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It has a great campus feel, and all the students are very school spirited. They make you feel welcome. The class sizes are small so you have more one on one time with the professor.
I really liked how all classes were very small in class size and taught by professors. It made me feel very comfortable asking questions in class. The people at SCU are all very nice and welcoming too!
There is a good amount of diversity among the students and with the staff. The professors and staff seem to have a good network and know how to get the right information to the right people. Most classes are well structured despite the time-crunch of a being on a quarter system. Although there is much support for first-year students/returning students, I feel that there should be more communication with transfer students after they have started attending SCU. As a student that supports themselves, I have found little to no resources on support for students like me. A work/study balance has been difficult to achieve.
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I will be a freshman at SCU this year. However I attended my orientation and had a blast. Everyone is so nice and extremely helpful. There is so much support for students it is hard to fail. I highly recommend SCU.
It may get stressful at times but you can always find a community to help you through! Santa Clara chooses to focus on the individual student and always looks out for the little guy
I am glad to call this place my home
beautiful campus with lots of friendly faces all people i came in contact with teachers staff and students were friendly and their to help and genuinely seemed like they care about you which is super awesome just an amazing community feel.
SCU has a tight community where everyone cares about each other, in the future I would like to see more diversity
It's hard to make friends at Santa Clara if you aren't big into the party scene. I also felt as if the quality of professors was not worth the tuition I was paying. If you aren't in greek life, good luck making friends and getting into parties.
Santa Clara University is a small school with a beautiful campus. It is located in the heart of the silicon valley so there is a lot of opportunity to connect with tech companies throughout your school career.
As a current junior I've definitely grown to love the school but there are a few things that could be changed. The increasing cost is not the best and the lack of true student diversity is disappointing but this is met with great professors, small class sizes, an AMAZING campus, and being a 45 minute drive or 1 hour train ride from SF. Overall, it's been pretty great.
I love Santa Clara. It’s gorgeous and hard not to immediately love the campus. I have really enjoyed all of my classes and you can tell all of the professors really care about their students and want them to succeed. The food is good except there is not a lot of different options. Everyone is super nice and wants to be your friend. One thing I would change is the athletics. Because SCU teams are not very good, they attract very small crowds so for a sports fan it is hard to be at a school that doesn’t really care about its sports. But that’s a small price to pay for a school that is this amazing.
Absolutely loved the school as a whole. My favorite thing is how close I am with a bunch of my professors; I regularly converse with them outside of class and consider them friends as well as educators. They even sometimes go with us students to a bar! I would give 5 stars, but I had a few issues with my program in particular. If you plan on going here, check out your specific program of interest first, because the quality varies within each department.
I'm a graduate student, and although I love my program and receive support from my program itself, I feel slightly disconnected from the rest of the campus.
I have visited Santa Clara University many times, each visit being wonderful. Although it may be a small university, it carries a big impact and an even bigger student pride.
Santa Clara University offers many opportunities for students to network, build lasting relationships, and participate in internships. However, I thought they would be more accepting of students who are low income and not turn stray them away.
Santa Clara University is a wonderful place to go to college. The weather is always nice and the atmosphere of the campus is always upbeat and positive. Everyone here is so engaged in the life of the campus and has so much school spirit, it's never boring!
Santa Clara is home. There is virtually everything that a student could be interested in offered at Santa Clara. Through the academic programs Santa Clara's goal is to create a well rounded student educated in multiple facets of life, both intellectual and social. Most people are incredibly kind and inclusive but you will always find the exceptions to those anywhere you go. Santa Clara makes you feel like you belong and is the perfect size for a college where you get to know the people around you without it feeling like you know everyone.
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I am a freshman but I really like it so far. The professors are really focused on your education. The location is also convenient as there are many companies in the Silicon Valley.
I'm a first year, but the school is decent so far. The programs and resources available at the school are wonderful. Professors seem to care about teaching. Some business school professors seem to be very experienced and know what they are talking about. Excited to learn more about the school through the rest of my years here.
I would never recommend this school to anyone who is a minority. Extreme lack of diversity and inclusion. Minorities are merely a marketing tool at SCU. Academics are challenging, but ok. Professors are a hit or miss in regards to caring about students. Avoid administration at all costs, they are apathetic to students' needs and are unhelpful. Campus is pretty, no complaints. Employers in California appreciate this alma mater, not much elsewhere. Athletics are only big to those who care for it. Party scene is directly linked to non affiliated Greek life. Local area is boring unless you have a car. Dorms and safety are acceptable, you can get by. Campus food is no good. Student life is very present but hardly genuine.
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