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Although I do not currently attend Savannah College of Art and Design, I want to enroll there. I have been accepted to SCAD and wish to attend for Writing. This college provides countless resources, internships, and opportunities that a student cannot find anywhere else. The campuses in Georgia are beautiful and modern. I have taken a virtual tour and have friends who currently attend. In addition, I have friends who visited over the summer and have told me about SCAD. I hope to attend in the fall of 2018.
When I visited SCAD Savannah, I fell in love with the campus. The cobblestone streets, the hanging moss, and the old architecture of Savannah is a must see! The one thing that worries me is that there is a lot of crime happening around the area. However, people say you should be prepared for anything and not go walking around by yourself at night.
Great group of students. Very diverse and talented. The campus is a little spread out, so sometimes it can take a while to get to your class.
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Scad is the college that I am dreaming to go to! So far from what I have heard and researched about, I am in love! I am planning to visit the campus in the summer of 2018. There is simply nothing that I would change about the overall place itself. I am a very artistic person who believes that an art college is a path for me to take. I can't wait to take a tour and see the campus for myself, I hear amazing things about it.
Great resources, lots of fun! I'm a freshman and I'm loving my professors and classes so far! They provide a lot of artistic experience along with amazing practical skills. The people and diversity here is extremely high, made friends from all around the world and connected with different cultures too. Wish there would be more greek life and more fields for athletes tho
Very inviting and positive experience. The hundreds of other students are extremely encouraging - as is the faculty.
This school provides a great amount of resources to the students. It also provides networking opportunities with a platform to find jobs or internships. The faculty is fantastic and the attention is very personalized due to the small classes. Even though the school is in a small town, there is always something to do, workshops, open model sessions, field trips, entertainment, talks, etc. The facilities are fully equipped, as an art student there is no need for a personal computer. The library is huge and has a well curated collection. In regards to safety, Savannah is not famous for being a safe town, however, SCAD does help you feel safe in school. If buses are not running at night they will pay for an Uber to get students home safely.
I had the experience to go to SCAD Hong Kong as well and to be honest, it was one of the best experiences in my life. I did two internships and was part of the Art Central 2017 SCAD booth in Hong Kong.
The community is incredibly open and accepting. The faculty will work to help you grow as a student and professional. Overall, the school will prepare you for a career. Design classes are rough though.
This university has an excellent academic record for art majors. The graduation rate and graduate employment as of last published statistics is at 98%. It has a global view and a dynamic cultural focus. It offers a solid curriculum together with latest technology for students to strive in their chosen art major. The degrees offered are in demand in today's competitive environment. The courses are designed to increase critical thinking, problem-solving and design innovation. This university is highly recommended by high school counselors as one of the best for art majors. I look forward to continuing my journey in discovering all the possibilities that SCAD will offer.
While it is a pricey school if you're passionate about the arts then this is the place to be. SCAD is full of experienced professionals who are have worked in the industries that they teach. While the school works you hard the amount of artistic improvement combined with all that you learn makes it worth it.
I went with my family to Savannah College of Art and Design and toured the campus. I was amazed with the diversity of the art work as well as the students. I was able to explore the different types of equipment that I would use to creat my master pieces. I was able to formulate an opionion about the dorms, transportation, and the city of Savannah. I decided that Savannah will be a great place to start my new life. Savannah will give my the opportunities to grow within my self and others.
I took two classes there for a month in their Rising Star program. The people and overall experience was great. The city offers a lot of activities for a nice day out.
I'm a final quarter Senior in ITGM and I want to write a very honest review, SCAD is what you make of it. The course load is heavy and work can be grueling, many students drop out, but if you use the resources available (career advising and CLC) and stay dedicated to your work you can excel. SCAD provides great resources for networking, gaining experience, and finding opportunities. My career adviser played a huge part in landing an internship on a AAA title. A downside is obviously the cost, it is a for-profit school. There are articles on how much the president makes, where money goes, while I'm lucky my parents pay tuition we as a family find SCAD's choice in spending frustrating. The physical availability of computers and cintiqs and the quality of life post freshman year declines. While the freshman dorms look nice with many amenities once parting them administration forgets about its upperclassmen. It's a facade for prospective students and their families.
Its interesting with all the diversity of students from other parts of the world and different states in America. The halls are far so it allows for chances to explore Savannah or other campuses. Plus the staff is also helpful and makes sure everyone understands what they are doing.
I have not attended this school but I had grown up dreaming to go here. I of course fell in love with the modern perks and luxury this school offers. I applied and quickly got accepted, many scholarships came in the mail weeks after. This is the point when my heart on this school changed. I had been avoiding the opinions of the graduated alumni who thought the school was a waste of money. I had tried to get in contact with the administrator of the school and she would not contact me back regarding questions I had. The communication of this school was completely terrible. I then realized how the school was staying afloat, they were conning students like me by giving thousands in scholarships making it seem like a good deal, but yet they charged hundreds of dollars to apply for the necessary things needed to enter the school. It doesn't matter where you get your degree as long as you're putting your money towards a well worth place, of which SCAD is not.
The Savannah College of Art and Design is very well suited for a student who is looking for an independent learning place; where they can be challenged as much as they choose.
It's a wonderful school with great opportunities that actually prepare you for your field. The workload is extremely intense. Also, all majors have to take design and color theory classes, even non-visual art majors. Each class allows only 4 absences be quarter or it's an automatic F
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They have all of the cutting edge toys in the industry. Professor know what they're doing. The ones I've had care about the students and how they learn. Be sure to use Rate My Professor when finding a professor. The environment is very nice, but pretty left leaning politically.
Excellent online experience with SCAD - the professors, advisors, and staff are all friendly and willing to help you out!
so far the education lives up to it's reputation. I've never had any problems with my teachers and considering i'm an online student the lessons are easy to follow, and the advisers are very helpful. This school is VERY expensive but what helped me out is that not only was i able to get finacial aid but the school provided me with a boat load of scholarships. If your grades are above average or at least 3.0 and higher, they do their best to give you a chance to enter the school and even if you have a lower score, if you show potential they'll require you to take core class to boost your GPA. they are very nice and worth the money, however you have to really want it.
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