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The city is beautiful and lively. It isn't safe , but SCAD security cars are driving around every few blocks.

As long as you choose your professors carefully, they're great. There are some that shouldn't be teaching, but that's everywhere. SCAD brags about extensive class options and opportunities, but while there are tons of different classes, scheduling is awful. The classes fill up so fast that your options are cut down before you get to register. I was left without any option for one class slot last year because every single option had filled up days before my sign up. It's required to take foundations classes, some having nothing to do with your major, but that's what every college does to get you to spend more money. Not a fan of how they took up over a year, though.

SCAD preaches about its extracurriculars. There are events that are cool, but clubs were empty promises.
Overall it was an amazing school. SCAD contained its fair share of pretentiousness, like any other fine art establishment. I had a rocky beginning in Atlanta due to powers beyond mine and SCADs control. There were self-absorbed and aloof professors, but it didn't matter so much because there were also very inspirational ones who helped tremendously. Color theory undergrad courses were my favorite out of all of them, I think. They weren't so strict about properly written papers, though, and I feel a bit more attention in that area would be more helpful for many of the students post-graduation. The best part about the courses is that you learn not to compare and think others' works or talents are better--cutthroat competition is replaced by artist comraderie, collaborations, and the discovery that everyone has their own distinct style.
SCAD is a very tough school. I enjoyed it, but I felt like I was lacking in the social part of college. You constantly have assignments and homework, but there is never time to spend with your friends. All your "friends" are really people you NEED to survive in the field.
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Savannah College of Arts and Design has proven to be a great environment to help me reach my goals . I have enjoyed the professors and the campus immensely .
My experience at the Savannah College of Art and design thus far has been wonderful. All of the professors are working professionals in their field and as such have in depth knowledge and insight on the subjects that they teach. While the workload may be heavy, the professors push their students to produce their best work and to live up to their potential.
The school also provides the students with access to all of the tools and programs that they will need to succeed and work in an environment similar to that of professionals.
I have spent two summers at SCAD and loved it. It is a great school and I hope to be attending there next fall.
Coming to SCAD is a dream-come-true. My professors not only are passionate about teaching, but they also care about the students deeply. SCAD is like a community full of incredibly talented people, and the students gets to polish their skills through collaboration with each other.My artistic skills have improved significantly since I got here, and it wouldn't have been without the amazing people and resources here around me.
So much to learn from the professors and students alike. Professors are passionate about what they teach. You learn a lot about all majors offered, not just your own. Staff have proven to be very helpful. Professors will work with you and help you if you’re willing to work with them. Very demanding and hands on, but reasonably so. You get the education you’re paying for.
It's a great college with great resources and connections. It gave a relatively easy acceptance rate and a high drop out rate. That means it allows everyone who want to try art come in but not everyone succeeds to survive in SCAD's curriculum. The courses are hard and need a lot of effort. Students come out of SCAD trained well, that's if you come out at all.
I loved the little city it was part of and the atmosphere including the people and the lifestyle there. The dorms were great and not far from the rest of the action on campus. There were many different places to eat, not just one cafe where you eat every meal.
Savannah College of Art & Design is a fantastic school to attend if you are interesting in any form of art. The campus is spread about the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia. The professors are all amazing and provide an amazing learning environment. The people I met at SCAD Rising Star Summer Program quickly became some of the best people I have ever met in my entire life.
SCAD is not like a normal school with added stress, the atmosphere exudes positive reinforcement for free thinking and creativity!
Savannah College of Art and Design is a great school if you are dedicated art kid. They have the resources and the connections you need to get your feet wet in the industry you decide to pursue a career in. The professors are very professional and many have experience in the industry, with this being said the expect good quality work and always give you helpful tips along the way. As far as students everyone is nice and open in connecting with each other to help with projects and are good company. It is an expensive school so make sure to have your scholarships lined up and budget well, the school doesn’t offer many scholarships. You have to look around for money, as long as you are determined the staff will help you out. Last note, it is not a “party school” you will work a lot, but it is worth it. If you aren’t willing to work hard choose another school, Overall, great school for the arts.
The Savannah College of Art and Design is a place that brings together minds and creative souls from all different parts of the world, allowing for great diversity and creating a big community of individuals who are eager to pursue their creative dreams and careers. It enables its students through qualified professors, state of the art technology and safe environments that fosters great academic and personal achievements for both its students and faculty.
Great school, and experienced professor team that offers year-round academic activities and festivals. The Atlanta campus is not big enough to offer as many classes as the main campus in Savannah.
I think one of SCAD's greatest assets is the student body. I have never seen a university so diverse and hard working. The teachers are people with notable achievements in the field you want to major in and can teach you about securing a job after college. My artistic skills have improved vastly in the year that I have been and I have seen other students flourish and achieve amazing things as far as their student portfolio. I was originally thinking about going to a community college but looking back I am glad I chose SCAD. I believe I will be much more prepared to create art as well as market and sell it.
SCAD is the very best school for creative careers. The administration is very helpful and care about your success. There is so much to do so it is impossible to get bored.
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The area overall is just absolutely adorable. The downtown area of Savannah is very historic and you learn a lot from the area. The college is honestly the best because of all the different students there and their artistic abilities. Everyone is so friendly, but there is definitely competition! The competition keeps you motivated and trying to strive for the best in yourself.
Wonderful school full of experienced and extremely helpful professors. The education is challenging, but worth the time and effort. A bit on the expensive side, but I feel it is worth every penny. The professors push you to do your best and constantly give constructive criticism on how to make things even better! Love love love this school.
Although, I haven't started school at Savannah College of Art & Design yet, I'm deeply in love with this school. The dorms, the town, the food, the students, the teachers, and of course, the academics are outstanding. I truly can't wait to start my new chapter in life here!
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