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I enjoyed how welcoming the environment was. the campus always had a welcoming atmosphere and the other students are all very friendly. the professors that work there are helpful if you get stuck and there are programs you can apply for to get additional help. i would recommend this college to anyone!
Had a great experience at Schoolcraft College. The teachers were very caring and want you to succeed. There are many clubs and organizations to be apart of. The food is amazing, especially because of their culinary department. The campus is safe and neat. Everyone is super helpful and caring on campus. Great place to start college.
I love Schoolcraft. It is at least half the price of other schools, sometimes 1/5 of what you pay at other schools. My husband loves it as well because it is the only program in several states that does a welding and metallurgy associates.
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Nice campus & welcoming atmosphere. The professors were very helpful & really want to see you succeed.
Schoolcraft college is an excellent place to get your college career started, or to pick up new skills for gainful employment. The staff there is terrific and seem to be heavily invested in your future success. The culinary program is outstanding.
For those looking for a pretty good community college experience, Schoolcraft is a great place to start. I had low expectations going into my time at Schoolcraft, but by getting a little bit involved on campus beyond just going to class, my experience was able to exceed my initial expectations. Great faculty.
The weld program is a joke, the so called teacher/professor coley plays favorites not only that there is no real grading scale for the welds on her objective sheet, if she doesn't like you, she can deny your weld and say they are bad. The grading system is what fails students and her attitude saying she doesn't care about the student is what makes this class a joke. School craft, thank you for another wounderful year and a waste of money.
Schoolcraft College is one of the best two-year colleges a student can attend. We have one of the best culinary programs in the world. There only 69 master chefs and 4 of them teach here. They bundle this with a pretty good price. Our other vocational programs are top notch. Our pre-engineering program also gets many students transferring to U of M Ann Arbor. The professors are a mixed bag. Most of the full-time faculty is generally decent to upstanding. There are some bad ones though. If you reach out to faculty or staff, they are in general incredibly supportive and want you to succeed. We also have a strong student life on campus, a very large chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society which is very active and throws tons of events. Other clubs on campus allow students ton of opportunities both professional and personal. Generally, Schoolcraft has a ton of great opportunities and value, you just need to take advantage of it.
Being a first time college student this is a great college atmosphere and education system to transition to after graduating from high school. My professors are all very nice and flexible to make sure my grade are as good as they can get. The campus isn't very big so walking to and from classes isn't too bad, especially in the winter.
I absolutely love Schoolcraft! The academics are challenging but the professors are fair and support you the whole way through. Advisors are more than helpful in getting students on track for their future career goals. The campus is gorgeous, and the equipment is always up to date. There is a huge variety of classes to accommodate majors of any kind. The students are so friendly and school spirit is high! This college is a dream come true for those seeking a promising future.
Schoolcraft is a local community college in Livonia Michigan and houses a bookstore, fitness center, newspaper, as well as 32 student activities and clubs. Clubs such as SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Acceptance), Harry Potter club, and dance club, are are clubs that make this school what is is, a place for all students to come together and be comfortable.
The facility is very nice and up to date. All of the teachers I have had are very knowledgeable and willing to help. Also all of the students are friendly and talkative.
I like how teachers are understanding that their class isn't the only thing in the students life. They try not to make the workload overbearing, and the class times are flexible.
I've only had one online course and I've had a good experience. The teacher responded promptly to emails, the class has many discussions, and it works well with people who have tight schedules.
I haven't had to worry about transferring yet, but the advisors make it clear that they will be very helpful when it gets to that time.
The professors I've had have been wonderful so far. All are very engaged and want their students to succeed.
I haven't seen anyone recruiting for my major on campus. The value of getting my associates from here would be valuable for transferring.
Review Schoolcraft College
A lot of work, and the curriculum is hard but helpful
I really enjoy the small class sizes.
They have a wide selection of classes which allow you to take classes on any given day and day
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