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I truly love how Santa Ana College is the only college of California that offers guaranteed admission to CSUF & UCI. That is why I enrolled myself there to further my education when I am ready to transfer and this is the school that will forever be grateful for.
Santa Ana College is a great school to explore what you would eventually like to study. The counselors and administration are all excellent and professional who really want to see you succeed.
Sac has helped change my life. I am onto my 3rd year attending. I have a full time job and have managed to earn my a/a by the end of this 3rd year. The classes are flexible and they have many options. Parking is fine if you arrive early, and there is plenty spaces.
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I came from a previous college, which was self dependent study and not much focus on the student from the professor. Some courses here are the same, but I was impressed with the quality of education here. Experienced professors and relevant material focus to work situations. Looking forward to future courses here.
Santa Ana College is a really affordable community college. The classes are challenging enough with moderate to strict professors depending on the class you are taking. The classes feel like what you would get if you were taking them at the university or state college level, so you are being well taught despite the prices and the fact that SAC is a community college. There are a variety of clubs and various student activities. The faculty for the most part is really caring and wants to see its students succeed.
During my time at Santa Ana college I became more independent and more involved during school. I wanted to put myself out there and I got involved in extracurricular activities and became student body president. The teachers are super friendly and kind and they care about how you are doing in their class. they are very welcoming during office hours.
I love Santa Ana College. It is very easy to go there and affordable. The only problem i am having is finding my classes available in the afternoon. Most of my classes are only available during the day so it is difficult to take some classes while working full time.
A school that is variable from social major to science major. Highly recommend for student in Orange County for AA degree and transfering program to 4-year university.
Over all my experience at Santa Ana college was wonderful. The staff are helpful and nice. Professors are welcoming
and always looking for the best interest of the student. There are different resources and services available on campus.
I am about to finish my first year of college. So far I got really good professors this year. During fall semester 2017 the campus was under construction so it was kind of difficult to get to class because some walkways were blocked. Once the construction was done it's now a lot easier to get to class and it looks really nice. The securities make sure that the students are safe so pretty the safety in the campus is really secure. The professors care about their students and make sure that they will accomplish their career. The counselors are very helpful as well. There are places in the campus to get tutoring for any kind of class, there are workshops for scholarships, and there is EOPS so one can get their books paid. This college offers a lot of help and I strongly recommend this college.
I love the way there are different departments that can help you with your major. There is so much to explore at Santa Ana College, from the library to the schools sports events. There are also places where you can quietly do work when you don't want to be inside a building. Another cool experience, would be the variety of food we can choose from. There are several food trucks that come to the campus and also the small stores have varieties of snacks and meals.
I'm about to finish my first year at SAC, and it has been an amazing experience. The school has so many opportunities that people don't look for. I've been able to visit 4 UC's up north and am planning on taking a class at UCI this summer. I recommend for people who want to go here to sign up for EOPS and U-Link. The Transfer Center is there to be used, so make to use your resources. FYI I'm a 1st generation undocumented student majoring in Linguistics and Psychology!
Santa Ana College is a good school although the campus and some of the professors need a lot of work. The lack of a cafeteria is inconvenient, luckily there are restaurants nearby. Also, all the construction going on is downright annoying. It's hard to understand how they can afford to have so much construction going on but they can't fix a stall in one of the women's restrooms that instead of a door has a shower curtain.
Diversity and endless opportunities is the best way I can describe the benefits from my experience at Santa Ana College. Throughout my time here, I have established many connections with students and professors. Because of this, I have had many job opportunities within my legal profession and have always had people whom I can discuss certain class topics that assist me in obtaining better grades. The biggest advantage for me is that many night and online classes are offered. This helps me a lot because I am a full time employee and have been able to be a full-time student as well. The flexibility has allowed me to better schedule my study/homework sessions. All the resources made available to students gives me or anyone in attendance no excuse of failing and not transferring. Due to what I mentioned above, I will be obtaining my Associates Degree in Psychology this June and will be transferring to Cal State Fullerton.
Overall this campus and the professors have been extremely in being able to provide for their students. Offering free resources for many subjects as well as having office hours for any help from professors. Students are very friendly and campus has recently been remodeled and will continue to be remodeled for the upcoming years although the food offered on campus is not so good.
I really like the fact thatthe come provides many students centers. The college really does care for its students and their futures. They have programs like financial aid that students can join ( of course, the students must pass the requirements to join).
Most of the time I was there the college was under construction. It started in 2016 and it is still under construction so that stunk. Education was a hit or a miss. Some professors were amazing and other downright were not good. I would recommend the college though. A lot of open classes and overall good people.
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I like that Santa Ana College has so much help in plannig our future. Success is one of their number one priority and they try to help in any way they can. Santa Ana is a community college that offers so many educational programs it gives everyone an opportunity in succeeding.
The school provides many resources for the students that are extremely useful. The staff is friendly and are always there to help. There are many places on campus that are useful for the students, in terms of helping them to succeed. They offer many opportunities to aid the students to succeed in their classes. Also, they provide support and assistance when the students are in need of it. The tutoring programs they offer are free which saves the students money and help them improve in their classes.
It's a good community college. Not too expensive and a good education which is why I went. Graduating this semester and I've liked all my professors out of my many classes except for two (art history professors). The campus food isn't that great, but there's a subway, chipotle, starbucks, and in&out pretty close by. Campus was under construction for a long time, but it's shaping up now. In all though it's a good starting point to transfer to a university later on.
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