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One of the best community colleges around in the United States. A lot of money has been put into the campus and it shows, the library was my favorite. Great professors, great food, great public transportation (but terrible parking), friendly students and hard coursework. You need to really try if you want to succeed here and transfer, as in you can't just breeze by. There is no student housing. Good luck finding any, especially in Santa Rosa.
SRJC is a great school that prepares students to transfer to other schools or complete AAs or certificates and other forms of training for future jobs. After transferring to a CSU I was better prepared than my counterparts who had attended a university for lower division.
I love attending Santa Rosa Junior College. The education that is offered is highly competitive with 4 year universities and I feel prepared to transfer to finish my education because the JC offers these difficult courses that allow me to put my skills to the test. The campus is beautiful and the professors are available over email and office hours and often encourage students to come get more help. As an English major I feel that I have been given the same, and even more rigorous, work than those attending a 4 year but at an affordable cost which is important to me. Santa Rosa Junior College has been a great experience and has made me more excited to continue my education.
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Because I am an online student, and have been to the campus to register, I can honestly say that Santa Rosa Junior College is an excellent distance education school. I was able to take classes, good strong academic classes in subjects I always had interest in, all online. The staff of Santa Rosa accepted me into the college community and gave me all the encouragement to continue, despite having self-esteem issues. It is quite a shame there was that distance, but, they care enough about me. They care about their students. The President of SRJC wrote me a letter wishing me all the luck at my new school. I was able to take enough classes and get a 3.86 GPA, to be admitted to seven universities. The encouragement factor is the main reason, the return of investment is high. They want you to succeed. I had no problems with any of the professors, and worked my butt off to make my three years worth it.

- Danny
I definitely recommend the SRJC, there are many great professors who are committed to helping you succeed if you put in the effort to, great resources for those looking to transfer to a four year university, and a variety of courses to explore and discover what interests you!
My time at the SRJC has been great. There is a friendly environment there and helpful staff that want you to succeed. It is really easy to find classes you want and need to take to achieve your goals. There is also easy access to all the scholarships on the main a website and through the student portal.
Great community college. It feels as if you were in a 4 year university. The campus is pretty with a lot of green areas.
I love the SRJC the courses I am taking for automotive major are really informative and the teachers I've had so far are really helpful I'm glad I chose the SRJC over the technical school I was originally going to go to.
Santa Rosa Junior College is a great school with amazing teachers. They have resources and departments available for almost everyone and the counselors are great to talk to for any kind of advice or questions. This college offers many scholarships as well in order to help students get through their college experience. They even have a pantry club that gives away free food and supplies for students in need as well as food coupons. They are a small college with a lot of diversity which is helpful to creating bonds with other students and connections. The college also offers free dental cleaning to students through their dental hygiene program and access to free condoms, pain killers, etc.
What I like about Santa Rosa Junior College is all the resources they have to help you succeed like tutors, the flu shots, the free food, the different clubs, all the people you meet. The selection of classes and all the things I've never done that I've gotten to do.
Overall it's a great school, but has it downfalls like any other school-- the campus is beautiful, very diverse and if you willing to work hard you will receive the results you want
I live in Santa Rosa and I know many people that go there. It is a really great school that is very underrated. Many people think it is better to go straight to a 4-year college but I think people should first go 2 years to the SRJC, which will save a lot of money.
I started in 2008. I went here to save some money, as I had no idea which college would fit my needs as a student. Eight years later I finally got out. Between counselors not taking me serious from the beginning and teachers who didn't care, I did not have a great experience my first few years. As an older student I was given more respect. Sad that it took that long.
I love that they have two campuses. One in Santa Rosa, and another in Petaluma, much, much closer to my home. Having gone to a JC, and a University before this school, I really enjoy that SRJC has the best of both worlds. The Santa Rosa campus is larger, more University-like, while Petaluma campus is great for people south of Santa Rosa; which is a large group of students, me for example have taken a half hour drive from Petaluma to Santa Rosa, over-using gasoline, and the public transportation is not that great. While, Petaluma campus is calm, collected, smaller, where you don't have to walk 10 minutes to class. Much closer to a large number of students in the area, and I feel it is less stressful, not having to find difficult parking, finding the classroom on a large campus such as Santa Rosa, and being late to class because of either of these things.
Santa Rosa Junior College is definitely a school worth attending if you're looking for a 2-year college to attend. The teachers help you when you need it, the athletic coaches are very supportive with helping you get what you need, and the students are all very kind. The cafeteria makes some great food, and there's a Starbucks right next to it. If you're an athlete this is the place to go for sure.
I love the campus here in Santa Rosa, and all of the staff are so insanely helpful. My favorite things about Santa Rosa Junior College would have to be the tutoring center and the library. Both are fantastic resources that have helped me immensely with studying and getting the best grades. I really feel that the mix of support from all of the staff at the college and the environment surrounding the students is a recipe for success.
I do not have experience with this because I have not graduated.
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There have been a wide variety of times available for the classes I've taken. I am able to work part time and schedule my classes around work. Flexibility of curriculum depends on the professor. Some are more flexible than others, but if you prove that you are a good student, they will be much more accommodating. Signing up for classes can be frustrating if the classes are impacted.
The registration process for online classes is very easy. In my experience, I have had quite a bit of interaction with my online professors because they make some interaction mandatory. They have always responded in a very timely manner to emails. Peer to peer interaction is also very easy because there are peer forums for us to communicate.
I have had a great experience with professors and courses at this school. The core science classes for the nursing program are very impacted but you learn so much! The professors really want students to understand the material instead of just cramming for an exam. Most of the class sizes are relatively small, except for the online classes. There has never been a course I needed that was not offered at the school.
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