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I have enjoyed my time at the SRJC so far. All of my classes have been on the Petaluma campus, which is a lovely campus, and I have enjoyed them all. The teachers are wonderful; passionate and thoughtful, ensuring that their students have all the opportunities and information they could need, and are beyond qualified. I've taken art, philosophy, and astronomy (among other classes); each of my teachers gave fascinating lectures that truly inspired me.
The SRJC offers wonderful facilities, as well as consistent opportunities for its students. Though the student store has recently been having some issues with restocking, the school makes up for what it lacks in other ways. There are numerous clubs to choose from, events, and the like. The school is also dedicated to its students comfort and safety. For example, after the recent CA fires, the school offered help in practically every form they could to those who needed it.
Overall, I have so far enjoyed my time at the SRJC.
I love all of my classes and teachers. All of the resources for students are easy to find and readily accessible.
Santa Rosa Junior College has by far been one of the best decisions I've made when attending college. It has a great campus with a wide variety of people, clubs, and athletic programs. It is definitely a big money saver and you are still able to get the "college experience".
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This school is great they have all the help when you need it teachers are great I love going to my classes and learn everyday
Santa Rosa Junior College has so much to offer. I personally think that starting out at a Junior College is great idea. I should have done that first especially because I didn't know what I wanted to do. But you live and you learn.
I've been here for a semester and I got to say the school is great. The professors really care about what they are teaching. You can tell by how much effort they put into their lectures. The town is amazing. There's is something to do for everyone. The library is down-right spectacular. The smaller class sizes make it easier for you to have a relationship with your professors.
Throughout the years I have been at Santa Rosa Junior College it has been a really good experience. The teachers are great for most of my classes. I enjoyed my time here before I go on to transfer.
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I have spent a lot of time at SRJC. I have changed my major more times than i can count and I have never felt lost. The santa rosa campus is much older so the class rooms need some love, but they are starting to upgrade. the petaluma campus is amazing. there are video games, fun chairs and music always playing in the cafe
The Santa Rosa junior college is a great school. All of the teachers are passionate about what they teach and are always open for questions. Even when you go to their office hours they make it seem like they want you to do well in the class and understand the concepts they are trying to teach. The counseling office is amazing as well. I have seen multiple counselors and never had a bad experience. If you don't know what you want to do in school they make it easy for you in getting things set up so when you do figure it out you wouldn't have been wasting your time with useless classes. The library is great as well. they have many resources there for every class you can think of. Plus lots of the teachers will put the textbook on reserve there so you can check them out and still get class work done. This helps so much because textbooks can cost so much money even to rent. I have always been happy and pleased to go to my local community college and never have a bad time there.
Santa Rosa Junior College provides a diverse environment for those who want a unique experience. The campus is beautiful, however there isn't much of a social gathering within in. You really have to stay on top of things, there are lots of resources available however you need to seek them out, they will not come to you.
I always try to get classes at the Petaluma campus due to the horrific parking situation at the Santa Rosa campus. I love everything about the SRJC except for the Santa Rosa campus parking.
I really love how all of the instructors want to help. They want to see you succeed and love answering any questions that students may have. One thing that I would like to change is the safety about the school. I have heard stories about how insidents have occurred during or after night classes while heading to their cars or just to the restroom.
Santa Rosa JC is honestly going down hill. Used to be good back in the day but there a mess now. Nice campus but thats all they got going for them.
Nice campus and teachers are really helpful, there will be good teachers and poor ones just like any other college. This college, however, offers great tutoring centers if you're struggling in a class, tutors are helpful and patient. There is also a lot of diversity and the college offers really good programs such as Puente and many clubs as well.
SRJC has been a wonderful school and experience for me. I found the campus, professors, and quality of education on par with a highly rated four year university I have attended. The professors and challenging, fulfilling courses will prepare any student for their next step in education.
The flexibility in the class methods offered is great, but would like to see more options available online. As a parent who also works full time, having the ability to take more online classes, even hybrids, would allow for more of a balance in school, home and personal time.

The school and the administration performed amazingly under the stress of our recent wildfires, offering ongoing support to its impacted students with book replacement and other financial, physiological and wrap around services.
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Santa Rosa junior college is a great way to begin your college career! I’ve had an amazing experience, the instructors are very knowledgeable and the community of the college itself is very welcoming. The Sonoma County fires heavily affected many students and faculty and the college pulled together to have a fire relief fund set aside to help aide those who lost homes. It was heartwarming to see the college caring so much for its students. The financial aide here is amazing as well. I’ve gotten so much help from the school. The Doyle scholarship has helped me immensely for text book expenses. The instructors also show they care for their students and want to be there to help as much as they can. Some even flex their office hours to help suit your time and the instructors I’ve had are great about being available through email through all hours of the day.So if you’re looking for a great 2 year college this is definitely the one you should check out!
Wonderful teachers, great care in planning your future by councillors. Highly recommend going to this school. There campus is clean, well kept. Buildings are kept up well. This school is oriented and promotes students well being from the smallest to the biggest request.
Overall, I like the Junior College. It has good student diversity as well as good teachers. The campus food is very good too.
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