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From attending SSU for two years now, my overall experience would be labeled as average. My classes have been great along with the professors. They have great tutoring programs. Campus is still expanding, the campus just gained another science building. However, the campus food need more selections and better cooks.
Savannah State University had an okay academics program but the most important thing that I liked about them was the fact that they gave their students a lot of opportunities to get help. There were a lot of tutors and even the professors would offer their services after hours. I didn't like that Savannah lacked in safety and being involved in the student life as much as they needed to. During your freshmen orientation they would go on and on about what they would do but it was just to make the parents happy because it wasn't as safe as they made it seem.
My experience at Savannah state is overall the best experience in my life so far. I love that it is an HBCU and how historically the school is. It has so much history behind it. I would like to see a lot more of students from around the world attend here. I want it to be more diverse in students.
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Amazing campus; tour guides are trash. I went that for a tour during the summer, and all the guides wanted to talk about is the party scene. I personally am not a party person it was as disappointing as their retention rate.
I am a freshman, Savannah State has made me a proud smart and bold student. This is the best HBCU. Savannah State was my first choice and I am very proud that they have given me a chance to make my future dreams come true.
I am a current freshamn at Savannah State University but I have transfer credits too. They accpeted all my credits I had did during MOWR and their policy is that if it matches in course name or has similar description of material then they will accept it which I thought was great. Their very big on school pride and knowing our alma mater is of highest importance. I heard there's a oral or written exam we are given as final test for our First Year Experience classes.
I love Savannah State because the professors and students are kind. The professors spend time to help you individually. The campus is nice and the shuttles are very convenient
My experience at Savannah State is amazing. The campus is beautiful, the staff is helpful when needed. Academically awesome!
I overall enjoy my experiences here at SSU. Being African-American at this HBCU has made me feel more at home. This University is average size; I would like for the campus to be a little larger.
Savannah is a good school to make friends and advance your knowledge. I gave it a three because even though it is a good school they lack in other places like financial aid help.
Savannah State isn't a bad school you just have to find the right crowd for your personality. The food isn't that bad to me just make sure you get dinning dollars. Like most people say you make your college experience how you want it to be. Become involved in organizations don't be scared to do things.
It's not a bad school but it could use some improvements which I'm sure they will make in due time. The Savannah area is beautiful and the people there are friendly.
This school is honestly what you make of it. There's good professors and there's bad professors. So it all varies. It's very important to get involve in organizations because that's what makes the school experience. If you just stay to yourself, you're not going to have much fun. It's also very important to utilize your resources, you'll be surprised at what you might gain.
At First I was quite skeptical about going to college leaving my friends behind and starting new to better myself but I went to a great university that made me feel at home. HBCUs are like family. Savannah State University the most luxurious school by the sea can offer you many opened, fun and quite familiar activities and a great education at an affordable price
It's a party school down to the T but it was OK my first few years there now I just want to graduate and move on. Some things I want to see change is just people's relationship with God.
When I first attended Savannah State University, I admit I did not like it. To the location from the people, it was all a new experience for me. Two years later, I love my HBCU (Historically Black College/University), Savannah State University. Every university/college has its inner problems, but you are the ultimate benefactor. I learned that, the only person to make it the best four years of your life. I joined the school's Newspaper and have participated in various community service opportunities. I also was inducted into the University's chapter in the National Honor Society.
Being an out of state student from Madison Wisconsin, then attending Savannah state was a eye opener for me. I never really attend a school with a lot of other students of color. I recommend this school for African American students especially because there is so much culture and history invested into this school. All by attending Savannah State, us as students get know ourselves better and our culture. I've learned more about African American history in one year at Savannah State than any other time in my education.
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My experience was a roller coaster. Being that I transferred there it was semi hard for me to adjust. But thank god I had friends that went there and I also met people along the way.
My experience at the university of Savannah state has been phenomenal. The diversity, the food, the academics, the environment, and the freedom all have played big roles in my life as it relates to learning responsibility. My college experience has shown me how to correctly manage my time for the things that are more important than others like doing all of my work before going to a party. Savannah State University has taught me discipline in one of the best ways possible. This discipline has also taught me that in fact "anything i put my mind to I can do". I believe in myself wholeheartedly and as a student at the University of Savannah State i feel as if the faculty and staff believe in me as well. Savannah is my second home to Atlanta anywhere i go I make sure to represent my school by being bold, being respectful, being intelligent and being tiger proud.
When I arrived to Savannah State University, I was really excited because I was a freshmen and I didn't know what to expect. All of my friends and family talked to me about their personal experiences while being in college. I took in all of their advice on who to be friends with, not going everywhere with anybody I dont know, and the occassional lectures on stay focus and prioritizing. Savannah State Univeristy had a great welcome week for incoming freshmen but as fine went by, I starting realizing how college life really was. So I eventually had to adapt in making my schedueling more flexiable to complete my work and do other actives on campus such as parties, going downtown, doing community service and working out in the gym. if I were to change anything, I would change the visitation hours because it mademe and other college students feel as if they didn't have any freedom as well as the process timing for paperwork and information.
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