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Santa Rosa Junior College is an excellent 2-year college that offers a higher education at an affordable price. The Instructors and students are very focused on their studies. This college only lacks “college life”, but that may be because it is a junior college.
I really love santa rosa junior college. The college campus is beautiful and big for a junior college. My classes are great and I love my teachers. Everyone is always willing to help someone out which has been really helpful since this is my first semester. The other students I have met are great as well.
I feel like I'm getting a pretty good education here. Most class sizes are relatively small and the student body is very diverse. All of the professors I have had have been very engaged. You definitely can get out what you put in.
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It can be hard to find community in the Junior College, but the people here are wonderful once you find your niche. The faculty, particularly in the maths and sciences, are world-class and genuinely invested in the success of their students.
The SRJC is a great school no matter where you are in your academic journey. There are so many resources available to help students succeed, so its really just a matter of picking and choosing what would help you the most with your specific needs. Many of the professors here are also part time professors at top universities, so they prepare you well if you plan on transferring.
As the 7th best community college in California, Santa Rosa Junior College has a beautiful campus and many resources for students. The professors are the best and the people are really nice. This community college gets you ready for any plans you have after. They offer a wide variety of classes and new buildings have been constructed to expand their campus. I highly recommend this school.
The past university I struggled with getting a decent teacher. However, after attending SRJC I found that I like my professors a lot more. Every teacher I've had seems to care about the students success and overall happiness. The campus is beautiful too. I love all the history of SRJC and the amount of respect that goes around on the campus.
Great college totally recommend it! The area has lots of places to explore and the professors are incredibly helpful and well skilled in their professions.
Overall the JC has managed to meet all of my needs
Pros: all the professors I have had have made it clear that they are only there to help you succeed. While some of the classes, especially in the science department, can be very rigorous, there are many outlets for getting help.

Cons: I would say the main con is the parking situation. The JC has a very limited parking situation and most of the time you find yourself having to get on campus an hour early just to find parking for your next class.
I find the people at Santa Rosa Junior College very welcoming and I always feel included when I participate in activities on campus. The professors are very knowledgable, and actually care about your education, wanting you to succeed. The only thing I would say is a bit off-putting is the area, as there are some people who, especially at night, don't seem very safe. Other than that, the academics are very good and will help you achieve your goals
This is my first year attending the JC. by far I've loved it. all my teachers are kind and helping. There is a ton of diversity at the school. And everyone I've come in contact with is so kind. The cafeteria has all kinds of good food. my only complaint is parking i have to leave 2 hours early to get parking otherwise you risk being late to your class and have to stalk students who may be leaving.
BEST California community college ever!! First, the architecture, landscape and weather makes your college experience here is visually like an IVY league college like Yale. The education here is superb as well. Instructors are very informative in theoretical and practical knowledge of their subjects. They do not want you to leave this school with a proper education and a good head on your shoulders. DEFINITELY recommend this college 10/10!!!!
I enjoyed the SRJC alot, The diversity is really cool and I really enjoy the friends I made at that school. The only complain I have about that school is the parking. It's so bad sometimes.
Beautiful campus and great professors. The library is a great place to study, as are many sitting spots along the trails that run through campus.
I enjoyed all my time spent at SRJC. The campus, teachers, resources and price are all unmatched. I did not come across one teacher or staff that was not supportive and eager to help you succeed.
Santa Rosa Junior College is a very good 2 year college. Whether you are looking to transfer to a university or get a certificate, the SRJC is a very good place to be. Most of the professors I have had were very helpful and passionate about the subject they were teaching. They were easy to get a hold of and very understanding. There are also very useful resources on campus that have helped me succeed. For example, there is a Writing Center for anyone that needs help with essays and/or research papers. We also have a Math Lab where tutors are available for students to drop in whenever they need help with math. One of the services that has helped me the most was the Tutoring Center. It is similar to the Math Lab, but you can get help with math and science classes. You can even sign up for an hour of free tutoring a week for many subjects, like Chinese, Accounting, Physics, and many other classes.
You can find nearly any program here. They offer so many programs and majors. The Transfer Center is one of the best kept secrets around here. Use Rate My Professor and you'll find whatever style of professor best suited to your needs. So many different people here. You'll fit in and stand out all at the same time.
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Santa Rosa Junior College is an amazingly diverse school. There are so many helpful resources offered to students and staff to help them succeed. Truly an amazing community to be a part of.
Pros: Clean for the most of the college. The looks of the college are decent. Many programs to help students with scholarships, transfering, and general aid for student life. Better than average courses. Several top notch programs (like the nursing program). Good number of clubs.
Does not have an LGBTQ center! (Sonoma County has the second highest percentage of LGBTQ people in the county) Nonexistent Housing and dorms in a county that has some of the highest cost of living. Made cuts after the Sonoma county fires two years ago and still recovering. The cuts have definitely affected the quality and quantity of the courses.
Santa Rosa Junior College is an excellent school to begin your college career or even get a certification to further your career. I highly recommend!
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