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Sarah Lawrence College has a unique education system that consists of thirds, or three subjects a year. However, there are music, dance, and theater thirds that comprise of components that make up that third. Also, instead of final exams, most classes have conference papers, which are papers ranging from 20-50 pages on an independently researched topic in relation to the class. The professors here are incredible and despite the small size of the college, there are a lot of opportunities offered that a lot of bigger universities don't even have. It's a great place if you're used to having more independence as it is not a very structured school. However, if you're good with a more independent study feel, are open-minded, and love to write, this is the place to be.
SLC has great alumni, a surprisingly well rounded education for choosing all ur classes and also randomly being assigned ones. It's perk are it's faculty and proximity to NY even though it's closeness is frequently exaggerated. If you aren't from the Midwest, here for theatre, or for aesthetic, you're here because of academics. Do not come here if you expect to have a healthy social life. Academics aren't meaninglessly rigorous. It is a great place if you love art. People definitely misjudge it by the average salary of grads. The connections to jobs are excellent but most people decide to work as artists or activists. However, the party scene is abysmal and so as all of the food. The school will do anything for more money and neglects disabled students. DS is one person! The campus is inaccessible and so is Bronxville. I'm not saying don't come here if you're disabled, but the school pretty much doesn't want to accommodate you if you are.
If reading and thinking and writing and arguing is your thing, Sarah Lawrence may be your college. As I consider my years here, I'm inclined to say that this place has moulded me in a way I once would have scarcely imagined possible. I've been mentored by my professors, made friends for life, and the school's amazing New York City network has offered me internship opportunities that would be the envy of anyone enrolled any institution of higher learning.

SLC doesn't play the college ranking game and so the ranking gods punish it accordingly. But don't be fooled. This place is amazing. If you're the right fit for it, and it's the right fit for you, you won't get a better education anywhere, one that will leave you incredibly well-equipped for grad school, for life, for anything.

P.S. If you're a heterosexual male, btw, SLC could be a particularly savvy choice. Just sayin'... ;-)
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There are a lot of things about Sarah Lawrence that I love. The small class sizes, the dedicated professors, the passionate student body, and the conference work fit my academic and intellectual needs perfectly. That being said, the 15 credits cap can be limiting, there are members of the administration that are often indifferent and occasionally incompetent, and the infrequency with which most classes meet is frustrating given the high tuition and alienating given the limited options for alternative forms of socialization (there is no greek life and no student center).
The education is more than worth it if you can overlook the mediocre social experience. I would recommend the school to anyone legitimately serious about their education.
It's a great academic environment which makes it worth the price. Sarah Lawrence is a great place as it allows students to study a variety of topics without having to declare a major. The donning system is extremely beneficial and allows for the close interactions with professors, which is very unique.
It's basically tumblr in real life, which can be both good and bad. It's a pretty weird place, but it's lovable. It's certainly got it's flaws like everywhere else does, but overall, i'm really happy with my decision to come here.
The best thing about the place is the Donning program. But only if your don is amazing like mine. Otherwise, everyone has their head up their ass with no grasp on the real world. If you disagree with the liberals on campus, you're ostracized. SLC kids only accept the right kind of weird. The sense of humor on campus is juvenile and weird. Only a certain kind of person can go here. I think the place will be shut down in the next 10 years- it's going bankrupt.
I love the unique education system. They have a special liberal arts system that is completely their own. I feel free and conifident to pursue my own interests and I have plenty of resources to support me, as well.
I think it may be too easy for SLC students to graduate with a degree and be unprepared for the working world.
Courses are always interesting and proffesors are always approachable
SLC does have sexual assults but what I think makes our school better at handeling them is the transparency. As soon as the school gets notified of the assult, students get a blast email with information telling them what happened and where to go if they need support or have information.
Its a bit difficult to navigate at times, but it is still a great deal. ESP the all gender housing.
Athletics aren't a huge part of SLC life. They are definitely not as important as actual school work which I respect immensely. But students not involved in athletics can still use the athletic facilities which make promoting a healthy lifestyle on campus much easier.
I love SLC because of the insane amount of opportunities you get as an undergraduate that you would otherwise have to wait until graduate school to get. Things like research fellowships with professors and internships in the city make building up a resume so easy.
I think the college does great with dealing with sexual assault issues. The school is very progressive which means students feel very strongly about these sorts of things and always want to help anybody that has dealt with it.
The housing is very unique. The dorms aren't always traditional which is nice however they seem to be a little outdated but that is just part of the originality of the college.
Review Sarah Lawrence College
The gym isn't the best because it is fairly small and a bit updated. However, athletics don't have a big role on campus so students really mind
Sarah Lawrence is a very open-minded and progressive school. It's academics is like no other school in the country. It gives students the freedom to truly venture into their academics and take any class they desire. Students control their education and dive into their passion without any limitations.
SO many SLC graduates have their own wikipedia pages. One will most likely get a job before one even graduates.
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