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Small class sizes with excellent teachers who are always readily available to help you as needed. Great academic programs that are both challenging and interesting. Lots of extracurricular activities to get involved with. Tons of diversity and friendly faces. Great facilities and student resources.
Santa Clara university is one of the beautiful school I have ever seen with an academic aurora. Every student is lucky to have a opportunity to get a degree from this school. But when thoughts and speech are feared and shut down by your organization, maybe you shouldn't call yourself a university. You are more like a young adult daycare center.
I had an outstanding time at Locatelli hall, enjoying the special Multi Cultural Learning Centers 17 annual welcome event. Great people, great food, and fantastic entertainment by the Latin Heat Band!
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I've always called SCU as my second home. Every summer I can't wait to go back to the beautiful campus and hang out with the best friends I've ever met. My favorite spot on campus is definitely The Multicultural Center (MCC). Great vibes!
I am in love with this place!! The campus is beautiful and the people are very friendly and accepting. I am an international student from the Philippines, and I can proudly say that choosing SCU was one of the best decisions I have ever made!
I will cherish my undergraduate education at SCU forever! Santa Clara cultivated my mind, expanded my worldview, challenged my beliefs, and filled my spirit. Thank you for the greatest gift of all. "Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." -Aristotle
A fantastic academic institution—not only a university, but a community as well!! I’m an alumna ( B.A. and M.A.), and have alumni family members also. I attribute much of my professional success to the education and support I received at SCU. Go Broncos!
Overall, SCU has a wonderful environment and atmosphere and is a wonderful place to attend with incredible people. The professors are incredibly helpful and supportive, as they want you to succeed. Administration provides some challenges, but it gives students the opportunities to fight back and makes the changes they want to see within the college.
I love my time at Santa Clara University though it was not easy. As an alum is when you realize the power of Santa Clara, and can fully appreciate the Santa Clara experience, I would recommend Santa Clara. However, I do recommend a campus visit before deciding to attend.
Overall, Santa Clara is a great place to be for any student. Class discussions are vibrant and interesting, the professors really care about both what they're teaching and the people they're teaching to, the campus itself is incredibly beautiful (exploring is a really soothing way to spend a few stress-free hours). They also do a better job than most of taking care of students with dietary restrictions or other health needs, which shows just how much the administration cares about its student body.
SCU is an amazing and extremely special place. The academics are great. It's a diverse and supportive environment overall. There are so many opportunities for growth, both personally and academically. The campus is also beautiful.
I hate it but I still love it and I really want to graduate from here but I don't want to actually go through the 4 years here. The academics are off the charts but the social scene makes me cringe and on Santa Clara city sucks because everything is expensive.
An amazing place where work hard, play hard is embodied in every way. Students are eager and ready to learn, professors are dedicated to their work, and there are so many amazing ways to be involved outside of the classroom as well. One of the most gorgeous campuses I have ever seen as well!
I love this school, however, the social scene is a little challenging. Joining a sorority, though I didn’t want to at first, definitely helps this. Academics are extremely rigorous. Saying this, the professors are very accessible and want you to succeed for the most part.
SCU was my dream school as a child and I feel incredibly luck to have been accepted. It is very expensive and slightly uninhabitable at times when trying to find off-campus housing and food but I don't regret my choice to come here. The professors are amazing and care about the students learning. I wish I had more time to be in the school.
Santa Clara University has a wealth of knowledge and opportunity at one's finger tips. Unless student's are naturally inclined to being outgoing and seeking out places that they can make a difference in or even call home, it will take a considerable amount of effort to find the people and the opportunities that make Santa Clara University a most memorable place. Furthermore, Santa Clara University has very rigorous academic programs, so students should not be terrified if they receive their first end of semester report filled with low marks. Along with just showing up to class and external appointments, these meet ups offer students a chance for research opportunities, internships and even future careers.
There are a lot of opportunities on campus but many students don't know about. So it is important to always go out and look for what interests you on campus to take advantage of all opportunities the college has to offer. I enjoy the class sizes they are like high school class sizes. This helps get that one-on-one with the professors so they really get to know you and helps when students need to ask for letters of recommendations. The campus does have lecture halls for certain class sizes shrink and have another professor to help with the subjects taught in the lecture halls. Overall I really enjoy this campus and would recommend it.
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SCU is an interesting blend of Jesuit and Western values. If you are considering attending, make sure you fully understand what both of these mean. That being said, if you are wanting the opportunity to be heavily engaged in social justice opportunities around Bay Area, the school has a plethora of connections and partnerships. Whether or not the student culture is centered around that is another discussion, but it’s there.
I enjoyed being a student at Santa Clara. Not only are there a lot of opportunities, everyone is really friendly. The food sometimes is a hit or miss but overall it is satisfying enough. Sometimes I feel as if the classes have a lot of rigor to them but it just serves as more motivation.
SCU is a beautiful place to be and an exceptional educational experience. The campus is paradise and facilities are great. The community is wonderful and my I still hang out with the same people from my dorm after 4 years. It took me a while, but these have been the best 4 years of my life and I've had a wonderful experience.
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