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Academic flexibility was very good here, the classes are on a semi-set schedule so once you get in a groove it is easy to flow through the program.
The online course I took (Spanish) was not a great experiance. The study load was high (assignments, quizzes, reading, listening) but the overall testing was poor. To be fair, learning Spanish without speaking any of it to anyone in the class is a pretty poor model for language acquisition... I learned a bit about grammar but the course was obviously designed by a language major and trying to figure out what a "past participle" or "conjugation" is/does in Spanish is niegh impossible because I didn't know what they did in English! I ended up using the Doulingo app to get through the class (which used NO fancy grammar words).
Facilities are about average, desks and chairs are fine, school desktop computers are unbelievably slow, wifi is pretty slow too unfortunately. I do like that the projectors are aimed at white boards making slide interactions much more valuable.

The general ed courses are weak, the instructors seem to parrot info from the book/slides and don't display a deep knowledge of the course material, however the job placement courses are solid for young students heading out into the workforce as is the course on goals and stress mitigation.

Workload is average for a student with a full time job and probably low for a student without a job.

They seem to provide decent access to job fairs and opportunities but I do not actually know any students that have gotten jobs or internships from them.
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School is aimed at moving lower income students through the system and into jobs. They seem especially well focused on nursing students. The school is technology focused and issues Kindle tablets for all students to download textbooks instead of using physical ones. Conversely, the wifi is slow and the desktop computers are terribly slow...

The general ed teachers are hit or miss, all seem interested in their students but most seem to just read the powerpoints rather than have a deep knowledge of the subject.
I love it and got used to it sometimes the assignments can be tough but its part of learning reaching out for the challenges.
The only computer I use is mine to do all my work since my classes are online.
Difference is that I get to do everything from my home because my college is online.
At times my frustration comes when I have to do hw and othe things in my house and I don't have enough time. But the classes that I get have helped me a lot, I have learned a lot about children and the cause of their reactions and needs.
As far as job I hope that I qualify to be a teacher assistant or become a preschool teacher.
Financial aid is great it has helped me, but after all I still have to pay a lot. My father doesn't make much money and my mother doesn't work and its a big pressure to know my debt will keep growing. Overall the financial aid staff helped me on filling out all my paperwork.
I cant see how my classmates are because my classes are online
To me its a great advantage since I can't drive myself to a campus school and I also can't walk since I had surgeries regarding a problem that I have with my legs. Assignments are well calculated and the work I get is fair enough its not a lot nor a little and even though its online I have learned a lot from it.
I do my classes online but, if I have a question my professors give us their email and phone number to contact them I usually just email them and they reply very quickly. My school is mostly associated with business
I love children and I will get to have fun in my future job and learn about the childrens growth development and what attributes their attitudes.
The resources on Campus are great they have student center so you can get help with homework. Also they have studies groups and they also have a compture lab so when you need to go online for homework or class work.
I have honestly not taken any online courses with this campus, therefore do not know how to critic or give insight on them.
We are given our class schedules every term. We do not choose, they are chosen for us. The professors are great, and they do care about our success in their classes as well as with our whole education/future. As I have mentioned several times, everything is very fast paced so the workload is pretty heavy but do able. Our campus, Santa Barbara, offers the AA Medical Assisting program, BA Medical Assisting program, AA Business program, and BA Business program.
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Medical Assitsing program at SBBC-Santa Barbara campus is a great program. It is very fast paced and the workload is heavy and demanding. The campus' career services does great with helping with the beginning of an externship process, as well as with the during the two months duration of it. The campus is also great with allowing us to volunteer at local health fairs. This gives us the great opportunity or interacting with many health care providers in our community and even having the chance of bonding with them. This allows us to already be putting our names out in the health field even before being able to really work in it.
The school is very pricey $33,000. Financial aid is set for the whole time you will be attending college during the registration process. So you do not actually have to meet with any financial aid advisor throughout your program. There are constantly a lot of problems with technology, we never have all the books arrived at time so it either sets our classes back a day, two, or sometimes even a week. The experience with financial aid was an easy one, it wasn't necessarily stressful or confusing. It was pretty much straightforward, walk in, watch powerpoint, take test, sign paperwork. While the education is great, I find myself not getting the money's worth, and constantly hearing that same complaint from many students around me.
Students are very career oriented. Most if not all have children and their own families to look out for now, so they are very focused on achieving the ultimate goal of learning and graduating. The campus is very diverse, and there foreign exchange students. However the medical assisting program is basically all female. You do however build strong friendships with those in the same program as you and it feels like a second family because you do spend a lot of time together as well as have to really trust your classmates.
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