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My experience at SCAD has been great. There are so many different majors to choose from. You receive a well rounded education in the arts no matter what major you select. There are also lots of minors to choose from. Their academic assistance program is awesome. There are loads of on-line classes to choose from, too.
SCAD is a very welcoming place. The campus is extremely safe and protective. the professors help in every way they can. There are many learning opportunities for incoming students. It is super easy to make friends and connect with others at the school. I highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to pursue a career in the arts.
I loved the campus and the opportunities provided by the school. The student life is unlike anything i have ever seen and the chance to study abroad in France or China is just surreal.
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Great grad program! And they offered a ton of scholarships. I'm not sure about their undergrad program, but I've been extremely pleased thus far. Only complaint is that they make it unnecessarily difficult to get the classes you really want.
It is a great school with great resources for students but lacks when it comes to financial aid. Once you come to the school it feels like they don't care about you if you don't have the money to pay
What I liked about Savannah College of Art and Design is that it is a school where you see many artists, there is talent all over the school. I also loved the fashion design floor where you would see work from students and from designers. Fashion is what I would love to major in, and I feel like SCAD would be a great fit for me.
A very good art school releasing top artists into the industry. There are four campuses providing opportunities to study abroad: one in Atlanta, Georgia, one in Savannah, Georgia of the United States; one in Lacoste, France; and one in Hong Kong. There is also online learning. I have only attended the Atlanta campus. The professors here care about how you do as an artist--that you are really learning-- and they push you to improve. Classes are a little expensive, but they provide a top quality education. The school operates on a 10-week quarter system instead of a semester, meaning deadlines are faster approaching, but students can take more classes in a school year. Students are kept very busy, but there are many opportunities provided by SCAD for extra learning, job seeking, networking, travelling, and exploring. The experience is what you make it.
Change campus life activities. The intramural sports aren’t cared about and there could be more mini tournaments of things like ping pong and fooseball.
I did a master's in Industrial Design, at the Gulfstream Design Centre. SCAD was definitely a great experience, the faculty was experienced and helpful, I'm still in touch with a lot of them. SCAD has one of the best spaces for Product design in the US, I'm glad I went there.
SCAD is amazing, I've done both on campus in Savannah and eLearning from home and both have been good experiences. Payment can get a little messy, but they have many opportunities to find jobs and paid internships in addition to scholarship programs and work/learn positions.
I love how this is an art school and they make that known. It is so different from any state school and I love that about this school.
No social life at all which can really affect the attitude of people on campus so that kinda is something bad
Some things to keep in mind as a freshman at SCAD-there is NO campus, so everywhere you go you will have to take a bus. Bus system is often late, delayed, the app is not working, and you WILL be late to your classes multiple times because there are not enough buses. Everyone at SCAD ubers everywhere, which can be extremely expensive. Also, there is hardly any school spirit and NO social life, besides fake ID's for downtown bars. The general vibe of everyone here is extremely rich and focused on their work, and while some people are kind the feel of SCAD is a community school and much less of a college.
I am an online student at SCAD. At first I was a little apprehensive about taking all of my classes online because I wasn't sure how much feedback I would get for my art. Both the students and professors proved me wrong with how ready they were to provide feedback on pictures and files of my work every time! The professors also do a great job in remaining available to online students who require assistance. The school site also has many good resources like and recordings of guest lectures from the campus.

I think one thing that would make the classes more interesting would be more videos from professors on their weekly lessons. While the slides on their pages do help, I think having them record themselves talking about the subject or demonstrating concepts in the lesson would be a great help and provide more options for the different learning styles students have.
The city is beautiful and lively. It isn't safe , but SCAD security cars are driving around every few blocks.

As long as you choose your professors carefully, they're great. There are some that shouldn't be teaching, but that's everywhere. SCAD brags about extensive class options and opportunities, but while there are tons of different classes, scheduling is awful. The classes fill up so fast that your options are cut down before you get to register. I was left without any option for one class slot last year because every single option had filled up days before my sign up. It's required to take foundations classes, some having nothing to do with your major, but that's what every college does to get you to spend more money. Not a fan of how they took up over a year, though.

SCAD preaches about its extracurriculars. There are events that are cool, but clubs were empty promises.
Overall it was an amazing school. SCAD contained its fair share of pretentiousness, like any other fine art establishment. I had a rocky beginning in Atlanta due to powers beyond mine and SCADs control. There were self-absorbed and aloof professors, but it didn't matter so much because there were also very inspirational ones who helped tremendously. Color theory undergrad courses were my favorite out of all of them, I think. They weren't so strict about properly written papers, though, and I feel a bit more attention in that area would be more helpful for many of the students post-graduation. The best part about the courses is that you learn not to compare and think others' works or talents are better--cutthroat competition is replaced by artist comraderie, collaborations, and the discovery that everyone has their own distinct style.
SCAD is a very tough school. I enjoyed it, but I felt like I was lacking in the social part of college. You constantly have assignments and homework, but there is never time to spend with your friends. All your "friends" are really people you NEED to survive in the field.
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Savannah College of Arts and Design has proven to be a great environment to help me reach my goals . I have enjoyed the professors and the campus immensely .
My experience at the Savannah College of Art and design thus far has been wonderful. All of the professors are working professionals in their field and as such have in depth knowledge and insight on the subjects that they teach. While the workload may be heavy, the professors push their students to produce their best work and to live up to their potential.
The school also provides the students with access to all of the tools and programs that they will need to succeed and work in an environment similar to that of professionals.
I have spent two summers at SCAD and loved it. It is a great school and I hope to be attending there next fall.
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