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SCAD is the very best school for creative careers. The administration is very helpful and care about your success. There is so much to do so it is impossible to get bored.
The area overall is just absolutely adorable. The downtown area of Savannah is very historic and you learn a lot from the area. The college is honestly the best because of all the different students there and their artistic abilities. Everyone is so friendly, but there is definitely competition! The competition keeps you motivated and trying to strive for the best in yourself.
Wonderful school full of experienced and extremely helpful professors. The education is challenging, but worth the time and effort. A bit on the expensive side, but I feel it is worth every penny. The professors push you to do your best and constantly give constructive criticism on how to make things even better! Love love love this school.
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Although, I haven't started school at Savannah College of Art & Design yet, I'm deeply in love with this school. The dorms, the town, the food, the students, the teachers, and of course, the academics are outstanding. I truly can't wait to start my new chapter in life here!
It is a place where you are free to be creative and get exposed to many different aspects of the art world. Also, there are great opportunities when attending this university, opportunities that could shape your career.
Savannah College of Art & Design has a lot of connections and the staff is helpful, however, in my opinion, cost of attendance in regards to the quality of education does not meet what I thought the college would provide me with. The classes are sometimes too easy and there is not much participation from students, which I know is not the schools fault, but the information being taught is not 100% relevant to today. All professors should be up to date, this is especially true in fashion department. Many of the things we are taught need to be more hands on and more guest speakers need to be brought in, and the guest speakers need to have first-hand experience.
I love SCAD, it is a great school. They really value collaboration which is important because that is exactly what it's like when you are working in the art and design industry. No matter your level all professors are willing to help make you great, and the school offers many great resources to help you. There's also tons of events always happening which is great for networking. The only thing I would change is the food, they offer several options but it could be a little more diverse.
Savannah College of Art and Design is the biggest campus in the United States. There are so many good professors from different industries come to teach at SCAD. SCAD also invites professionals from industry come to SCAD and share their experiences with us. The quality of education and resources that SCAD is able to provide is remarkable.
However, It would be better for SCAD students which SCAD is willing to provide more scholarship opportunities. Building a stronger connection between community and SCAD students is what SCAD need to work on little bit more.
It’s pretty conservative for an art school but if you can get past that there are tons of resources and connections to be made and it can get you a career in your field of interest
When I first came to Savannah College of Art and design I mainly wanted to focus on digital design, at first I wanted to be a visual effect but you have to be good at mathematics and using the camera, so I decided to become a motion media designer. Motion media was very interesting I struggled but I would not let that me, scat offers so many different majors to choose from you think the first choice it’s going to be your last but you never know some students change their majors at least two or three times until they figure out which Best suits them.
I am an eLearning student from MI. This program allows me the ease of being able to work from home with my child while still taking step towards my ultimate career goal!
I love the pride all around the school and the large international student population. It truly makes everyone feel like a family knowing most of us came a long way from our homes. I would love to see the school’s price go down, though. It’s expensive! Thankfully they offer many scholarship opportunities, though.
Savannah College of Art and Design is a very good college for creative careers. i recently completed my freshman year and I can say it was a good college experience. It was a very hands-on experience. The professors are very engaging in their lessons. The other staff help students very efficiently in respect to financial services, student employment, counseling services and many more aspects.
It is such a great place for creatives to be in their element. Very hands on with the learning experience. tons of opportunities to get noticed in the work world. and lots of like minded people around.
It is a very intense school where the competition is fierce, but with the reputation that SCAD has it will get you where you need to go
SCAD is an amazing school. Everyone there is super nice and welcoming and the town is downright amazing! Everything is beautiful and artistic, and anyone would be lucky to live in Savannah.
The professors I've had are hit and miss. I've had very good ones who actively sit and help you through the problem and I've had others condescend students throughout the semester creating hostile environments. The city itself and student life is awesome. Savannah is a great place to go to college there's so much to do during the day and night. Both the school and the city offer so many ways for people to get involved or meet other people with similar interests. The thing I dislike the most about SCAD is the parking, it's always a problem everywhere you go and with all the campus buildings spread throughout Savannah you can bet you're always either paying to park or fighting for a free space. The thing I love the most about SCAD is that a lot of the assignments you do in the classroom can be incorporated directly into your portfolio so you can present yourself professionally to possible employers the second you're ready to start job hunting.
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A great school beautiful campus and I would recommend it to anyone that want to go into the art and design field. Some things that really amazed me where the student work and how they have the number one interior design program in the world.which I thought was a thing because you can get a quality education the people there are nice and the classroom sizes a decent which is about 12-17 people.
I love it here, SCAD feels like it was designed for me. So many awesome opportunities and I’m learning so much. I feel a lot happier here than the last school I was at. I also love having the quarter system too.
I can't say what I like about it because I haven't attended SCAD yet. What I can say is the campus and housing is beautiful. The people there are most likely nice and welcoming. I have been through the virtual tour. It looks nice. SCAD also has a lot of different programs to choose from. You can major in jewlery design to video game design. From what I have learned SCAD is also diverse. That's what I like about SCAD. It's diverse and has plenty of programs to choose from and it's close to home.
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