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I have been attending the Film and Motion picture and Tv program at Scottsdale Community College for the past two years. This is my last semester before I move onto a 4 year program. If anyone is looking for a foundation in film and video production, this school is the school for you. The program is designed to set you up for success.
I like their disponibility of providing help for the success of the students.

What I don't like is that there's not a pool or a swimming club..
I love Scottsdale community college. The professors are so helpful and the campus has everything you need, including free tutoring for many subjects.
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Classes are easy to find around campus, not to big not to small. Great staff always willing to help and greet you with a smile. Brand new library facilities.
I have attended Scottsdale Community college for one semester thus far. I was enrolled in a biology course and its requisite lab. The class was challenging but worth the work, especially because of the teacher. He is an excellent professor in that he is obviously knowledgeable in his field and is willing to work with any student to ensure they succeed. The school campus was not noteworthy to me at first, but became important to me as I discovered the pockets of natural beauty maintained o the campus, from the central pond area to the various microclimates scattered throughout.
I could not have had a better experience for my first two years of college! Scottsdale Community College has teachers who want you to learn and succeed. Failing was not an option and teachers made it a point to go out of their way to help those who needed it. I personally went through the Equine Science program which was fantastic. The teacher to student ratio really allowed me to be better student and our teachers are some of the best veterinarians in the state. The cafeteria food was actually something to look forward to and there was always parking, huge bonus!
I absolutely love the atmosphere. Although I'm only taking online classes at the moment, I love to take advantage of their free tutoring as well as their modern library. I can't wait to start taking on campus classes!
At first it was scary but once you start talking to your professors and get to know them, then the college experience becomes more fun at SCC. I appreciate the teachers and want they can do for you as a student.
When I took some classes at Scottsdale Community college while I was in high school. I had the best experience going to classes and loved the environment every time I went. I remember I went every Tuesday and Thursday after school to go take another college course. My plan was to continue my education there but plans changed. Now that I was going to apply there this coming semester I changed my mind again. I felt like it was right and not the time. So I decided on a different location. SCC is an amazing campus and know the staff well help you on anything. I took a tour when I was applying and you really have no excuse to fail a class when they help you with about everything for your classes. Each department have their own little office where you can get help. I was really surprised and relieved on how much help you can get. So to me Scottsdale community college is very helpful and well always keep you on track.
So far my experience at SCC has been pleasant. There are a few professors that do not really care about teaching anymore and are just doing this for the money. Overall, the experience has been good. The school focuses on safety and academics which is awesome. I would recommend this school to anyone.
Scottsdale Community College has a lot of options for classes, food, and clubs. They also have a wide variety of students from high school graduates to people learning new skills.
My classes are very flexible thanks to the teachers help, you can get classes all day, like there is a class at all times so you don't miss a class or you can manage your schedule to go to school
It has a great way to finish your classes on your time, and the staff is very supportive when it comes to due dates and assignments, as well as questions
It has an enourmous alumni network where they can hook you up with work, internships and experience, and they do a fair where you can get that type of experience and realtionship.
The professors care inside and outside the classroom, they even provide office hours, as well as email and phone number for any other questions and provide aid and will vouch for a student if the student shows proof is worthy of
You get to meet a lot of people over at SCC, like different backgrounds, ages and all of them are very friendly and have something to bring to the table, so it is such a great mix that makes the experiences over the top
The material is excellent and more than I can ask for and the teachers, they even share some of their experiences and help you review before test and provide study material
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SCC is the best community college in the Maricopa County, because it's up to speed, the installations are well updated, the teachers are just amazing, and they care about the students and you can even talk to them outside the classroom. They provide email, phone number for every emergency and question.
Its okay good school with a good education but its a community college. Its kind of boring and not how I expected college to be.
were able to take credits from the Army.
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