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Great Fine Arts school, only if you can afford it
-Crazy expensive tuition
-Graduates can't find decent-paying jobs
The best part about SAIC is the people: the faculty and the students. The artistically open and diverse environment facilitates intense intellectual and cultural exchanges. However, as it is a school with a pass/fail system and with no GPA, it is extremely easy to pass courses. What you get out of the school is what you put in.
I believe that this is a great place for students to develop their concepts. They will teach you the tools and technique required in order to pursue and idea
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As a Veteran of the Army, I was discriminated against. My transcripts were withheld intentionally so that I could not get a job or admission into graduate school. Their actions were racially motivated. The school kids about alumni and the school and the faculty are white collar criminals and the school should be shut down.
I like the structure of the program here; you don't have to choose a specific major. You may try different things in different departments (for example, I can take photography and painting at the same time) so there's more freedom to try things and see what works best for your own artistic practice.
The best thing about the school were the facilities and I felt that the workload prevented me from making the best use of them. The other students were pretentious and I felt extremely alienated. The work I saw upperclassmen producing was a joke considering how ‘prestigious’ and expensive this school is.
Photography Program is concept first, images second. This causes a problem for a lot of students, but also opens up new methods of thinking and considering art and practice. Given that the school's student body is almost entirely made up of those in a Studio practice, a formal education on history, social sciences, and many other important elements that make up conceptual art are not instructed. This, personally, caused problems for me since my practice is history-driven and relies on a very formal background and understanding of seemingly common-knowledge topics that many other students are unaware of
I love SAIC, I would like to see a decrease in tuition please. The tuition is the same price as Harvard. I know that art can be expensive but should it be as expensive as an Ivy-League school. Both are private schools, I understand, however, you have to think of what it means to become an artist and push forward in society. As graduate, I would have to worry about financial status and that can cause negativity towards the overall general mental health of students.
Diversity was perfect, You never felt like the odd one out when it came to the art and the choices to choose from. No matter what everyone was friendly and didn't judge. The vibe from the school was not as intimidating. Of course, it is a big, crowded city so it will be a bit wild on the streets as far as transportation but the campus buildings are close to each other, a perfect 5-minute walk between each other and the dorm rooms.
This school is aboslutly beautiful and it very connected to both the city life and the community within Chicago as well. You feel safe and right at home in the enviorment, and everyone there definitly seems happy to be there. The classes that are offered are very diverse and expansive, and the alumni there are increible as well. Great school overall!
I like the way that the program is structured, so that one doesn't have to choose a major and can try different things to benefit their artistic practice without the commitment. The downside is that it is expensive to attend (as most art schools are), and many students drop out the first year because of the lack of structure in the program.
Very diverse school that pushes the limits with their students to help each individual better their skills to become professional artists.
I've enjoyed my time so far at SAIC, it has a lot of nice resources and facilities. Course wise there are a lot of interesting options to choose from and a good range of different topics. The community as a whole is very politically correct which in most aspects is a good thing but the school itself is in this PC bubble that does not like to face the reality of some more pressing and realistic issues concerning student's futures. As a student, you definitely need to be focused and fully involved/ devoted to your practice if you want to make the most out of this institution.
a very promising school, you are constantly surrounded by peers who care about your well being as well as a focus on how to help you improve. A wonderful place to build connections as well as find yourself as an artist
The single greatest mistake of my life. Zero stars. Racist bigots giving unqualified whites a leg up and discriminating against Africa-American Army Veterans.
Coming for a small school district in the middle of no where, I enjoyed the range of mediums that the school teaches and offers. I also understand that the school tuition is high due to supplies cost being outrageous and being in the heart of Chicago, while still offering plenty of resources for students, such as dorms, health care, counseling and etc. I also love how open SAIC is to diversity and is a huge supporter of LGBT+ rights. My only critique of it, is that SAIC tries to push you to be an independent "starving" artist. I want a job after I graduate, but I have been fighting the system of becoming a solo artist. They also could push the need for more collaborations between departments.
It's good, however, if you're entitled, lazy, or you just generally expect to be led by the hand through your education without having to work for anything on your own you probably shouldn't come here.
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Classes are overall great in pushing students to go beyond their boundaries in artistic mediums and subjects.
I applied to SAIC for Fall 2019 for architectural studies. My grades were pretty good and my SAT score was 1200. My portfolio was a strong part of the application. I got rejected this year as the acceptance rate dropped from 60% to 15.8%. DO NOT rely on the acceptance rate that any website tells you and make sure that your portfolio is strong. However, they recommended me to apply as a transfer student as my portfolio was really good. Overall, I think the school is really good but the acceptance rates are dropping.
I really love my school. I have made so many friends from so many different cultures. I learn what I love. I love the city and everything about Chicago. It's so much fun and there are many opportunities in there.