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At Schiller, you get as much as you put in. I have been going to Schiller Heidelberg campus for the past 2 years and I personally like Schiller, it has given me a lot of opportunities. Just like anything it has its flaws, its clear thats its business school because they are not transparent with money. There is a lot of fees like currency transaction fees for tuition and also their dorms are increased by 150 Euro more than the original price. This school is good if money is not a problem and you are wanting a unique university experience. I think its cool that I get a European and American degree at the end of my studies, along with doubling classes to finish the degree faster. It's just unfortunate that it's very hard to transfer to a different campus because they are not lenient on their class schedules due to how small each campus is.
I hope this review can help, personally I would give it 3 stars but I would still come back.
I am doing distance learning campus. I am finishing my 7th course and so far I am very happy with it. I also find communication very fast and I always get help when I need it.
I would Like to see more possibilities in the German campus. The school itself is well done. The location is great. The professors are good and ready to help. Overall a very good school.
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school is going through accreditation issues $70,000 for a bachelors degree not worth it. small student body about 30.
A few good professors, but mostly mediocre at best.
Awful rip-off of a school. Overpriced and the quality of education is a joke.
Loved my fellow students. Made a lot of friends. We socialized together and had great times.
A few good professors, but mostly lousy professors and lousy classes.
Lousy resources all the way around.
There is a ton of paper work that they give to you all the time for one thing or another. Do I feel its worth the new tuition price, No. The staff isn't always there to answer your questions as far as the classes go. The financial aid office always switches their people around so the new people dont always have your file to answer the questions you have, which is a pain. Sometimes there are chargers that were unexplained and what not that it took a while to get the answers on. Im not saying they are horrible but they could be better. They upped their tuition rates which messed up my personal loans and what not.
The entire academic experience can be rated as Above Average but I am not really enthusiastic about too many electives courses which practically will not enhance my productivity of studies rather its boring my interest of discontinuity. I can't have two similar classes of mathematics and Applied Calculus which i know the society is faced with Social, Economic, Political and Racial problem so am more interested in learning practical Approach to the present world and its transitions than focusing on the mathematical formulas. Though they are astounding to see how much needed to be done
To be precise on the value, what i receive is worth more than the financial aids why? because as a student of International relations and diplomacy, the entire world history, existence, victories and failures will be brought to your feet without traveling anywhere. That's the power of education which literally infuse information that transform us and everything around us.
As an african partaking this treasure of honor called Financial Aids, this is the highest offer and precious gift one can receive. My school tuition are affordable. I can simply say " ITS ALL GOOD" rated: Above Average
This is a multicultural diversified institute of learning, offering academic hope to student who have lost courage trying to survive among the guru's of intellectual faculties and societal segregation's. Here it is made easy.
The facilities are OK. The libraries has everything we need. The student activities are in abundance.
The courses are month by month. Meaning, they let you focus your studies in one subject at a time during a one month period. It's great because all of your attention is geared to that one class and I find that I retain information a lot better.
Schiller's student body is great. Very diverse and everyone gets along well. The student council plans various events for the students and faculty. Its a great environment to be able to get to know someone.
Classes Are Very Good – My classes are exactly how I expected so far. All the professors are very helpful and care about you. Classes are very small, and you won't get lost into the crowd. Therefore the administration is quite responsive to the needs of the students.The workload here is intensive but not overwhelming.
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Need for PC – The internet service is pretty quick. You can print for free in the library. However the library is outdated. There is no computer lab. A PC is a necessity at the school I would say.
One World One University – SIU has a lot to offer students. You go to school with people from all over the world and that experience in itself is priceless. Schiller offers onlines classes at anytime which maximizes flexiblity. I have however had COUNTLESS problems with the financial aid department. Unreliable does not even being to describe the staff in the financial department. Transfering credits can be a hassel, but that is with any private school. Overall, my experiences and opinion of the school is more positive than negative.
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