were also very helpful in rewriting my assignments. I felt very close to the people there. All in all, it is a wonderful place that I hope everyone knows about. I wouldn't change a thing.
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I loved visiting Scripps College. It is such a beautiful campus. There is a lemon tree right outside of the admissions office. It is in beautiful, sunny California. All of the buildings are beautiful as well. Scripps is part of a consortium including 5 other schools all within a square mile. There are so many opportunities for women at Scripps. I hope to attend one day.
Scripps is very academically challenging and a lot is expected of the students. That being said, if you are willing to rise to the challenge, there are tons of amazing things Scripps has to offer. While the party scene isn't super happening at Scripps and RA's are very strict, it's easy to find parties at the other 5C's. The dorms are beautiful and sizable, but lack a sense of community. The campus is gorgeous and the facilities are fantastic. Definitely a very niche school--I've seen people love it and I've seen people hate it.
Great academic programs that are also very flexible. Diversity in the student body is getting better, overall a supportive academic and living community!
Lots of stuff to do, almost all the time
Lots of stuff to do almost all the time, not a lot off campus though
Classes are pretty tough and hard to get used to but it's an excellent education.
Not as diverse as it could be but they're really working on it
I've never felt pressured to drink or do drugs. People do what they're into and if you're not into it then no big deal.
People go on to do amazing things. The name of the school carries weight and people are supremely smart and motivated. Career Services do a really good job but even then compared to like CMC it's not as amazing.
Honestly I love Scripps. I can get frustrated over the requirements or being treated like a minority as a STEM student (even though A TON of Scripps students are STEM majors) or the lack of dorm life but the overall experience is really excellent. I've met the best people of my life here, the school is gorgeous, and I'm getting a fantastic education.
I feel very safe here. The colleges use Campus Safety rather than actual police which is really great. They're much more concerned with keeping people safe than getting people in trouble.
the rooms here are amazing! Stressful to pick housing though because each dorm room is different so you need to know what you want. I really wish there was more dorm culture though :( It's more like apartments so you smile and know your neighbors but don't really talk. I really wish that was different.
If you're into sports you're free to go to the games but there's not a ton of school spirit for the two teams (CMS- CMC, Scripps, Mudd vs. Pomona/Pitzer). If you go to Scripps or CMC they have AMAZING gyms. I admire people who are student athletes. But coaches understand that athletes don't really get a lot of privileges and that people here are students first so they're pretty understanding.
Honestly I am so happy that I chose Scripps for a school. The people here and at the 5Cs in general are honestly what make it. Everyone is so motivated or passionate about something and everyone is here for the academics so you meet a lot of like-minded people. Of course, like every school, there are things that I wish I could change about Scripps. I wish we had more of a dorm culture and I wish that Scripps had a better alcohol policy that didn't encourage unsafe practices in fear of being caught or only being allowed to party off-campus. Some of my favorite things about Scripps is how connected I feel to the school. There are constantly events for just Scripps students and because it's such a small school there are so, so many ways to get involved. The women here are wonderful and although we all groan about Core the first semester really does teach you a lot. Scripps is pretty humanities-focused so sometimes as a STEM student you can feel like you're not as appreciated or celebrated. But Keck is rather good at what it does and the 5Cs really only hire PhD's so most professors are here because they like to teach and want to be in a small classroom environment. The housing here can be really amazing or only ok and room selection each year is incredibly stressful. Always lots to do on the weekends (and weekdays if you want to) and parties are usually school-sponsored (I know it's weird but it's cool) so everyone is invited. They're almost all dance parties and then you'll pregame before or go to kickbacks afterward. The career center, imo, does a really great job and are available for any and all questions relating to internships, future jobs, etc. Going to a 5C really does students a solid for future careers because if people know the schools they really carry a great reputation. People do amazing things here. The stereotypes about each school are equally true and untrue and you'll meet all types of people. Dining hall food is honestly really good
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The campus policies about drug use is very loose, and the policy is about protecting students, so students won't get punished if they got into drug accident, such as drunk or overdose. And as long as it don't get extremely serious, schools don't really care about how many contribands you have in your possession. You will certainly feel socially awkward, or geeky if you don't take part in the party culture, but it doesn't necessarily make you a boring person if you don't party. It's all up to your personal choice, parties are for fun after all.
Classes are generally good, professors are always there for you. The number and variety of courses might be below expectation since it's a small liberal art college after all( even combine the 5c together), but all the classes should be fun and engaging. Professors are expecting you to talk, and students be the main voice of the class.
It's a small college, campus safety is always there for you. The only safety hazard are those guys at cmc
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