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Santa Barbara Business College - Santa Maria Reviews

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The tuition may seem scary at first but it is ALL worth it! I do not regret picking SBBC. The staff takes time out of their day to make a conversation with you, this makes me feel like I am important. Second of all, the instructor makes sure students understand the material before moving on and still manages to stay in task at the end of the course. The dean, the clerk, the financial aid.. are always in a great mood!
the job prospects are looking great especially for my major because technology is growing very fast and it is creating a lot of jobs. the career center is amazing, once you graduate they help look for a job and ask you if your interested in their findings before they sent out your resume.
my experience overall has been great and being an online student gives the flexibility i need to work on my own time. as far as transferring credits, i am a first time student, so this does not apply to me.
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the financial people are great and they explain everything down to the very smallest detail. the tuition i am going to pay is a bit high but it is worth for the education i'm receiving. one tip i have for anyone who goes here is don't hesitate to apply to as many scholarships as you can because you will need the extra money to pay your tuition.
workload is very considerate and they give enough time to complete it. the job opportunities in the network administration field is truly endless I mean you can find computers in almost every job market that need installation and maintenance work.
the professors are great and they are very knowledgeable. class registration is great because they do it for you so it is guaranteed that you will take the courses you need, they just give your schedule and that's it!
for being an online course the only resources we have are academic ones. for example, we have our own online library where we can find countless articles of all sorts. we also have our ebook library to access our course books which is very interactive and it lets you do a lot more with your books.
the interaction between students is great. we have daily discussions on topics and we have a virtual "coffee shop" where we can chat between students and professors make themselves available to students as well. we have a lot of online resources to help with assignments and online tutoring is available too for extra help.
The great majority of the student body at my school are females. the most popular programs are nursing and criminal justice. there are absolutely no acceptance challenges at this school. Economically, I would say most of the students are middle class independent young adults.
My experience at school has been incredible! My favorite class is math, and I am learning a lot of new things for my accounting class which helps so much withy career and the path I am following. I am one step closer to my future everyday by going to this fantastic college.
The campus is great it's small and closed in so I feel very safe. I like there bathroom facilities they're clean and never filthy. The campus itself is great and the staff and teachers always help out.
The schools financial aid and tuition is expensive but it is worth the money. I am getting my money's worth and I am going to succeed.
The student body is great. Everyone is friendly and gets along great. Nobody judges or anything it's a calm and peaceful school.
This helps us be able to get part time jobs also let's is look at our grades online also homework. The College is amazimg.
The academics are great they offer scholarships to people. Also pass out awards to students who have good grades they care about us. And help us succeed.
I have learned so many incredible things that will help me in the real world with my career in Business Administration.
It's very helpful to all students. Teachers and staff are amazing
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It's great the computer labs are always helpful.
It's a great school it's small but the teachers really do help you on one on one communication and help get the work done.
its only five minutes from my house
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