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Absolutely loved the school as a whole. My favorite thing is how close I am with a bunch of my professors; I regularly converse with them outside of class and consider them friends as well as educators. They even sometimes go with us students to a bar! I would give 5 stars, but I had a few issues with my program in particular. If you plan on going here, check out your specific program of interest first, because the quality varies within each department.
I'm a graduate student, and although I love my program and receive support from my program itself, I feel slightly disconnected from the rest of the campus.
I have visited Santa Clara University many times, each visit being wonderful. Although it may be a small university, it carries a big impact and an even bigger student pride.
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Santa Clara University offers many opportunities for students to network, build lasting relationships, and participate in internships. However, I thought they would be more accepting of students who are low income and not turn stray them away.
Santa Clara University is a wonderful place to go to college. The weather is always nice and the atmosphere of the campus is always upbeat and positive. Everyone here is so engaged in the life of the campus and has so much school spirit, it's never boring!
Santa Clara is home. There is virtually everything that a student could be interested in offered at Santa Clara. Through the academic programs Santa Clara's goal is to create a well rounded student educated in multiple facets of life, both intellectual and social. Most people are incredibly kind and inclusive but you will always find the exceptions to those anywhere you go. Santa Clara makes you feel like you belong and is the perfect size for a college where you get to know the people around you without it feeling like you know everyone.
I am a freshman but I really like it so far. The professors are really focused on your education. The location is also convenient as there are many companies in the Silicon Valley.
I'm a first year, but the school is decent so far. The programs and resources available at the school are wonderful. Professors seem to care about teaching. Some business school professors seem to be very experienced and know what they are talking about. Excited to learn more about the school through the rest of my years here.
I would never recommend this school to anyone who is a minority. Extreme lack of diversity and inclusion. Minorities are merely a marketing tool at SCU. Academics are challenging, but ok. Professors are a hit or miss in regards to caring about students. Avoid administration at all costs, they are apathetic to students' needs and are unhelpful. Campus is pretty, no complaints. Employers in California appreciate this alma mater, not much elsewhere. Athletics are only big to those who care for it. Party scene is directly linked to non affiliated Greek life. Local area is boring unless you have a car. Dorms and safety are acceptable, you can get by. Campus food is no good. Student life is very present but hardly genuine.
Have you ever wanted to attend a college that instantly felt like home? Live in a vibrant community filled with people who actively want to make a change in this world? That is Santa Clara for me. A place where I instantly felt at home and fostered the idea of setting the world on fire. At SCU I was taught that critical thinking blended with social justice can make a difference.
Located close to San Francisco, close to Santa Cruz and the Pacific Ocean, and in driving distance to Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Big Sur, and countless others, SCU is the perfect school for someone looking for an adventure. If you choose to stay near campus, you still will always find something to do. Santa Clara University proudly holds the number one spot for most beautiful campuses in the country, and students take full advantage of the beauty. The weather is perfect all year around. Santa Claras specific colleges are nationally ranked and prepare their students for the real world. Many students receive job offers from top companies before even graduating. Santa Clara is a small but incredibly fun school. There is a club for any interest and a group for every student. The Jesuit environment of Santa Clara University promotes a general kindness around campus. Everyone is friendly and supporting the growth of their fellow classmates. There is truly no place like SCU.
Beautiful campus with great surrounding area but lacked stand out qualities from other Jesuit universities throughout the country.
The variety of courses is great and the professors are very good.
Being located in Silicon Valley, internships are abundant around the school.
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The school really tries to keep students healthy.
There are plenty of housing options and getting what you want is pretty easy.
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The Greek life is unofficial but is there if one wants to get involved.
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Nearly the entire school is involved from playing their sports, to organizing events, or just being a fan. Anyone can use the athletic facilities and they are of very good quality.
The students are very welcoming and helpful to new students. The faculty, staff, and professors were very informative and helpful as well. The campus is very beautiful as well and students have school spirit, which make it a very good atmosphere to live in. Additionally, being in the heart of Silicon Valley allows easy access to many internships.
It's minimal in the number of groups but it has a somewhat large presence on campus.
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