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Some of the teachers are very great. The psychology department is very good. The math teachers is the downfall of the schools issues. I would suggest people to look carefully into who they pick as a math and also English teacher.
I'm a single mother and the fact that Sauk offers the nursing program makes it convenient for me to attend. It's close to home, daycare, and work. The professors are very understanding of my situation and are always available for questions and such.
I loved my experiences here. Not at all what I thought it would be like. Everyone was very helpful from advisors to professors they really want students to succeed.
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I love how kind and caring everyone at Sauk is. Whether you're going in for a class or a sports event or just visiting, they are always kind. It also is just a great environment to be in. The other students at Sauk are kind and always willing to help out fellow classmates. There also are plenty of opportunities at Sauk for any type of major.
I'd say that SVCC is an overall good school. Being a freshmen, I have a fairly solid expectation of what to expect when I transfer later on. Sauk really try's to make help available to you if and when you may need it
Sauk is a really good economical choice when it comes to a starter school. The environment is really friendly and the staff is helpful, depending on which professor you have. Some professors are very concerned and dedicated to helping students pass, however other professors don't care if you pass or fail and don't make helping their students a priority. The school is great as long as you choose your professors wisely and stay dedicated.
I loved how when I first walked in the doors it was very warming and welcoming. The receptionist at the desk was very helpful and the counselor was patient with my questions.
Establishing a relathionship with my professors has made a world of diffence
Sauk Valley Community College is a small college that is head by a small administration.
I am a first year student enrolled in my second semester. I don't completely know all there is about my college's credit transfers and so forth quite yet.
Although some instructors are slower than others at responding to emails or questions, it's both manageable and easy to complete.
Like i've stated in the previous questions, students who have already graduated have very little trouble finding jobs in their profession.
Once students receive their degrees nearly all of them have have little to no trouble finding a job in the field they studied in.
The courses are challenging and the professors are great! They all know what they are doing and have a fluent way of teaching.
Nearly all of my professors have done an outstanding job at what they do. I have only had one bad experience since attending this past year. However, I was given the resources needed to past that particular course.
At Sauk Valley Community College, they truly care about your success. They have a well put together staff who are more than willing to sit down and not only help us with anything and everything that we need, but they also take the necessary time needed to help us understand what it is that we need to know.
My major is Social Work, and with my first semester, I was able to take a class that was taught by an actual social worker, which I found really helpful and interesting because of his experiences that he shared with us. So far there hasn't been much of a hard workload; the teachers realize that you have jobs and families, and they give you enough to get you to learn the information, without putting you into overdrive. As far as the internship/job opportunities, if you are eligible, Sauk has a work study program, as well as AmeriCorps which allow for students to fit in a job as well as going to school, and they are really good at working around your class schedule so that you can get your homework done when you need to.
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I really enjoy attending Sauk, because of the fact that I can go to school as well as stay close to home, so that I can save money. The class sizes allow for the students to get to know the teachers, and feel more comfortable asking questions that they may have, as well as developing a relationship with your instructors, which really can come in handy, depending who your teacher is, with their understandings of when you may have emergencies and can't make a lecture, or do an assignment. Overall, I really do think that Sauk is a great school to go to, because the environment is one where you can learn and save money while doing it.
Coming out of high school, I knew I needed some time to establish some solid ground before rushing off to a bigger and further-away college than Sauk and that's exactly what this school has done for me so far. Not only does it save me money while I'm getting my gen eds and figuring out what path I want to take in my education, but it's really given me a good idea of what college is like compared to high school without having to be pushed way out of my comfort zone at a bigger, more crowded campus. At the same time, I knew going into Sauk that it wouldn't have near the same standards as a school like DePaul would as far as little accommodations here and there as well as how the school is organized, the quality of food, how nice the classrooms look, etc. since it is a community college. However, Sauk is ever-growing and changing for the better and it definitely has the necessities covered academically, and I'm glad I chose to come here.
Since the school is a community college and very small, you don't obviously get a "college experience" as if you were to go to a university. Since there are not very many teachers, there aren't very many classes with multiple teachers so if you have a problem with one teacher, that may be the only teacher for a required class. This has been the most difficult situation at Sauk Valley Community College.
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