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The school is very good with financial aid, and they are always helpful in the office. I think the school is reasonably priced and for the most part staff is friendly. I have had some horrible professors who are obviously on ten year and should've retired a while ago. Other than this, it's a pretty good school--you just have to be careful with certain professors. They offer free tutoring most days of the week, which can be very helpful--especially during finals week. It's a good commuter school with lots of parking. Campus is small so you don't have to do much walking.
I am on the soccer team at Schoolcraft. I really love the atmosphere of the college and my team is my family here.
Schoolcraft college is a wonderful school. I have always felt very safe when I attend night classes, the campus security is always out surveying the parking lots, the professors and faculty are very helpful when it comes to directions and advice. The buildings are always very well kept; clean and organized. There is a very big diversity of students are schoolcraft which offers a lot of different chances for discovering new information about cultures and ethnicities.
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I choose to go to Schoolcraft as a bridge between high school and a 4 year university. I feel this was the best choice for me. I have honed my study skills and had time to truly decide what degree I want to pursue. The advisors are available to help you set up educational plan. This allows you to know what classes to take to get ready for transfer to a 4 year university. Schoolcraft College has also allowed me to save money.
I could not have asked for a better experience at Schoolcraft College. All of my professor's were helpful and took steps beyond their role to make the class engaging and unique. Schoolcraft College also provides free help centers for when I was confused about a topic in a class or wanted someone to proof read my essays before submiting them for a grade. Schoolcraft also offers a veriety of clubs where anyone can find a group to fit in with and build long lasting friendships.
It's a small community and it's easy to find your classes. Plus there are plenty of places to eat nearby!!!
I love Schoolcraft College for many reasons. The way the campus is set up makes everything easy to find and it is right across the street from some amazing restaurants. The classes I've taken online have made my life so much easier and all my professors emailed me back quickly when I had any questions.
Schoolcraft College is a great place for students to start off their college careers and is a great stepping stone to get them started off for college! Schoolcraft cares about their students and has various resources to help them succeed. Is a good size campus and is a great place to start college.
Schoolcraft College is a great bang for your buck, the professors are very helpful and the counselors are very good whether its transferring or signing up for classes. Although campus is small, it's super easy to get around and it's in a great location with tons of things to do. Schoolcraft has made it a very easy transition from high school to the college lifestyle.
Schoolcraft provides a solid educations especially is you didn't apply yourself in high school and need a do over. Don't be fooled, there is academic rigor for the coursework and you must attend classes. The professors are friendly and available for extra help, if you ask.
They have great online classes that allow you to still work and attend school. These classes are accessed through "Blackboard Learning". In addition to the convenient online classes they have great academic advisers that are eager to help you grow and point in the best direction for your education plan.
Schoolcraft offers a lot of classes and almost every one of my professors has been fantastic. I have had a lot of good experiences on campus. All of the other students I have talked to were genuinely nice and open minded people.
When I toured the school, I knew working 15 minutes that I was going to attend. All of the staff and faculty are friendly and extremely helpful. They have all made me feel welcomed and like they want me to succeed.
A well run, established, and affordable school that will get the job done. Professors expressed a level of professionalism and knowledge in all classes. Campus is well maintained and easy to navigate. When it comes to essays however, be prepared to write on a frequent basis.
Really nice campus, especially the Livonia location. And affordable for such an accredited community college.
I am in the middle of being a transferring to the school and the staff is very helpful and kind with me and helping me make this easy and fast so I can start in the fall
I like that the classes are small in size. You are not just a number in a classroom but an actual student. Most professors like what they teach and it is shown in how they approach subjects. Instead of it being a very dry and boring lecture, it can be quite interesting when the teacher enjoys what they talk about.
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Schoolcraft is definitely a great commuter school! Perfect to get the prerequisites out of the way for a cheap price. I also had the pleasure to attend 5 semesters with Dr. Jackson who is the most amazing psychology professor. She opened my eyes and made me realize that psychology is the path that I am absolutely supposed to follow! Schoolcraft wasn't my first choice because I wanted to live the college experience but honestly, I wouldn't have rather gone elsewhere and the best part is that I'm still debt free as I continue my education for my bachelor's degree!
I like how small the campus was at Schoolcraft. You were able to get around quickly and this was great for when the weather wasn't very nice out. The gym was a great add on to the school because you were able to go for free as long as you were enrolled in classes. Another bonus were the classroom sizes. The classrooms held about 30 students. This means that you were able to interact with the professors easier than you would at a university of classrooms the size of auditoriums. Overall, Schoolcraft is a great college for new college students to transition into a college setting.
Schoolcraft has really helped bring out my full academic potential. The free tutoring center has helped me immensely to understand specific concepts. The writing center has helped me improve my writing skills and grammar. The group study rooms in the library are great for group projects. Overall, my experience at schoolcraft has been great.
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