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I've enjoyed the time spent here at Savannah college. The college is very conveniently located to my house and place of employment. The professors are very knowledgeable and friendly.
Amazing online and lecture teachers. Needs improvement on faculty and those working outside of being teachers of how they handle their relationship/ attitude with students.
For the most part savannah technical college is a great school, but they need more advisor help to register students for classes and students affair workers as well.
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I’ve heard very good things about Savannah Tech and can’t wait to go there All my friends tell me they are always helpful and take the time for you to learn
The campus is clean and well maintained. The faculty seems to really care about their students. The teachers show up to class on time and make sure to give their best each day so that students can pass. They also allow you to come after class with any questions you may have.
So far so good. Good campus size. Easy to find classes and easy to get along with other students. My classroom teachers are willing to help me along and are very entertaining! It keeps the room in a high morale and everyone is always invested in what is being taught.
This school has changed a lot over the years for the better, and seem that they are really driven in helping those who may have started a program but may not have finished to get finished. I would like for the school to be a little more responsive in a timely manner.
Savannah Tech is a good school. However the registrar and admissions are trash. You guys really need more staff to answer the phone lines. I shouldn't have to call 8 times back to back just to get a hold of someone. Then I didn't even get through to the person I needed cause that phone kept going to voicemail. So I had to drive all the way from Statesboro to Savannah for a 5 minute conversation and a 2 minute process to fax paperwork to another school. It's absolutely ridiculous. I have never had this problem with other schools.
The professors are amazing, all depending on who you get. They are very supportive and encouraging. They try to incorporate you into all the lectures and help give rel life examples to connect it to the learning. My over all experience with this college was very good, everyone was super friendly and always lending a helping hand. This college also offered plenty of hopes, grants, and even pells. That was one thing i LOVED because not every school offers them.
Savannah Tech is a great school. The fact that it's a small school and I get to learn exactly what I want, in these small, close-knit classrooms, it makes me feel like I'm apart of a community. Savannah Technical College has incredible professors, notably Professor Grix and Professor Reeder.
During my year at Savannah tech, the professors have been wonderful. They have always been willing to help and contact me as soon as possible. Although the professors are wonderful, when it comes to student affairs the staff falls short. My first semester, it took two weeks for someone to contact me about my classes when I called and emailed. I also had to call about my books coming in, but i received no response, so I had to go up there myself in order to see if they went through.
everything about it is amazing When coming in, it's important to utilize all of the information available to you. The website, the flyers they hand out and any information you can get from the teachers and faculty can help make your experience better. It's good to ask LOTS of questions about the program you are entering from both staff AND students. Spend a day talking to teachers in the programs you are interested in so you can get a feel on what your going to be experiencing for the two years you are here. It's great for people looking to get an associate's and transfer to other colleges because it's cheaper than other colleges and they teach skills that you can use to work while earning your bachelor's at other schools.
While at Savannah Tech I've taken two classes including Public Speaking and Eng. 1101. The class sizes weren't big at all and the teachers were always ready to answer any question the students had. Savannah Tech has a school store that students can come and shop at anytime,so that was very convenient and many places to study and get on the computer
This school has great opportunities for people who want a trade or a degree. I got my Masters Cosmetology Diploma and License. I really enjoy my career. I want to move forward a go into the medical field as a Surgical Technologist. I am almost to the finish line. It's tough but I know it's going to be worth every bit of it. Love this school.
Savannah Technical College is great experience. The staff is friendly and extremely helpful. Their transfer process is very easy, most of my classes were excepted from my other college.
Class schedules are flexible, minor frustrations about experience
Their great if your used to learning on your own without extra help from the instructor
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They work hard to help students find out what they strive for in life professionally
It was just another school experience; helpful professors and students
Each program help students to excel in their careers
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