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Awesome arts school, but definitely would not recommend unless you are truly a creative and open person. The environment is very friendly, everyone is warm and open. Teachers are great. Facilities are nice, but very limited on space - given it is the city. No overcrowding issues, and there are always enough classrooms, but there is no extra space left for lounging or working - aside from the cafeteria space that is always packed. My main complaint would just be the lack of work space for students.
SAIC is an amazing art school with an incredible amount of opportunities and great staff. It has great dorms and great food and a wonderful urban campus.
SAIC is a great school, with great faculty that know what they are doing. I am part of the Fashion Program and absolutely love it. The social life is a bit weird, and you kind of have to be 21 to go out on the weekends. But if you don't mind staying in or just hanging out with friends its great! Being in the heart of Chicago makes for a lot of fun adventures.
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The community that is created through the school is amazing, but the school itself is just like any other private school looking to get your money even if that means screwing you over. But yeah, location is great, there's a lot of opportunities around... if you didn't have so much of a workload you may be able to actually go to the museum that was built for the students.
By mid-May I will have been enrolled at the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) for two full years. It's definitely not your typical college experience--certainly not what I anticipated--but it's certainly been a journey. It hasn't been perfect, and there's improvements that need to be done, but I'm constantly learning and expanding my creative horizon.
It's a great school to explore your interests in art. There are classes all over, and everyone is welcome to explore in different fields for their own practice.
The faculties and staffs are supportive and approachable.
SAIC preaches for diversity, but there isn't much real diversity. About all the teachers I had at SAIC were white except for one asian professor I had. About all the security guards who weren't in administrative position were POC except for maybe couple of them.
The school is feeding off of rich white students, and international students who pay out of pocket.
The school is very expensive but is very resourceful. The services they offer and the connections you make are what you're paying for, honestly.
I am having a blast! Honestly though I am stressed out about the ludicrous cost. I really hope this was the right decision. Most students are white or students that are studying abroad. I have yet to see more POC.
This school provides a wonderful education for my field of interest (art therapy), and has other incredible departments as well. I have had no issues with the school's well delivered education in my past two years (although, freshman classes can be tough, but I think that is common anywhere). An issue I have with this school is mainly with the options and prices of food in the cafeteria. The food is average and incredibly over-priced in my opinion. Another thing that is difficult with SAIC is student life. I feel, as many of my peers at this school do as well, that it can be hard to make connections due to a lack of student life and activities. That is personal, however. Other than that, great school and above wonderful education.
They are accommodating to every student's individual needs. They supply what I need to grow artistically, as well as for my well being. They have amazing resources for equipment, as well as counseling. The advising department is amazing.
It is a great art school that student can have full freedom. But sometimes it seems like it goes too far which especially shows on the critics. But in gerneral, it is a greate school. I love it!
Absolutely amazing experience. The professors create a wonderful learning environment and help every student excel and work to evolve their potential.
SAIC has some interesting classes and faculty. However, the administration has a lot of room for improvement. The school cares more for the school's reputation rather than individual student's experience of the school.
I was being bullied by another student at SAIC, who talked to my friend and told her that he will get me deported (I am an international student). I talked to the school admins about the situation, and they never even got a statement from my friend regarding the threat made against me, and did not do much about it. If SAIC truly cares for diversity and inclusivity, I think SAIC would have done more than nothing. Threatening to deport someone should not taken lightly, it is discriminatory and anti-immigrant.
It is amazing! It is a very inclusive and nurturing environment. I have nothing but good things to say. It truly has fostered growth in me and every other student.
Incredibly progressive and inclusive, the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, very expensive but many valuable courses are offered
This school allows you to explore your creative potential with no barriers, no judgment. Professors are well known artists all over the world; you are learning from people who have been in the field for many years. The degree is well recognized because some of the most famous artists have been taught at the school. Professors are kind and open to all ideas. Most other schools just give you assignments, this school gives you a blueprint for creativity and helps apply your knowledge to whichever field of work you decide to pursue, even one that might not necessarily be taught directly at the school.
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My experience so far at SAIC has been very eye opening. I have learned new things that I didn't think I would ever learn in my life. I have been exposed to a numerous amount of opportunities. I have met some amazing people along the way, and overall I have had a great experience!
The school has pushed me to make art I never thought I would be able to make. It pushes me to develop my concepts and think about things I would have never considered before coming here. The academic classes are also the perfect amount of rigorous and the overall workload is always reasonable. It pushes you to take advantage of opportunities. The resources are incredible. Here, you get what you give.
SAIC is interdisciplinary, which allows me to study across my many interests. The professors treat me as their peer and have taught me more than I could have expected. The resources are great. The only problem is how expensive the school is.
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