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It’s extrememly overrated. They’re finally changing this policy, but they used to make you take a ton of remedial classes if you didn’t get into college level math or English, which would make it take several years to graduate. I have been here 5 years, but it is finally my last year and I can’t wait to leave. Everyone just wants to get out so no one cares about social life. There’s a lot of clubs but most are not very active, some clubs might even have less than 5 members. I wish I had gone to a different community college or a 4-year because this place is terrible and I feel like I’ve wasted a lot of years and missed out on a lot of my life here.
My experience attending Santa Rosa Junior College has been amazing. From your piers, to teachers, to the staff everyone is just super friendly. The environment at the Santa Rosa Junior College looks amazing, and very clean. Overall you'll love this community college in every aspect!
I have gone to the Santa Rosa Junior College as a high school student through an early college magnet prep program at my high school. I have enrolled in 4 classes and every single one has been excellent. Teachers are engaging and show true passion for their teachings. From learning Political Science to History 17.1 all classes have been a pleasure to be in. But like most schooling homework and class hours can be a work load. Teachers are usually flexible to extend assignments if you ask with time. But besides homework and class hours it has been a pleasure to be part of the bear cub family!
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SRJC offers free tutoring, and free access to most textbooks and materials in the library. The counseling department helps set you up with what classes to take and pushes you in the right direction.
The campus at Santa Rosa Community College is a well designed and neat college. The campus is beautiful and smells very good thanks to all of the special plants growing around the campus. Playing football here at Santa Rosa I have learned much more about life and success than actual football, and it makes me very happy that I chose to come to school here. My brain has been filled with positive information about life from the Santa Rosa football coaching staff. I will be returning next year and getting my associates degree because of them.
My experience at Santa Rosa Junior College has been amazing. I feel welcome and everyone is friendly. The professors, that I had, show that they care about their student success and are passionate about what they are teaching. There is many learning communities, which I was in Connections, and it had helped my college experience really good. Something that I think Santa Rosa Junior College should change is to offer more classes at the Petaluma campus.
The SRJC has amazing academic choices for all types of careers. The campus is very safe and is placed very well within the community. The students are very kind as well as the staff and professors. Many people enjoy this college because of all the great services it offers. I would definitely recommend this campus to anyone considering starting a college career.
One of the best junior colleges ever!!! The teacher counselors and entire staff care so much about their students. It is easy to get in to see a counselor, and they allow walk-ins they will set up a whole education plan for you to make your life easier. The counselors are extremely hands on and helpful, they will register you for your classes and so much more. The school offers free food from local food banks every week for ALL students no questions asked, they also offer free clothing that has been donated. This school really cares about their student's success.
Definitely a commuter school, but if you want to get involved on campus you can. The professors all care about the students, and get to know you on a first name basis. Campus is very pretty.
Very nice campus and a lot of different opportunities. No onsite campus housing but Apartment Complexes very very close. Professors are either very great or shouldn't be teaching. It's either a teacher who's very dedicated to their subject and loves to share their information, or someone who just wants to be paid.
The Santa Rosa Junior College is a great community college located in Santa Rosa, California. It has many passionate staff members who want to see students succeed. It offers great education at an unbeatable price.
I had an awesome time at SRJC. They campus life was amazing and fun. They have so many different clubs and opportunities to succeed there, it amazing! All of my professors had some sort of experience at a four year institution. It's not a party school, it's more like a stepping stone school to get you to a good four year university. If you wanna succeed and be successful in life I high suggest this school. The opportunities that are given there are very rare at a junior college.
The Santa Rosa Junior College has been my home for the last 4 years. I have received government help to pay for my tuition and attend school at one of the most beautiful campuses I have ever seen. Many of the faculty have been working at the Junior College for several years and hold high standards of their students. I have had some of the most passionate teachers studying there. I wish they were able to fix their budget problems because so many people of all ages rely on the junior college in Santa Rosa. Several programs are being cut and I think that for the impact that this college has on the town, it should be better taken care of by the city government to ensure its place.
What I really value at Santa Rosa Junior College is the class to teacher ratio. Most of my classes at the two years that I have been there have had less than 30 students in them. This allows us to have a better overall experience in classes, from getting extra help on homework or the teacher simply knowing your name.
What I like about Santa Rosa Junior College is how diverse it is, as well as how beautiful the campus is. There are also a lot of programs like student counseling, free tutoring, as well as programs like EOPS which provide financial support for students in need. The professors have a vast amount of experience and education, which makes the experience great. If there is something that I would change about the campus is providing more parking availability and implement more student activities for the incoming students. It is a great campus that is right in the middle of the city, which makes it great for experiencing the location.
Santa Rosa Junior College has been a profound experience of mine. I am proud to call myself a student enrolled in the SRJC. SRJC provides a quality education at an affordable price. Professors and teachers at SRJC are highly skilled and educated. They do the utmost to equip their students with the skills and help they need to succeed. SRJC is rich in resources and opportunities for students.
I loved the Santa Rosa Junior college. It's such a warm and inviting place to be. the student and the professors are truly kind. Professors work hard to keep you on track and offer a helping hand when you need it. They just want you to succeed and it nice that a school actually cares about students academics. Also, we have so many tutural centers that are for free. Such as math and English we have workshops where you can meet with a professor and they will break down the problem for you or help structure your essay. At the Santa Rosa Junior College our athletics are outstanding and basically guaranteed a transfer to any college for any sport.
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SRJC have great teachers and an okay staff. I wish we could get involve in the student body more since I rarely see anything happens other than "vote ... for president."
Very satisfied with my experience attending this school. Made many changes to my academic path and was always helped accordingly and given the proper information that was tailored for my needs. Professors mostly seemed to genuinely care and enjoy their jobs.
I love the SRJC. It is a very diverse and uplifting community college. The staff and faculty are very knowledgeable and caring.
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