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My experience at santa fe community college was amazing and i would love be able to attend this school because their culinary arts program is one of the best in the state because of their success on graduates. I've been to santa fe community college a few times to visit the college and all of the experiences have been amazing because everyone at that school is so helpful in so many ways. They want to make sure you understand what is going on in a particular department, they make sure everything is helpful for your use of education, they have many different departments for people so that people could pick the department that they are best in
The Teacher Academy is great so far. The professors do their best to create rapport with students despite being completely online for the majority of my cohort. The material is thought-provoking and relatable.
I am not really sure.
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My classes have had no more then 35 students. I also know from experience that the teachers and staff help students with their learning disabilities. All of my teachers so far have been very helpful and tend to be open in making appointments after classroom hours if a student is struggling or needs help on one particular thing.
Santa Fe does employee tutors that have been recommended by their professor. This is a great opportunity in this, but it is really hard to get recommenced.
Right now I am working on my AA Degree, but I plan on majoring in biology. I have start taking a lot of science classes and the work load is manageable. My experience so far is that the teachers really get into what they are learning and they can give you a better understanding to real life events compared to a text book.
Santa Fe College has a lot to offer its students. For starters the teaches love what they do and they tend to make the classroom light up. The staff is super helpful and a lot of the students are friendly. This college is my first choice, even though its not a fancy university, it still has a lot to offer its students. No matter what career choice you have in mind, you will always benefit in some way.
I have only attended this college from high school. I haven't had to transfer any credits yet. I usually take morning classes and have my job change and/or accommodate my school schedule. I am happy with the amount of classes offered and the different times they are available.
The online classes differ from the traditional classroom because it is all on-line and you do not attend the classroom setting. I liked the fact that I did not have to actually get up and dressed and go to class. I enjoyed the discussions with my peers and learning from our interactions. I enjoyed my on-line classes but did miss some of the face-to-face interaction. The professors were all nice and helpful when I had any problems.
I love that the class sizes at Santa Fe College are small. This makes the classes less intimidating and the teachers are all very friendly. The teachers make themselves available to help you in any way that they can, all you have to do is ask. I learn a lot in my classes and the teachers make the classes interesting. There is also a wide variety of classes available.
The teachers are very focused and knowledgeable in their field. They are helpful and the workload is do-able. I am sure if I needed or wanted internships or job opportunities that I would get all the assistance I needed. This is the only college that I have attended so I can not really compare it to another college but I am very happy with this college. I am proud to be a student at Santa Fe College.
Most of the teachers here are so nice and helpful. For the most, part they want their students to be successful. I have found that they will work with you and help you so that you can accomplish your goals. I have had to change an exam date due to going out of town and the teacher worked with me and let me take the exam with another class. I have also been to their offices to get questions clarified and for extra help and they were always very willing to listen and help me. I think Santa Fe College has some of the best teachers ever!
There is a wide variety of classes to take at night and weekends.
There are free tutors from the University of Florida.
The staff of Santa Fe are extremely helpful. They answer anything and everything.
The class sizes are very small. The professors care.
The application process was very smooth. Santa Fe staff helped me tremendously through the entire process.
Review Santa Fe Community College
The classes are designed so that the professors will dedicate their time to you and they care about you and your future.
Santa Fe Community College is unique because the classes are very small and it is also a technical school. Not to mention there is an awesome Zoo on campus.
Transferring credits was a very easy process.
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