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Santa Rosa Junior College is a great community college. It gives you an opportunity to take classes that you’re interested in and want to actually take. The granduation and transfer plans are very clear and helpful, as well.
Flexibility in classes, on-line, Santa Rosa campus and Petaluma campus. Some of the teachers have been really good - you can tell they care. I have not had difficulty getting into classes even with very low priority, it seems like if you are persistent things will open up and teachers will add you. Some what of a commuter school though, which is OK for JC i think probably similar to others. The on-line portal works well to keep you connected and make sure you have all of the information that you need. Counselors are also good to help navigate the transferring process.
Enjoy the location and accessibility of classes. Just wish there were more clubs and programs, along with maybe more events to partake in such as concerts or festivals.
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So far at SRJC, my experience has been wonderful! All of the teachers are so devoted to teaching and prepping students to be prepare for their perspective careers in life. The community at SRJC is very uplifting.
This is a great college to earn an associates degree, or your general education requirements. Classes are relatively small in size so it allows for one on one interaction between professors and students. The curriculum is of high level so you will not struggle if you chose to transfer to a university. I would definitely recommend Santa Rosa Junior College for any student trying to decide where to start the next chapter of their education.
I have been at SRJC for a couple years now and have had a great experience. The quality of academics is very high and I have learned a lot and had many great professors.
santa rosa campus has good teachers and the learning can be very competitive. resources are ok for engineering but counseling can be quite confusing for some.
The SRJC has some very difficult courses. overall a good Jr. College to attend. SRJC has some good counselors but some don't really listen or take the time to understand and get you the fastest route to graduate. Most instructors are well prepared and provide great classes.
When I went to the Santa Rosa Junior College, I thought it was really small. When I went to get a tour of the campus, I realized that it was huge. I liked the school because the buildings are so lovely and clean. The thing that the college has is bus passes that you can buy and use throughout the whole year. Also, you can pay more for more months or years.
All the professors are caring and understanding. They all are passionate about what they teach, and truly want you to learn and succeed. Also, everyone there is so diverse and friendly!
The teachers actually want their classes to suceed. The classes are smaller and the teachers really engage the students.
I would say my time at Santa Rosa Junior College has been enjoyable for me. The teachers are very good, they inspire students and make learning interesting and fun. The campus is beautiful and is made up of creative and committed students. There are many resources available to students; such as tutoring, events, workshops, clubs, online tutoring, writing center, and the Doyle Library. The one criticism I have for this college is the assessment testing. I have a learning disability, however, I can write killer essays. But because of the time limit for the Enligh placement test, I was placed into a lower English class that resulted in 2 extra semesters of time and energy before I could take English 1A.
The workload is manageable. Often time classes fill up really fast so you have to wait for thee next semester to sign up. I take classes in the morning so there are not that many crimes happening but I often times get messages in the afternoon that the police are trying to catch or look for somebody on campus.
Excellent Teaching Resources and the friendliness of every staff. The Feed the bear program provides food support to students and the public and I find it very useful to augment my expenses.
This college offers a great Interior Design Program that I will complete within 2 years. I will be starting a new career that will fulfill a lifelong dream. I have a BA in Psychology from U.C. Santa Cruz and am a retired senior looking for a new adventure. I plan to put my skills to work by helping the recovery from the fires in our area in October 2017 and assist seniors in staying in place as they age. Without Santa Rosa Junior College, I would have to travel over an hour and a half and attend a much more expensive program. Santa Rosa JC is convenient and cost effective. I am very satisfied with this college and its program!
The only problem I have with this school is that it is in the middle of a city and the city is really crowded, there isn't any parking and the parking passes you buy for 60$ don't guarantee a spot, it just allows you to get into the parking lot.
I loved going to school and work here! I spent 3 years so far and it's great! The variety of classes and amazing professors. It a very chillax campus and a good community. I have made tons of friends here. I feel connected with the campus and I love the nature that surrounds it.
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Santa Rosa Junior College is a beautiful campus bustling with life and with activities. The professors are amazing and hardworking individuals who make every class interesting and fun. The campus is a safe zone where students are able to speak from the heart and know that they will not be judged.
Beautiful campus with great professors. They are very welcoming and easily approachable. The campus is also located in the heart of downtown Santa Rosa. tuition isn't bad at all and the Doyle scholarship practically pays for your first year. The Transfer Program is also a plus if you want to go to a 4 year after obtaining your GE. All in all a lovely college.
It’s extrememly overrated. They’re finally changing this policy, but they used to make you take a ton of remedial classes if you didn’t get into college level math or English, which would make it take several years to graduate. I have been here 5 years, but it is finally my last year and I can’t wait to leave. Everyone just wants to get out so no one cares about social life. There’s a lot of clubs but most are not very active, some clubs might even have less than 5 members. I wish I had gone to a different community college or a 4-year because this place is terrible and I feel like I’ve wasted a lot of years and missed out on a lot of my life here.
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