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I went there for a program and the place was very beautiful. It seemed to hold a lot of tradition and history. The classrooms were slightly cramped and technology was limited however.
I enjoy Schreiner University so much. The school provides a like home environment with self driven students to become apart of the community. They offer so many opportunity for students to be involved around campus. From their sports, to many student activity events and their intermediate sports, Scheiner University really stands out from any other private school. If anything I could change, I wish the school would become a D-II division sports school.
I like a lot about Schreiner hoe it’s a small school and easy to be able to reach your professors when you need to. If it was a bigger town that would be better but it’s a safe school with very nice people and great professors. I’ve been able to learn a lot here and hopefully it will help me to reach my goals that I have for my future, I love playing soccer her to but overall schreiner Is a great school and I really enjoy it
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What I liked about Schreiner University is the outdoor landscape of the area. It’s a small school which is great for people who want to connect with their professors on a one on one basis. The people are very nice when meeting you for the first time. What I like to see change is the cost of attendance because that could be offsetting for people who cannot afford it.
Overall, I have had an excellent experience with Schreiner. Being a commuter I was worried I was not going to feel apart of the school, however after joining various activities I am. I am currently on Career Advisory Board and the competitive cheerleading team. When I was a freshman, they had no spirit team and I was a little disappointed, however, since then they have now started a program.
The teachers are allows there to help and have a genuine interest in the progress and success of the students. The food is fantastic, we even have our own Starbucks on campus. The college is very involved in the community and our campus is always getting new resources, buildings and materials. The only bad thing i have to say is how slow the resources centers such as the Accounting services office are to do anything. It is almost impossible to talk to anyone because they always seem to be closed on at lunch, and when you do get stuff to them it can take over a month to get any type of confirmation or reply back, which is killer on deadlines.
When I was touring the college with my parents everyone was telling us about how great this school is. How the food is amazing, the dorms are great, and the people are just so nice! Yeah, that was not completely true. The food sucks. They rarely have edible food in the diner. The freshman dorms are either really loud or the pipes are so bad that every 5 minutes the water gets really hot. A lot of the people here are really snobby or don't actually want to do their jobs and help you.
Schreiner is a small, Liberal Arts College with a student population of appoximately 1300. This size encourages an engaging relationship between faculty and students and encourages students to explore alternative academic courses outside their degree plan.
The size of the school is a benefit in many respects, but the opportunity to take a variety of courses is limited due to the faculty size.
I have grown a lot in my time at Schreiner University. I have been provided opportunity after opportunity to become a better me. I have been able to be a leader in many organizations, and give back to my school's community. I have had the pleasure of working on campus, and the staff you work with are phenomenal. The professors are outstanding and really do care for the students. No school is perfect so of course there are areas that can be worked on, but the school has done tremendous amount in the past 2 years to get the school well equipped for its students. At times it seems like there may not be anything to do, but there is always something happening on campus, and Fredericksburg is 30 minutes away and San Antonio is 45 minutes away. I always tell people "You get out what you put in". This statement is so true on our campus, and I am excited to say I will be graduating from such as wonderful school.
Schreiner is an amazing campus. It is both, beautiful and safe. Everywhere you go, you see people you know. It is such a tight community and the professors really do care about you and your grades. If you are looking for a true home away from home, Schreiner University is the way to go!
I like Schreiner University for various amount of reasons. The atmosphere is very polite and helpful, everywhere you go you will always be treated with respect and have someone always being polite. Also another reason why I like Schreiner is how small the class size is, you are able to have that one on one with your professor and learn materials better.
Schreiner University is a great school to attend too if you are interested in a small school and prefer a one on one feel to the teacher. I am very happy with my decision to attend to Schreiner. The people here are very kind and the environment is very positive. Also there is little to no drama, making Schreiner a very calm school. Overall, Schreiner University is a great school.
Schreiner University is great small and peaceful college located in the beautiful hill country. It is a great social environment to be in. A lot of activities students can get involved in. The small classes make it easier to get one on one instruction from professors. It is however a bit costly but they work wit you best they can. Overall the education is great and i would highly recommend looking into Schreiner University
I like that Schreiner University is a small campus that provides various opportunities for growth and a student that wants to be involved has that chance to do so. The professors really do care about the welfare of the students and the campus does provide the right opportunities for success. Even though that the campus is expensive the finance department did help me discover various ways for me to earn money to pay for school. The campus is surrounded by the beautiful hill country with lots of deer and very good river spots to have fun at.
While the stunning scenery is nice, there is little to do at schreiner, and not much to learn. They have lost accreditation as a pre-nursing program. Their budget is spread thin between a diverse range of majors that their professors are questionable at best and facilities are greatly underfunded. The Town surrounding population is predominantly over the age of fifty and the closest larger population is an hour and a half away. In reality, schreiner would do better as a junior college for student to gain an associates degree or get their basic completed there.
I like that Schreiner University is really dedicated to their students. For example there are student tutoring sessions, professors make their office hours welcoming to any student that might have questions or concerns. It is really a welcoming place.
I've been at Schreiner for almost 2 full years now and I've made the most of my college experience. Since the classes are so small, it is easy to get the one on one help from professors many need during this stressful and confusing time in our lives. There are so many ways to get involved and make your mark on campus. Schreiner University has amazing faculty and staff that are here for us and are dedicated to making our 4 years, as quick and easy as possible. Schreiner truly is my home away from home.
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Schreiner University is an amazing college that presents students with a multitude of opportunities to grow and succeed. Small class sizes allow for one on one communication with professors and tutoring opportunities. This campus has allowed me to grow as a person and I couldn't have chosen a better place to spend my four years.
Schreiner University is a pretty nice collegiate institution. It is nice to have class sizes that are small so you can have exposure to your professors. Additionally, the students attending are very kind. The food on campus could use some work because it is subpar.
Schreiner University is a small school, but they are very invested in their students. They make sure you have the resources you need to succeed. There are so many opportunities for study abroad, internships, and jobs that they are more than happy to help you achieve. And they're very good at helping you afford them. While it may be a private Presbyterian school, they are very openminded and have a niche for people of many different religious (and nonreligious) backgrounds, with little emphasis being placed on religion as a whole. Schreiner is very focused on making sure everyone's voice is heard, and they have a very healthy culture of diversity for such a small school. It's a very personal experience, and one I'm glad to be a part of.
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