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I have already spent a year at this college. I am ready and somewhat ecstatic to see what else it has to offer.
I like how the professors and staff at Savannah State University care about the students. They want us to succeed and they will help us do that if that's what we need .
Savannah state university is a beautiful HBCU in Savannah, GA. As soon as you get on campus it feels like a huge family, the academic are great and so are the professors.
Review Savannah State University
It is a nice school. Most of the professors are lenient, but some are strict. Campus life is interesting. Overall, it is what you of the experience.
Overall, the school is decent, but from an outsider or an employer's view, a degree from Savannah State is not worth as much as a degree from other schools.
Savannah state university is a well rounded school, they focus on sports, academics, and the environment you are in.
I like how caring the teachers are and understanding, what i didn't like is that sometimes Savannah state can be unorganized and the dorm i live in have to many problems and they don't care to fix them fast enough.
It was great my first two years!!!! Felt very welcoming until my third year then, I started to see what everyone was talking about and the campus wasn't the same. Plus almost every professor at this school is foreign so they grade unfair, show a lot of favoritism, and aren't easy to understand. Please note to staff of Savannah State, hire professors students can understand and actually listen to student issues!!!!
The school is not a bad school. It is a lot of positivity around this campus and the history of this school and campus is very, very interesting. Only thing I don't like about the school is that the Library is not 24 hours and we don't have a restaurant on campus that stays open late
Savannah State was not my first choice school, but I am glad I decided to come here. The professors are extremely helpful and I have learned a lot from them. There are not a lot of parties on or around the campus so it is easy to study and stay on track with school. The school is 30 minutes from Tybee Island and about 15 from anything else, so there is never a dull moment in my spare time. I feel that coming to Savannah State, I will stay on track to graduate and reach my overall career goals.
Savannah State University is a wonderful institution to attend. We have wonderful and different organization and active Greek life. If you want small class sizes and one on one attention with you teacher, Savannah State University is the place to be. We have numerous tutors on campus. They also provide transportation to a local mall and Walmart for free. If you choose to ride the city bus you can ride that for free as well. Savannah State University also have a wide range of majors and more to come especially in the science department. The food is also awesome. Savannah State University is the place to be.
Personally I love my hbcu, Savannah State Univserity. Its a very family oriented university and the professors are very helpful. However, I would the change the fact that our president isnt very involved with the school.
My experience here at savannah state is very fun and eventful. The school is uplifting and can be greater than what it is. It has history
Savannah State is a great university. I wish their financial aid office was more helpful, I continued to have issues with them. However, the people are great and the surrounding area is wonderful.
Although Savannah State may have few issues in get things done in time. The school is not a bad place to revive a degree.
It's a really nice school ! You'll love it your first semester . The professors are pretty nice , they don't let you miss out on too much .
SSU is a good school the finincial Aid dept. needs serious help!Food is ok,needs more variety,SSU cold use more student IT A great HBC school one of the secret in GA.
Review Savannah State University
During my first semester at Savannah State University I had a great experience because the teachers are very nice and caring and majority of the students all have a bond together. The only think I would like to change is for the students to show more love, spirit, and appreciate to our school. Some Savannah state students dislike certain things about the school and say bad things about Savannah state university. I would just like for those students to fix the problem at the school to help the school be better. Other than that I love Savannah State University and the campus life.
I attended SSU as a freshman. There were a lot of students from my high school and other high schools near where i lived, so it was easy to connect and make friends. Savannah State is like a family school everyone likes to party together especially around homecoming. The professors really are there for you and want to make sure you pass, they will really work with you to keep you on track. The campus is small so pretty much everyone knows each other and gets along well. The dorms are all nice, the freshman have some co-ed dorms and some traditional dorms. The upperclassmen have a choice between on campus apartments and on campus town houses which are both nice and well taken care of. The campus has three different food places, each consist of different types of food such as the cafeteria, the union ans tiger express. The school is an HBCU but is also very diverse. overall I enjoyed attending Savannah State and would recommend upcoming freshman to attend.
I just finished my first semester at Savannah State University. I had a very enlightening experience at SSU. The university has a rich history and they make you feel like a family.
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