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It seems like the majority of the professors actually want to help you do well as long as you're willing to be straightforward with them the counselors here also genuinely want to see you do well.
It’s a really great community college if you are not sure what you want to do after High School or didn’t meet the requirements to get into a 4-year institution right away. Overall it has been the best decision I’ve made for myself. Coming from an immigrant family, it has saved up a lot of money.
Professors are very professional and willing to assist students in any way possible. For example, professors have predictable office hours in which a student may ask questions. There are many resources for students including a learning center.
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Lot's of supporting programs available to help motivate the students. Variety of classes, and lot's of programs that help create a community. The programs help the students to build support, and a family.
I like the Counselors they are really nice they help you with choosing you on what major you want to do. As well it is a friendly community.
Excellent college! It was nerve racking to be going to a college campus for the first time. Faculty and staff made you feel so welcome and were extremely helpful to incoming students. So many different programs and clubs to join. There's many different programs that help you in the process of transferring to a university; the Punete program is a must!
It's so helpful for a community college. It is free for low income students who qualify. I think it's amazing because it's less stress for me and other students. The area is in a city where a majority is Hispanic and there are lots of opportunities. The campus does need work. Too much concrete not much green
Been attending to Santa Ana College for summer school and has been the best units that I have made in the summer. Santa Ana College have the best professor there could be because they help the students with their classes and their careers.
What I like mostly about the college is the teaching stuff. They go out of their way to ensure that students fully understand the material given them. In addition to the wonderful teachers, the classes are relatively small in number and this allows the teachers to spend a good amount of time to deal with the students problem in the classes. The campus is well maintained and never overcrowded for the sheer number of students enrolled. I would only increase on the number of foliage, but besides that I like the school program.
Santa Ana College is a great school and it is full of diversity. The professors are caring and active in student learning. Although the campus is older and a lot of the buildings and classrooms are not used, I hope to see a change in that. Hopefully, in the near future, the vacant classrooms will be utilized to promote student growth and more learning experiences.
what i liked about the college was that all the professors are very helpful and respectful no problems at all. Therefore the the campus may not be that perfect yet because due to all of the construction and adding all new buildings make a bit of a hassle and sometimes gets a little ignoring. the area around the school is not in a perfect city but it is decent enough to be safe. the campus security is almost like the secret service and are very helpful and chill and are always on every situation. Once the campus is complete the school will look really nice and probably get more funding into their Fire Technology program and give the fields different and better classrooms. Therefore, one field that needs to have better teachers is the math department because the school hires some math teachers that have a strong accent or who teach the material more difficult then it really is.
Many opportunities to grow and make connections. Professors and staff are very helpful. Theres not really any school spirit and the sports aren't really that popular. They're doing a lot of construction to improve the campus so Its looking very nice just a few detours. Making lots usually have a lot of space.
This is a good community college with a very good psychology program and a really robust online program as well. My career and academic counselors have been wonderful and the instructors that I've had have been excellent. The school is located in a student-friendly area with plenty of public transportation, shops, restaurants and a fund downtown area.
Santa Ana College has the best professors and counselors. They care about your education and provide excellent support and advice for you to transfer out. They are very knowledgeable in their fields and genuinely want to help their students in reaching higher education and career goals.
Santa Ana college is a good school for everybody, no matter the profession you decide on, it is located in Santa Ana Ca and the good thing about this community college is that your first year is free
Santa Ana College offers plenty of resources that are available to students. The professors genuinely care about students and always make sure they are understanding the material. The campus is also clean and organized. Student government's events are catered to de-stress students during midterms and finals. Tutors can be found almost anytime and they are patient with students. Counselors are helpful and keep in touch with students to assure that they are on the right track. Overall, I have had a great experience at Santa Ana College. I was struggling in my statistics class, but the math tutors definitely helped me a lot. In fact, I received an A in that class!. I am currently in my second semester and all of my professors are passionate about what they are teaching. This helps students engage in discussions and makes learning different. It is more than just sitting, listening to the professor talk and taking notes. I love everything about it.
This is a great school with various options for certificates and degrees. The professors here care about the success of the students and are of extremely high quality.
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Santa Ana College has great programs, amazing faculty and teachers. They are currently updating the campus, but it's coming along really great.
Santa Ana College is very affordable with quality education. My first year was free and saved me a lot of money. The campus itself isn't the best, there is no student building or food court on campus (under construction). My professors were all very helpful and I didn't have a hard time receiving A's and B's when following directions and putting in the work. There is also many resources on campus for help. Overall would definitely recommend if you want to save money or are undecided in future plans/major like I was.
Santa Ana College is a very welcoming campus. Santa Ana college is filled with adequate professors and faculty that are always happy to help. This campus is also very diverse and gives a great Community College experience.
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