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SCAD was a lovely 4 year experience. I learned a lot from their program, and gave me the opportunity to catch up to contemporary design, aesthetic, theories, and thinking. Also because of its location in a city like Savannah, it made living there smooth, easy-going, stress free.
SCAD is a great school that provides its students with a lot of really cool opportunities. I love that the class sizes are fairly small so that each student has more one on one time with their professors. The campus is spread out around Savannah which really helps you get a good feel for the city, but can be a bit challenging if you have two back to back classes that are far away.
SCAD is what you make it out to be; if you work hard you'll reap many benefits and will grow substantially as an artist, but if you slack of you'll put yourself on a path of inevitable failure. If you want to challenge yourself and truly wish to delve into the arts sphere, attend this college. You'll be glad you did.
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Scad really focuses on a well-rounded learning environment, with a big focus on furthering students' future career paths.
The Savannah College of Art and Design is a vigorous and incredible place to hone your skill. You are surrounded by like minded artists. SCADs strength is with the professors, they are passionate and professional. SCAD gives students access to incredible opportunities to network within their field. I would encourage any artist to come and thrive here.
However SCAD could change in these areas:
SCAD is very expensive. Which distracts from education because there are levels of consequence for not being able to pay and they are incredibly stressful. Also, it limits who can afford to come here which limits creative talent.
It is very hard to find access to a color printer at SCAD. Sometimes you have to go to an independent business or buy your own printer to complete an assignment. With how much students pay for SCAD, they shouldn't have to pay to do homework too. Students should have access to color printers.
College teaches you what needs to be taught, however some professors are not as amicable and open minded as others, thus creating the infamous race for registration. You better hope to register for the classes that you need or else you'll be stuck taking your electives 2nd quarter just to stay on track.
What I like about the Savannah College of Art and Design is that it all ties in my major. In South Carolina it is not many colleges that offer my major which is Fashion Merchandising. This school is also one of the top schools for creative careers. Scad is also a private institution that deals with the one on one time with students and I have had a chance to visit twice to experience that.
When I first came to SCAD, I was overwhelmed with how welcoming and homie it felt. It also felt very tight knit even though the campus is spread out throughout Savannah.
I haven't spent a lot of time with on-campus activities, but I have learned SO much related to my major through my teachers and classes. The education and knowledge you gain is stellar. Be prepared to work a ton, because you gain what you give. It's hard to prepare for an art/design based career and feel like you are ready, but this school and the opportunities and connections it offers does a good job of making you feel confident in where you are going after graduation, but only if you take advantage of the opportunities you get. Go to career fairs and events if only to connect with people, because networking is half the battle.
The quality of the education I have received via the established curriculum has been excellent. I feel confident that I am being taught industry-standard practices that will serve me well on my job hunt post-graduation. SCAD spends a LOT of money on the aesthetics of the campuses, which makes the classrooms exciting places to learn and you definitely know you're at an art school. Unfortunately, specifically for the Illustration department, students are having an extremely difficult time getting registered for classes because SCAD simply isn't offering the courses required for the degree. Considering the amount of debt we’re going into, it is insane that the school isn't doing everything they can to make sure students are able to finish what they started. However, most of the time, the faculty want to get to know you and make your personal progress a priority. For that reason, I have overall had a wonderful experience at SCAD and am very happy with the education I have received.
This school offers a high level of education and new opportunities. Their focus is on getting students a successful career following graduation.
I am an e-Learning student at SCAD. I am lucky to be attending this school because they offer real-world experience with students. They want to improve and enrich students art, so they are ready for graduation. Plus, they have a great job center that extensively helps students look for jobs and internships.
I got to Savannah’s college of art and design elearning. The classes are manageable. And the professors are knowledgeable in their fields. I am on my second quarter working on my BFA in graphic design so far so good.
I had a wonderful time at SCAD. It was a great school but I feel like it prepped students for careers in art without really trying to follow through. In my department, writing, the professors were very hands on so that helped but I know a lot of other majors didn’t have that help.
In any organization there will be people who drop the ball from time to time. The question is whether someone can then pick it back up and run with it. At SCAD, that doesn’t happen. The ball, once dropped, stays stuck in the mud.
SCAD offers fine arts degrees taught by professors who have come from various industries and have real-world experience. I am an Animation major with a minor in Previsualization. I concentrate on 3D animation, but the drawing foundation studies have also prepared me for 2D as well as storyboarding. The film classes are preparing me for Previsualization as well. The campus is the most unique in the USA. SCAD buys existing buildings all over the city and converts them to classrooms, offices and dorms. SCAD has revitalized the historic center of Savannah. The living accommodations are great, the food services more than adequate, transportation available 24/7, and student counseling - academic, career, personal - is easily accessible and highly encouraged by the school. SCAD also has a very active CS3 - Counseling and Student Support Services - group that has been of great support to me since I entered the school. I am more than pleased with my choice of SCAD for my future.
The fee is too expensive to reserve. But the school is quite good at job seeking and education as well. Also the weather of savannah is quite good. I recommended this school for student who want to have a creative career.
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SCAD has amazing professors and always has events/clubs for students to participate in. However, I think the school overcharges for tuition and spends it on frivolous things like over-sized chairs and crappy installations instead of useful things like more color printers and stools that don't cause back problems for students.
I have taken an unorthodox path through SCAD's diverse offerings of courses. I came to SCAD to study fibers but quickly realized it hadn't been exactly the right means of expression that I had wanted to have. In the middle of this realization I utilized many of the advisors available to me and began a two-year long exploration through the jewelry department, advertising, furniture, and architecture. While it took me a long time to find my skills flourishing in the architecture department, SCAD's diversity of programs and profound sense of inclusion lead me to find a trajectory that I have taken on almost vocationally.

While the coursework at SCAD is not prone to transcending the spectrum of disciplines, the social scene certainly does. Be VERY prepared to work hard here. There's a stigma that art school is somehow more easily handled than a traditional liberal arts college, but I would argue that this type of education is far more demanding of time and passion to be successful.
Savannah Collage of Art and Desighn, (SCAD) is a fantastic collage for anyone who want to be a part of any creative career. The staff are fantastic and happy to help, the classes are engaging, and the community is vast. I recommend SCAD 100%
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