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I love it here at SCU. There is an opportunity for anyone to find their interests and groups of people with similar interests. The school itself takes every action to help its students to be prepared for life past college.
Santa Clara is beautiful. Many clubs there. You will meet a lots of friends. You will love it, believe me!
I enjoy the weather here. The campus is very beautiful and so are the people. The class sizes are perfect and you can really get engagement from professors and peers. Great engineering program.
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I really like the small class sizes. The teachers know you by name and they make the effort to get to know you. The campus is really beautiful. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved on campus.
The campus is pretty. It’s like a smaller Stanford. The people are very nice there. I like this campus.
Overall excellent professors and really interesting courses offered. Safe campus with a variety of housing options. Santa Clara could improve greatly upon its dining options though.
I attended the school as PhD student. Now I am one professor in the school. So far I like everything in the school.
Good professors, great atmosphere. Amazing opportunities. A very comfortable place to be, if sometimes a little too comfortable. Not out of your comfort zone.
The Santa Clara University experience greatly influence(s) my life, including the Jesuit Philosophy. After high school I had planned to go to U.C. Berkeley. I am glad I went to Santa Clara first (later i went Cal for my MBA).
I like professors and courses here. Every classes have maximum 30 students and taught by professors, not teaching assistants, which mean you will receive more individual supports from professors.
People here are also friendly, and they are willing to help you when you get stuck.
Santa Clara is truly a place you can call home. All staff and teachers are very friendly, classes are taught by very educated professors and I have had no class larger than thirty people and I am a freshmen in lower division classes. Dorms are very nice, food is excellent with a wide variety, and the campus is beautiful. I wish that the cafeteria had more options, but the food they do have is very good. All around, Santa Clara is an amazing campus and college and I would recommend it to anyone.
So far, I love my experience at SCU! Everyone I've encountered has been friendly and the professors are awesome to talk to. The campus is beautiful and a perfect size. There are many resources open to students to help them out academically and with their career interests. If I were to point out any cons, housing can get expensive, the party scene isn't very big, and attending athletic sporting events isn't as common as other colleges. However, I still think SCU was the right choice for me.
The campus is beautiful with amazing professors. All students are very nice and friendly. In addition, the quality of education is very good. (The parties are also amazing... :) )
I've been at Santa Clara for only a few months and I already feel like I have a family. The people here are amazing, the local area is incredible, and the academics are manageable but challenging. Overall, this has been an amazing experience that I highly, highly recommend to anyone. Tuition is very high though and they look for any reason to fine so beware.
As a student coming from a local Catholic high school, most of my life my opinion about Santa Clara was that it was too close to home. Luckily I was able to look past this when it came time to choose a college. The campus is beautiful and it is perfectly located in Silicon Valley, a major bonus no matter your major.
Very good study atmosphere. Very beautiful campus. Easy to find campus job. Excellent job placement services. Best location in US. I want to go back gain.
It has a great campus feel, and all the students are very school spirited. They make you feel welcome. The class sizes are small so you have more one on one time with the professor.
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I really liked how all classes were very small in class size and taught by professors. It made me feel very comfortable asking questions in class. The people at SCU are all very nice and welcoming too!
There is a good amount of diversity among the students and with the staff. The professors and staff seem to have a good network and know how to get the right information to the right people. Most classes are well structured despite the time-crunch of a being on a quarter system. Although there is much support for first-year students/returning students, I feel that there should be more communication with transfer students after they have started attending SCU. As a student that supports themselves, I have found little to no resources on support for students like me. A work/study balance has been difficult to achieve.
I will be a freshman at SCU this year. However I attended my orientation and had a blast. Everyone is so nice and extremely helpful. There is so much support for students it is hard to fail. I highly recommend SCU.
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