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What I like about Santa Rosa Junior College is how diverse it is, as well as how beautiful the campus is. There are also a lot of programs like student counseling, free tutoring, as well as programs like EOPS which provide financial support for students in need. The professors have a vast amount of experience and education, which makes the experience great. If there is something that I would change about the campus is providing more parking availability and implement more student activities for the incoming students. It is a great campus that is right in the middle of the city, which makes it great for experiencing the location.
Santa Rosa Junior College has been a profound experience of mine. I am proud to call myself a student enrolled in the SRJC. SRJC provides a quality education at an affordable price. Professors and teachers at SRJC are highly skilled and educated. They do the utmost to equip their students with the skills and help they need to succeed. SRJC is rich in resources and opportunities for students.
I loved the Santa Rosa Junior college. It's such a warm and inviting place to be. the student and the professors are truly kind. Professors work hard to keep you on track and offer a helping hand when you need it. They just want you to succeed and it nice that a school actually cares about students academics. Also, we have so many tutural centers that are for free. Such as math and English we have workshops where you can meet with a professor and they will break down the problem for you or help structure your essay. At the Santa Rosa Junior College our athletics are outstanding and basically guaranteed a transfer to any college for any sport.
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SRJC have great teachers and an okay staff. I wish we could get involve in the student body more since I rarely see anything happens other than "vote ... for president."
Very satisfied with my experience attending this school. Made many changes to my academic path and was always helped accordingly and given the proper information that was tailored for my needs. Professors mostly seemed to genuinely care and enjoy their jobs.
I love the SRJC. It is a very diverse and uplifting community college. The staff and faculty are very knowledgeable and caring.
The best part of this college is all the help and assistance you receive from the various departments and advisor's on campus. I would definitely recommend this school to future college students. I have been enrolled since last year and have flourished in Northern California.
The academics at SRJC are amazing. With small class sizes, you get to know your teachers very well and most times they really do care about your wellbeing and try their best to get you to pass their classes. But don't expect to get out in 2 years. It can be difficult to get into classes if you are in a low priority and missing out on one class can extend your stay at the JC. It's very difficult to be in and out in 2 years. But, if you are looking for a very affordable, enjoyable academic environment, the JC is perfect.
Great teachers, and a wonderful selection of classes. Very diverse student body and the facilities are fantastic.
I enjoyed my time at Santa Rosa Junior College, i am still attending here but with my time that i have spent here the counselors been very supportive and mindful. They help me with me education plans and the classes here and very engaging.
so far the 2 semesters I been there it's been great, the support and resources that are offer is excellent
I was pleased to find such a warm helpful team members and i felt so comfortable. I feel safe walking on the campus and its maintained very well. I would encourage anyone interested in returning to college after being out of school for so many years go to srjc you will fit right in no matter what age.
I loved the grounds. Rosemary wafting in the air reminds me to step back from the grind for a minute. Vibrant poppies blooming in the midst of cold, gray months promise that brighter days are around the corner. And when the sun warms it all up the smell of the oak trees and the moisture rising up from the lawn inspire me to get out and see more of this beautiful planet.
I am currently a freshman at this college and I absolutely enjoy attending this campus. The faculty are extremely nice and understanding of circumstantial occurrences that come up in life. Since the ratio of students to faculty are relatively small, this allows for a better relationship between professor and student as opposed to larger class ratios. I do really like the fact that the this college offers free tutoring for many disciplines such as the STEM classes, foreign languages, and English literature. The counselors try their best to help every student and the programs such as EOPS to help lower income students is very good at a campus like this.
I could not be more proud of being part of the Santa Rosa JC. The school has everything I could ask for and even more. Technology, academics and much more is great in campus and I just love to be there even if I have no clases at all that day.
The proffesors are amazing and really cherish their position as teachers to their students. The campus itself is always kept up really nice and makes a huge difference of enjoying the scenery of the campus.
Not only are the academics pushing you to your limits to create the best version of yourself, but also the environment and the students are incredibly supportive and diverse.
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Great staff overall, classes are difficult but rewarding. Instructors are generally willing to work with you especially if you work and pay rent.
The Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) is a great community college to attend. The campus is not too small, but not too big. The classes aren't enormously huge either. Overall it's a great environment, with great staff.
I had an amazing experience at SRJC. The staff is very friendly and always there to provide help, also students are very friendly. Feels like being home.
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