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During my experience as a long-term student at Saybrook University, I have experienced so many negative issues and experiences from leading Saybrook staff members and departments. The school always supports the best interests of school staff and teachers over the student. Many of the teachers are very good, but the school cares more about money than student rights and fair treatment. I have had a very bad overall experience at Saybrook University over time. It started out promising but treatment from leading staff and departments deteriorates greatly once the student is hooked into a university graduate program. There are no student unions or rights for students, little support, and I would never recommend this school to anyone. I would recommend speaking with long-term students before applying to this school.
Saybrook has been very helpful in the application and enrollment process. The admission counselor has been able to answer all of my questions. Faculty have been available to answer questions and I was able to speak with a current student as well.
I am an adult, returning to school after a 10+ year break. The admissions staff has been extremely supportive, attentive, and accessible. All of my questions are answered quickly and accurately. Available scholarships were brought to my attention - all I had to do was ask. I couldn't be happier with Saybrook.
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It can be a bit confusing to navigate
The San Francisco campus, as well as the Seattle campus, has a wide variety of dining options.
Saybrook has a campus in San Francisco and one in Seattle. Both are located in a wonderful city with plenty of excitement nearby.
Saybrook University is an online school. Two times a year it has conference at San Francisco. Student stay in the Hotel and have some nice parties.
From Airport to hotel access is very good. Hotel has shuttle bus running all the time. I am not worry if I need pick me up late night.
Saybrook University is an online school and very convenient access to instructor, adviser, and school stuff. They are nice and feel comfortable. Two times a year it has conference at San Francisco. San Francisco is a big town with lots to offer.
I have never felt unsafe on Saybrook campus. It's a small campus and is not open at night.
Nightlife is for students who are 21 or older. It's in San Francisco so there is tons of stuff to do.
Top of the line course instruction and follow-through. Total participation, connection and support from faculty and staff.
The school libraries, events, faculty and students are exceptional and I really love my school.
Saybrook is primarily a distance learning school with residential confrences in South San Francisco...close to the airport and one of the most beautiful cities on earth
Saybrook accepts all financial aid. They also provide a $1000.00 scholarship for graduate students in their first semester.
There is a wide variety of professors who teach at Saybrook that have extensive background in clinical and educational setting.
They give 1000 to new students but do not offer long term aid.
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The resident requirements are held at the Stanwood hotel in San Fransisco.
Many people from all over the country and world. The University promotes acceptance and understanding.
I am in the PhD Mind-Body Medicine program at Saybrook. The program is about 4 years old. The information is up-to-date and on the cutting edge of healthcare. Mind-Body medicine is a totally new field and Saybrook is the only university in the Nation to offer Masters and Doctorate degrees in this field. My instructors are well-read and knowledgeable as well has have "hands-on" experience. I would highly recommend this program!
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