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I have the opportunity of being a student at Santa Ana College. What I like the most is the dedicated faculty, staff, and easy access I have to resources such as: financial aid, career advising, and different student organizations. However, Santa Ana College needs improvement in having more night and weekends class schedule. As well as more parking structure, its always a challenge and mission to find a parking spot easily.
I have has a very good experience at this institution. It has recently gone under construction for renovation and new buildings which will only make it better. It also has a very diverse campus.
Santa Ana College is a small and welcoming college. This college has a variety of classes available and the professors are always willing to help. I have met professors at this college who have responded to emails within 12 hours and are more than willing to meet after or before their office hours to answer any questions. The only down fall of this campus is the current construction. They are expanding the campus and because of that there are very minimal walk ways available. It does take longer to get from one end of the campus to the other now, but the education received here makes it worth it.
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I LOVE IT!!! So much support and diversity ! The professors I have had so far have been so supportive and charismatic! They have so many clubs and programs; The plans for AA's , Transferring, or Certificates and a pain but are worth it at the end. It's one of the best community Colleges you will ever go to.
It has been a good experience in visiting this college, the campus is getting better. One thing they should changes is to have more security.
Everything was all right other than the fact that the welding instructor would not let me in the welding class. Even though there are eight seats and only six students per class and I was number one on the weight list. I think some teachers tend to get negative and find a reason to pick on me sometimes because I'm tall and strong. Most of the time I find the instructors to be very helpful. I am very grateful for the teachers that have helped me understand how to read to textbook. It is so difficult to understand the text. And I am very thankful for that.
So far my experience at Santa Ana College has been great. If there's anything that stands out here is the profesors. They are truly caring, understanding, very knowledgeable and full of experience. They are there to help you pass their class and essentially succeed. The campus is currently under construction, it doesn't affect my studies so I don't mind. I've met many great people here. The students are diverse and are also willing to help and work with one another. The location is perfect, starbucks, target, cvs, taco bell, carls jr, McDonald's, mexican and Chinese food along with frozen yogurt are all across the street.
This community college is great. Right now a lot of it is under construction which has kinda displaced some facilities from where they usually are but they are easy to find. The professors i've had are easy to work with and can help you with anything you need when it comes to asking them a question about their class or where to find a building or office.
Santa Ana College is a great college especially for graduating high school students that would want to have an affordable education at a community college before transferring to a 4 year institution. Every Professor at this college really wants to see their students succeed and transfer. Classroom size is typically 40 to 1, with the Professor always being available to answer questions from students. And there's so much diversity as well with the growing International Students Program, the college has been slowly becoming more and more diverse. What I would like to see change is that they hurry up with the construction around campus!!! I hate having to walk all the way around campus just to get to my class. I'm honestly really proud of my college, it's changed so much since I first came. Good and bad ways. Like how they also started a program where incoming freshmen who graduated from a Santa Ana high district can get their first year at the college free!
Santa Ana College is the greatest source of education center introduced into my intellectual inspired life. I am absolutely amazed and honored to be part of Santa Ana College. This is a great responsibility to be demonstrated with incredible over achieving passing grades. The overall feeling of freedom experience is sent throughout campus allowing my feelings overwhelm the state of mind above expectations. Future goal accomplishments, will show absolute greed, allowing positive energy acquire pleasured within my soul.
It can be difficult to get the hours you want for your class so you will have some big gaps between each.
Personally, I prefer to take courses in person rather than online
The school offers many opportunities and offers help for your courses.
Overall it was pretty easy to sign up for classes however, I there were some slight complications.
It's quite difficult as it is competitive , but there are many clubs and programs for anyone interested in nursing.
The staff here is amazing , but a major con about the school is that it is always under construction which makes it difficult to get to classes.
The school is very convenient when it comes to the schedules.
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The school offers internship programs and many more opportunities for their students
Professors are great and help all students learn and participate in class
Everyone is so great, especially the professors. I am having a really great experience here so far.
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