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I love it there. They are all so kind. Haven't had a Professor yet that I didn't absolutely like. The free on campus tutoring is one of my favorite things, and I use it whenever I am feeling confused. The tutors there are also so kind to you. All the offices are so helpful, especially the Testing Center!
Being a community college Schoolcraft does it's best to provide students with a fulfilling college experience through the course material and on campus student scene. Counselors are great at helping plan out academic course loads suited to your interests, transfer paths, and to get degrees that steer you closer to potential careers. What I would recommend to Schoolcraft would to really take in account the feedback students give on professors or courses. The students give reviews on what is or isn't working, but the college often doesn't take what they say seriously. The school also needs to refocus on following their "most enforced" school policy; academic integrity. Schoolcraft stresses it's zero tolerance to cheating, but when tested in real classroom situations it is not enforced at all. There are circumstances where students have been caught cheating on tests and midterms/finals where faculty and department heads were notified but no action was taken.
Very nice school with a very clean and open campus. The classes are pretty basic, but most people transfer to a university anyways. Teachers are a 50/50. There is always events going on campus.
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So far I have only experienced a semester of Schoolcraft College. From what I have seen, despite the negativity of community colleges, this is a nice school with great faculty who are generous and always trying to help. The college offers many opportunities for students to succeed with tutoring and much more help. The campus itself is not too bad either, the parking lots could be larger in some places but other than that I have enjoyed my time at Schoolcraft College.
I like Schoolcraft College because it is affordable and close to where I live, but it would be nice to have more class options for certain classes. The food is great, especially from Henry's but the staff is kind of rude and acts like they do not want to help you. This is a great college if you want to go somewhere affordable. Also, the LAC is great and so is the staff in the help center. They have really helped me understand certain stuff in my class that my professor did not fully clarify. Along with all of these things, the campus is smaller so the walking to each building is not horrible
Attending Schoolcraft Community College directly out of high school was the most practical decision I could have made. Saving money, being able to continue working my jobs, and making life-long friends are all contributing factors as to why I love Schoolcraft as I do.
The focus on academics was great. Its a small school, but easily connected to others. Great professors. Serves as an excellent transition school to a big university
I just started at Schoolcraft and found the staff to be very friendly and helpful. The admissions process was very quick and easy. I met with an advisor and found her to be very nice and helpful. Finding the classes I needed for my degree and transfer to another college was established quickly and efficiently. I really enjoyed my first few days and my professors are very nice.
I am a transfer student from Henry Ford college and Schoolcraft college seems to be pretty nice thus far. I have already taken 2 classes and I like the campus. Its clean and people are respectful and friendly.
Schoolcraft College is a very good community college. The academics and teachers are average, but the sports and other campus activities are poor compared to other schools. It is a very affortable college. There are no dorms or party scenes.
Schoolcraft College is a wonderful place to start off if you plan on transferring, they transfer all credits, and it’s now a four year college!
I transferred to Schoolcraft 2 weeks before classes started. The faculty made the switch very easy and were very understanding. The only problem I have is that the school does not offer their own financial aid, but only aid through the FAFSA. In addition, they only offer a 3 payment payment plan. If your tuition is around 3,000 that does not allow for it to be very manageable. I would like to see a better payment plan provided. Overall I love Schoolcraft's faculty and atmosphere. The campus is small and easy to navigate. I would recommend this college to anyone!
This is my first year at schoolcraft community college and so far i like it a lot and its avery cool school. the profesors there are good.
It is my first semester at Schoolcraft, and so far I am very content with this school. There are so many different ways to ensure success at Schoolcraft. They have free tutoring in the Library which includes the writing fellows that help edit papers and helps you improve your writing skills. Then there is ESL which is English as a second language to help students that do not speak English as their first language improve and become bilingual.
education is great and professors are nice everyone is a democrat meaning if you are actually smart and are a republican you don't belong here
This community college provides many people that have had to take out student loans, or pay for college out of pocket a low cost education, while making it possible to transfer these credits to a 4 year university. I attended Schoolcraft college for a year and all of my credits transferred back to my home University.
Schoolcraft is a great place to learn, it is inviting and welcoming and the classes are very helpful and you learn so much from them, anything is possible as long as you always continue your education. Since the class rooms are small its awesome to have one on one time with the professors and maintaining a relationship, they show that they care about your success and want to help you on the right path for a great career and a great future.
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I just started attending schoolcraft, I'm in my freshman year and so far I really enjoy it. What's not to love? I'm currently playing basketball for the college and having the connections that you get is just great.
Very typical community college. You get out of it exactly what you put in, pretty much just to go through the motions and earn your cheap credits. All though, they have a very excellent culinary program!
Students- They're approachable.
Professors- They vary; though mine were pretty good.
Staff- Some were helpful, some weren't. Most of the staff is arrogant.
If want to go here, make sure that your SAT/ACT scores are at least college level so that you don't have to take those placement tests, check your professor on before you register, and either find your books/supplies elsewhere or wait until the first day to see if you need it, since the bookstore overcharges and has terrible return policies.
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