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Here at Santa Ana it feels like a community. It feels like home. The professors , the counselors , the staff in general really care about you. They’re helpful and they provide many resources for us students.
As an international student, becoming a part of Santa Ana College community is one of the unregretful decisions in my life. I have been here for two years now. Even though we do not have posh buildings, we have all of the kinds of program that can help you to be a student that more close to your goal, helpful professors who might be your life guider, supporting friends who always get your back. Santa Ana College does not that much reputation than other colleges, but it is the best college in my view.
I really liked the teachers and the classes that I have had there. There are also a lot of programs that help all kinds of students whether it be academically or financially. Overall it's a good school that really helps their students get to where they want to go.
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It's very dirty. There is always trash all over campus and the bathrooms are always filthy and undermaintained. They do have good teachers and a good veterans program though.
I liked that it was not a big campus, so I felt like I was always able to get help with financial aid, or counseling real easily.
At Santa Ana College, Professors are very helpful and want you to be successful. The Professors want you to transfer to a University after you finish at Santa Ana College. The Campus is nice and maintained.
Santa Ana College was a wonderful experience for me, and everyone else I know that has gone here throughout the years. I am so glad that I got to go to such a great college to get my associates degree. What really stands out at SAC are the professors. They are supportive, caring, and want to see their students succeed not just in class, but in life too. The college also offers a lot of different programs to help students succeed, along with easy to access math, language, english, etc tutoring. The biggest complaint I had was the construction, however a lot of it is done now and the campus looks quite nice.
Great Community College! Their nursing program is one of the best programs in Orange County. Its very competitive to get in. Many of their professors really want you to succeed.
Professors at SAC are enthusiasm and professional in their fields.
They have many good activities for international students.
Professors are great, school is being remodeled so it's a bit crazy right now but once it's done it will be great.
I was skeptical of being part of community college, however, it opened my eyes to the enormous opportunities they have to offer.
I've graduated from a university, but I had no idea on how to look for a job. The university prepared me to be a better student, but it did not prepare me on how to survive in the real world.
Santa Ana College has programs for me to be involved by becoming a paralegal. It is arranging me to start and prepare for a future career. I am grateful to them for helping me start my journey.
What I like about Santa Ana College are the professors and the counselors. They help you with any questions you may have and genuinely care about their students.
Teachers that actually strive to help in your education. Will definetly refer friends. Great programs and flexible class schedule.
I have my friends study in this school. They say it is good school for study because most of techniques are new and they just remodel, so it looks very nice. The professors are nice and friendly, and they will always help you if you have any problems in class.
Is the best college in California that offers degrees about automotive mechanics and the program really opens opportunities for their student so that we can succeed.
I enjoy Santa Ana College. They offer many programs that are resources for financing college expenses, transferring to higher education, and overall well-being of its students. Some of these programs are EOPS, CARE, Transfer Mentor program, and the list goes on. However, something I have not enjoyed about SAC are the unending construction sites, but other than that, everything is good.
I love the school and love the teachers! The counselor's in these schools are fantastic, I have now have planned my whole entire year at college and to the future as well.
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It's too crowded, the coffee always burns, and the food hasn't changed. classes are not in the same area you have the campus then you have the Media center looked on Bristol and Edinger, which is rediculous.
Professors are great and willing tk belp their pupils and see them be successful in life and thrive.
I am in the Music Program and there is a lot of support for you to succeed. The same goes with my general education instructors. In each class, the only people who failed were those that made conscious decision to.
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