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Great area, facilities, social life, and students, but the staff is very biased, close minded and bent on brainwashing their students with liberal doctrine. Very sad. Way too expensive for how little you will learn UNLESS you go into a legitimate field like business, science, or engineering. Ironically, a degree from scu is worth a decent amount however, it is still considered a “good” school. Just be aware of the extreme, leftist views of the faculty and admin, to the point of openly making the campus a hostile place for conservative students. Scu should take a serious look at themselves and start to foster a more neutral environment that is more accepting of free speech and the exchange of ideas.
I have been completely miserable at Santa Clara. The environment is bad, the students are insular and homogenous, there are hidden fees for doing anything on campus, the food is unhealthy and overpriced, 'arts and sciences' students are given bottom priority for course registration so my schedule has been consistently challenging, housing is horrible, crouded and overpriced, there is a massive drug culture, freshman are not allowed to have cars on campus so you can feel very trapped during your entire first year, the city of Santa Clara is increasingly depressing, it is hard to get in contact with/get help from various departments on campus like housing or registrar so often your questions and concerns go unanswered, the admin is unhelpful and seemingly uninvolved with student life, and the list goes on. Overall don't come here if you value being at a school that respects you as a student and as a person. I could not be more happy to be transferring to a new university in the fall.
Beautiful campus but housing is so expensive and competitive. It can be a real distraction from academics when you fear being homeless.
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If you come from a private Catholic high school this place will probably feel very familiar right away. If you don't, it may take some time to adjust to the culture and attitudes of the people here. Regardless it is called Claradise for a reason.
I am not attending this school currently, but from what I heard, this school is good, but it's also expensive. I suggest that you apply more than ten (10) scholarships.
Over the course of my several visits to my future school's campus campus, there was not a singular moment or thing that convinced me to attend, rather an overall sense of being at home. The more time I spent on campus the more comfortable I felt and I could not see myself anywhere else. It almost seemed as if Santa Clara University was tailored just for me.
I actually don't go here but my friend is! Penn State isn't on this list but that's where I'm going and I love the school and what it has to offer LOL Sorry this review doesn't help. senior year = procrastinating.
Santa Clara has wonderful academics and faculty, but there is not much to do around campus on weekends besides study or party. The campus is beautiful, and small enough to get around easily, but there is not much diversity in terms of student financial background. I found myself feeling out of place or awkward around my friends who had more money than I do.
It is a gorgeous campus with tons of opportunities locally and abroad! Definitely check it out if you are interested in smaller schools with a personal connection to your professors!
Santa Clara University has a wonderful campus with friendly students. The gym is put to good use for sports and is very nice overall.
Beautiful campus. The facilities are amazing. Class sizes are small which creates a personal learning environment. The school emphasized social justice and environmental consciousness.
Santa Clara has plenty of resources and is very good about supporting its students–if you want to make something cool happen, you'll be able to find support in faculty members, fellow students, and the administration pretty easily. That being said, a significant reason for that is probably because not a lot happens. Student body is incredibly homogenous, disingenuous, complacent...these are not people who like rocking the boat (unless it lets them look like edgy progressives, but they'll definitely be posting about how they participated in the 'latest protest' on social media). Student body and location are my biggest complaints. Location is VERY lackluster, and if you don't have a car, you're gonna be bored AF. School support/resources and alumni network are probably biggest boons. My professors have been amazingly kind, supportive, and encouraging.
I love it here at SCU. There is an opportunity for anyone to find their interests and groups of people with similar interests. The school itself takes every action to help its students to be prepared for life past college.
Santa Clara is beautiful. Many clubs there. You will meet a lots of friends. You will love it, believe me!
I enjoy the weather here. The campus is very beautiful and so are the people. The class sizes are perfect and you can really get engagement from professors and peers. Great engineering program.
I really like the small class sizes. The teachers know you by name and they make the effort to get to know you. The campus is really beautiful. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved on campus.
The campus is pretty. It’s like a smaller Stanford. The people are very nice there. I like this campus.
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Overall excellent professors and really interesting courses offered. Safe campus with a variety of housing options. Santa Clara could improve greatly upon its dining options though.
I attended the school as PhD student. Now I am one professor in the school. So far I like everything in the school.
Good professors, great atmosphere. Amazing opportunities. A very comfortable place to be, if sometimes a little too comfortable. Not out of your comfort zone.
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