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The language department could use some work and their lab classes are far longer than necessary but overall this college is perfect for someone who is on a budget, transferring, or is currently a high school student taking college classes.
While studying here, I have only encountered a handful of professors who I had difficulties with. The campus is great and it is wonderfully affordable. Also, when looking to transfer to a 4-year university, universities from the other side of the country already knew of SRJC. Some STEM programs even rival those of highly accredited 4-years in CA, and the arts department is solid as well.
For people looking to go to school without having to transfer and to be able to work as well, SRJC is a great choice. There are direct career pathways in culinary, nursing, police work, and firefighters.
I have not attended Santa Rosa Junior College but I am interested in applying. I have gone to visit the campus and I think it is an amazing college and has a great campus with an average amount of students attending. Something that I personally liked about that college is that you are not required to live in the campus since they do not have a place for students to live their. Santa Rosa Junior College seems like a great college and it provides various courses overall.
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The Santa Rosa Junior College is an amazing school to attend. It is one of the best junior colleges in the nation. The school supports people of all backgrounds and cultures. The Santa Rosa junior college has also helped tremendously with our society by offereing several support programs to those who have been impacted by the Sonoma County Fires. They reach out in every way possible to insure that we as students know the school has our back 110%. I will forever be grateful for the services and education this school has provided for my peers and I. As we say is Sonoma County " The love in the air is thicker than the smoke".
It is an amazing school. The academics are great along with the campus. Everyone is really involved.
I'm an international student and have a great experience with Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC). I like the way the classes are small, this help students to understand the teacher and ask him questions. Students benefit close assistant from the teachers. SRJC has a lot of green areas on the campus which help me to study stressless. Many enjoyable events take place on the campus that helps me to meet with others. Plus, the school has international student programs that help me with the appliance of scholarships, and it also has counselors to help me with my school planning. Things I really like is that the international student department helps me find a good an affordable apartment in front of the school.
Dude, no. This school does not beat OCC. "Orange Coast College" I went to both. Now I transferred to a University. Orange Coast college is wayyyyyyy more modern, and has wayyyyyy more motivated professors with better services. Also all the libraries and computer centers feel super modern better than many Universities. Santa Rosa isn't bad, but they have many kookie weird professors. I had one throw me out of class because I took a picture of her slide "Mesoamerican" class. Just really save yourself the trouble and go to one of the best places to live in the world vs a farm. LOL.
I absolutely love Santa Rosa junior college and its many great professors. My experience with this school would have to be one of my most memorable school experiences ever. This college has honestly many incredible resources that many can benefit from and be successful .
My experience with Santa Rosa Junior College so far is excellent. The campus is absolutely beautiful and there are a lot of resources to help you succeed as a student. No complaint whatsoever although student parking is in high demand which has resulted in a few tardies for me but other than that all is well.
It is an affordable community college with great professors. Highly recommend. Professors are very kind and understanding. Can't find another good and affordable college. Santa Rosa Junior College has many programs to help out and make college free. If looking for the best community college in California, well here it is.
I had to transfer here after going to a four year because of life situations. They tell you to take certain classes, which you actually don't need, fun fact! All they want is more and more money out of you. The counseling office is a joke, they lie to you/are not helpful. They will also make you fight with the offices in order to get into the classes you should be in, in the first place(BTW, for reference I am a 4.0 student and they still don't trust my transcripts or intuition says) and to receive financial aid when you're a full-time student and working and have bills to pay. Again all a money game. Also parking sucks, you pay $60 in the hope of finding a spot; make sure to get there an hour and a half early! I would recommend going to a different JC because it will take you 3-4 years to graduate with only an AA here, but at other JCs you're done in 2 years like you're supposed to. Just go to a four-year college or just don't go at all.
What I really enjoy about the SRJC is the ca,pus. There are a lot of quiet places to just relax and be at peace.
I absolutely love the SRJC. The campus is beautiful. Tons of amazing shrubbery all over the place. The teachers amazing and are always there for you. They are very invested in their students and their education. The JC has tons of free help for those needing or wanting it. The one thing I would like to see fixed is the parking. It is terrible and takes an hour to find a spot everyday.
I have had a fantastic experience at SRJC. The teachers are all willing to help and want to help you succeed. I am a computer engineering major so I need to take a lot of math and physics. The Math and Science departments at SRJC are fantastic. Very difficult and require mass amounts of studying but I thoroughly learn all the material and I know I am prepared for when I transfer to a 4-year university.
The school is amazing and the counselors are amazing and so sweet and help you so much. So many resources .
I like the fact that this college is open to all students. In other words, you don't have to be at the top of your class. You don't have to go into debt to attend either. But, even so, this school is filled with professors who are committed to see you succeed. They are so knowledgeable in their subjects and they really care about their students. The atmosphere is fun and very welcoming to all. The community is also very supportive and pretty safe. It's a fantastic school! It's also a very picturesque campus. I can't recommend it highly enough.
I loved that the classes were challenging enough to so that you can think critically but not too difficult to where you feel as though you have to drop the course. The school needs to add more science courses because many nursing and dental hygiene students have to wait a couple of semesters until they can register for a course since these classes are always impacted.
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Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) is a phenomenal school, it has a massive variety of majors and learning opportunities. This may be a two-year college but it genuinely has a university vibe to it. The professors and staff are beyond welcoming and helpful, and so are the students. I'm very excited to see where my education at SRJC takes me. I'm certain that I'm headed towards success and an amazing career thanks to my choice in school.
I love Santa Rosa Junior College. The staff and professors are all extremely helpful and I have learned so much while attending this college. They offer so many services and resources and provide higher education to everyone equally.
I will be beginning my third year at the SRJC this fall. I have had a wonderful experience and have meet some great professors. A good college at a great price.
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