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I've been at Schreiner for almost 2 full years now and I've made the most of my college experience. Since the classes are so small, it is easy to get the one on one help from professors many need during this stressful and confusing time in our lives. There are so many ways to get involved and make your mark on campus. Schreiner University has amazing faculty and staff that are here for us and are dedicated to making our 4 years, as quick and easy as possible. Schreiner truly is my home away from home.
Schreiner University is an amazing college that presents students with a multitude of opportunities to grow and succeed. Small class sizes allow for one on one communication with professors and tutoring opportunities. This campus has allowed me to grow as a person and I couldn't have chosen a better place to spend my four years.
Schreiner University is a pretty nice collegiate institution. It is nice to have class sizes that are small so you can have exposure to your professors. Additionally, the students attending are very kind. The food on campus could use some work because it is subpar.
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Schreiner University is a small school, but they are very invested in their students. They make sure you have the resources you need to succeed. There are so many opportunities for study abroad, internships, and jobs that they are more than happy to help you achieve. And they're very good at helping you afford them. While it may be a private Presbyterian school, they are very openminded and have a niche for people of many different religious (and nonreligious) backgrounds, with little emphasis being placed on religion as a whole. Schreiner is very focused on making sure everyone's voice is heard, and they have a very healthy culture of diversity for such a small school. It's a very personal experience, and one I'm glad to be a part of.
I like the diversity and the friendly environment at Schriener. but I think there should be more activities added on campus.
I liked that the campus was small and their classroom sizes were 14:1. I like that teachers are more involved in their student's education.
Automatically walking onto campus, the presence of the student body was impeccable. I always felt welcomed and began understanding the college perspective better. Through this, I feel that with the campus being small, the overall adjustment will be easy for those looking for the smaller campus.
My experience so far has been very welcoming. There are lots of resources here on campus, so you're never alone- from help with your homework to finding a job after college. One thing I wish would change is the miscommunication a lot of teachers seem to practice.
Schreiner is a friendly campus all around (students and staff) and provides many opportunities for students to be involved and prepare for the future.
Wanting the overall college feel while getting your education...this isn't the place. Very small school. You can get one on one time more depending on professors. I personally didn't enjoy my time there...felt worse than high school and definitely wasn't a challenging place that prepares you all aspects.
I enjoy the home environment and that everyone accepts you like family. However the food program needs to be changed all together it seems as they always serve the same foods.
Absolutely beautiful campus, lovely staff. One of the few colleges I've seen that genuinely cares for its students. They really want you to succeed here.
This university was very welcoming during orientation. The students are nice and friendly and the staff says hello when you pass by them. The students are prideful of their school. The environment and the atmosphere are easy going and easy to get used to. The town has enough to offer and there are things for students to do.
I like that the professors are there when you need them, they are always available and KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Also i like the diversity. i do hope to see that the food improves!
the campus is beautiful and clean! really recommend this university to someone looking for a nice close knit community!
The school is amazing, housing is great and people here want you to be here. They help you so much with financial aid but the school is still really expensive. The athletic games are really fun to go to because kids get really into the games. Academically they hold you to a high standard and what you get reflects your effort.
When I went to the university it was very nice and open, as was Kerrville. The academics and classes were also amazing. If they needed to change anything itd be the tuition fees
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It's a small school. I really like how the people and everyone is. very accommodating school I like it
Schreiner University has an impress faculty support system. The classes are engaging and professors make sure to engage students with the use of technology and current events. Schreiner has a diverse community which aids in the education of different cultures around campus. Schreiner also offers many opportunities around campus to offer students the best tools as they enter the work force.
I love how close knit the community is. I went to a 5A high school and you just get lost in the crowd. Here, you're really some one and the professors know you by name and over the 4 years you're there you really get to know everyone. It's easy to get involved on campus to stay busy. There's not much to do on campus, or in Kerrville. It's pretty quiet and tame, so it's easy to stay focused on what really matters. I would recommend anyone come here, provided they have the funds to attend. Because it is VERY expensive.
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