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Since I was little, I know New York is a amazing place. All superheros lives in Manhattan Island. Also all Aliens from different planet in entire universe will attack Manhattan Island 10 times per day. Now I understand, all stories is created by man. Students in sva are free to use their imagination to create their own stories. For me, animation can be the strongest way to speak out stories inside of me. thus why I decide studying animation in Manhattan Island. When I have offer from sva everything seems fine and perfect, my dream is going to come true. However there is one last serious problem confuse me. The living consumption in New York is so expensive for me.
The school is old, which has a certain charm to it, the professors are experienced and respectful, the environment is friendly, but it lacks certain character and feel too commercial oriented
Art school vibe. its nice to be surrounded by other artists but it really comes down to what you do outside of school, not only homework. Teachers are nice, first year so i would say decent but we'll see what happens next year. The worst thing though is how expensive it is, no way around it unless you got that money.
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They let fine arts slide, which is disappointing.
A few years back, SVA was one of the best fine arts schools in the country.
The school strength is now flashy, commercial graphics.
I can only rate fine arts. A few years ago, it was amazing. Now, the school embraces slick, trendy, cute.
Gone are the days when the great Leon Golub taught here.
The teachers work in the field, and the school is very geared towards finding a job. The diversity of the students is really great, too.
The atmosphere is just great, everyone is so creative and welcoming. The professors aftually take their time to give their lectures and care about the students needs. I never had trouble or difficulty in asking for help because it was just so easy. Everything is so accessible and they have ample supplies to better your work. I love the School of Visual Arts and cant wait to finish getting my BFA there.
Went here for a few months. Left for a combination of health problems and a feeling that I wasn't getting great value for money. Was majoring in photo video. The teachers for my degree were amazing but the humanities teachers left a lot to be desired (I tried switching classes 3 times). The housing was overpriced even for ny. It wasabout 1780 a month for rent which wouldn't be too bad if you weren't sharing a room. If you plan on going here I recommend 3 things. One do early application so you can get priory choosing classes and then use rate my professor to get a decent set. Two apply to other art schools and get scholarship offers then send them to sva and ask them to match it. This is the only way they will offer you a scholarship unless your portfolio is incredible. Three live in Brooklyn and commute you'll save a fortune even with the $130 a month for a metro card. Look on the housing Facebook groups to find roommates.
Overall experience is good and instructors help you out a lot. The administration is not great basically you need to keep track of all of your records, what credits were transferred if you are a transfer student, check progress of your degree, nobody tells you anything you have to figure it out on your own. Tuition is really expensive unless you have someone that pays for it. Working part-time and being a full time student doesn't cover the tuition, even with financial aid and federal loans. Other option is to take out private student loans and that you have to research on your own.
The honors program is amazing and the teachers are genuine and caring! They are passionate for the craft and really bring out your full potential!
This college offers current an recent graduates the opportunity to network with animation professors, who have or currently work in the top five animation business's.
I absolutely love this school! The professors are great and it's such a close nit community. Definitely worth the money. As a computer art major, the classes are very small and very personal so always get on your professors good side!
I have enjoyed studying at the School of Visual Arts. As a transfer film student, I've been able to advance my knowledge way beyond my education at the university I attended. The professors are well versed in their field and are always willing to help you, so long as you ask.
Its a generally small college (art school) with mainly professors who've worked in the business or still do (can be both good and bad). All of the teachers love their subject. As an animation student I didn’t have very much down time, and found myself going to class and working from mornings to the night. Getting around assignments and tasks can involve some BS, especially with some teachers. If you wanna kick back and relax and get by you can and still pass, but if you love art and whatever you do and are prepared to try hard in doing well, SVA will reward you and you will end the year with plenty of good work. Everyone is friendly, encouraging, but more insecure than usual. The girl to guy ratio feels like 80: 20, the died hair scene and unique outfits is real, and is loaded with international students. I had a fun year, but still curious as to what 4 years at this school will do for me.
I love the facilities and how many different courses and majors there are. You can really explore all facets of the creative field. SVA gives a lot of creative freedom and room for exploration to their students. I would only recommend their board to think about renovating their buildings and stuff like that. And maybe adding a meal plan or something. With such a high tuition fee, I feel like they should accommodate students more in that aspect.
As a BFA Animation major, this school has a very encouraging environment and gives students a lot of space for experimentation with styles and their art. This school is heavy on work, however, it often resembles busy work rather than work to challenge you as an artist and help you improve. SVA accepts many students each year, meaning that there have to be more teachers, and many of the teachers I have had should not be teaching. On the other hand, some teachers I have had genuinely care about their students and want them to achieve their goals in the animation and entertainment industry. I have found some teachers that have greatly changed my perception of art and I have improved tenfold with my drawing since coming here. This school overall is wonderful; being in New York City surrounded with some truly remarkable artists and professors is unforgettable. If you are someone wanting to attend art school, SVA is a very good choice.
Finding it financially difficult, but love NYC and learning and seeing a lot. Having access to all the museums and galleries is so enriching. I have made some great friends already. My professors are assigning challenging and creative assignments. I am looking forward to getting more involved in my major in the coming years.
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The School of Visual Arts is a wonderful place for every flavor of artist, seeking a higher understanding of art and the business around being an artists of any kind. During my first year, I've learned techniques to better the art I create and how to learn from, collaborate with, and simply talk to other artists, both the classmates as well as the experienced professors.
SVA is a great school, and it has a lot of great teachers. However, it does have negatives: the major departments tend to be disjointed, leading to very differing experiences. Teachers might be a bit of a hit-or-miss, despite the fact that there are many, many great teachers. I would recommend to read many reviews on your teachers before choosing their classes. Still, the classes are very helpful and it's incredibly useful to live in an area where the art scene is so alive. Field trips and galleries enrich your experience. The student body (although some may be immature) is incredibly diverse and invested in their art. It's expensive, especially the housing (it is NYC after all; that's the only part they can't really control), so make sure to think about if it's the place for you before coming; definitely a campus visit before you decide to come.
School of Visual Arts is a school of dedicated, hard-working students who are highly motivated in their focus/major. Each student there works day and night in order to create their best work, working harder and harder towards their ultimate career goal. Not the place to be if you were looking for a typical party school, the students generally prefer to put their hours into their work and enjoy the New York City nightlife in whatever free time they manage to find for themselves. The professors are industry professionals who can give you first-hand advice on portfolios and reels. As an art school, the academics are still focused on the artistic sides of math, science, etc. So it's the perfect school for those wanting to think outside-the-box.
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