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i go here to take more classes from my university in riverside. it is a great school, i just wish the staff would care more about their students rather then care about how many people are in the class. I don't mind the campus, there is not much food on campus, or areas to sit and work on homework. I did like some professors that i had came in contact with, and a few that i still talk to that mentor me through my university, and give me tips to help my education, and further my education into a graduate program, and soon get my masters degree in social work.
The campus is pretty nice and clean, but nothing really goes on in terms of parties. Don't know too much about the athletics but the faculty and staff is helpful and for the most part, competent.
What I have enjoyed about Santiago, is their passionate professors who are interested in educating the youth.
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Santiago Canyon College is a great school. Being involved with school clubs has helped me become more social and develop better leadership school. There are a lot of helpful resources at this school.
I would like to see more community and school pride/spirit. You do receive a good education while here; however there is no sense of belonging. I would also like to see more classes offered. The basic classes are offered, but classes like criminal justice, specialty science classes, and computer classes are not available or extremely limited. I would love to see more diversity in classes and subjects.
College campus is very clean. Santiago offers a lot of opportunities like EOPS. Classrooms are always fresh. Library staff are really helpful when I’m struggling on my studies.
Santiago is an amazing college for it has not only intelligent, dedicated staff but a wide array of unique and connected students. The student body in a whole is generally accepting and willing to help, all you have to do is ask. Same goes for the staff as they are truly one of kind! They must have been built in the back office or something! Such amazing people who are ready to help you succeed and achieve your goals! Highly recommend!
My experience was great at SCC, being a Kinesiology major I was offered so much help with all of my toughest classes both at the star center and at m.a.s.h. They helped on a walk in basis with my homework and many different concepts that were tough to understand.
great school small campus but also small classes with awesome teachers and lots of resources to help you succeed there and after.
A lot of help! The library is a really good place to study and the staff is really friendly. Teachers will make time to help you with any concern you might have.
It's the best community college for the location. SOoooooooooooo o o o o o o o ooo ooooo o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o oo o o o o
I love Santiago Canyon College and I enjoyed going to SCC for my first college semester. My professors were really nice and enthusiastic to teach the class. I am usually a motivated student but I believe a good or great instructor can really help students enjoy the class and enjoy learning, and it was my professors' encouragement that motivated me to work even harder and succeed in each of their classes. Thank you guys.
Note: DO NOT procrastinate on registering for classes for each term. It is better to register as soon as classes become available.
Overall, I had a nice experience at SCC and will continue going there for the coming semesters.
Santiago Canyon College is a nice looking school and they do have some good professors. They don't have the best math department, but their chemistry department is somewhat promising.
The campus at Santiago Canyon College is so amazing but small. Staff is amazing here. There is not much of a variety of food on campus but there are foods local enough to go to between classes. Great professors!
Biology majors are very cared for at SCC that they have a STEM Program dedicated to Science and Math. This program offers counselors that can help you plan your future in a career familiar to them and help students become successful in future classes
I've been going to SCC for 3 years now and I am very comfortable knowing I will get a great education and so will many other students joining this college.
In general, it's hard to speak on this subject, because for the most part, everything is fairly intuitive and simple, however there were a few things that were frustrating for me. Webadvisor is somewhat difficult to use, as you have to know the terminology and course number system fairly well and be very specific when using it. When registering for classes you have to do it a chunk at a time, as you can't display all the courses you're interested in, and try to work out a schedule, since it will time you out and make you log back in. Depending on how much demand there is for a course and how soon you register, you may be able to get classes when you want, but sometimes you will be stuck with the less favorable time or whatever time the professor chooses, if it's an uncommon class. Transferring credits was relatively easy, as the counselors have resources showing them equivalent courses for most of the colleges in California.
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There are a few options they offer for helping with starting careers, particularly with careers which do not need more than an associates degree. Most who attend here transfer to four year universities and are more connected to their university than their community college, so the alumni network is pretty minimal.
In general, the courses are straight forward and informative, ensuring that students have the tools they need to move forward in their education. I have rarely had an issue with getting into classes because the fill up. Oftentimes, the professors are willing to take a few more students than they really aught to, and many students drop in the first few days. If there is unusually high demand, sometimes the department will open up a course for those rejected from the original one. Class sizes are usually good, the largest one I had was around 100 students, and that was the only one that large. The teachers are usually pretty dedicated, and make sure to include and help as many students as possible. If a student makes a point to reach out to the professor, they are oftentimes willing to go the extra mile for those students, as well.
As this is primarily a school for transferring students, most do not graduate and immediately start work. They do have several internship projects they promote, but not as many as there should be. I see very little employers recruiting on campus, and the University fair tends to be Colleges that are common for students to transfer to, which are mostly local. They do have an effective transfer center, where the counselors are knowledgeable and helpful. They also hold several workshops to help inform and prepare students for transferring.
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