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Sandhills Community College was a fantastic gateway to a four-year University. I feel that my experiences on campus aptly prepared me for the rest of my educational career in perusing a bachelors. If you are a bit intimidated by the thought of signing on for a college proper straight away, Sandhills offers just about as much as a freshmen program at any otherwise university would with a great deal more room to experiment and see what career you really want to pursue.
Some professors are easier than others when it comes to tardy or absences
Not really my thing, I passed my online course but only with the teachers help
Review Sandhills Community College
From what I know its great, my friends have gotten jobs a couple months after their completed degree
I've had mostly good professors, minus one history teacher from Nebraska who is ex army
The school has tons of majors and they all range. The biggest focus is golf course related, Mechanics, and Landscaping
Advisers are always willing to help out
The Campus is really nice. Good Landscaping all around. Teachers are very helpful and they even have a Relax room in the Cafe. Students are alright depending on who you hangout with, some are weird. The food is pretty on point
I want to be a doctor. But the classes don't help.
It is a very small school. With lots of students. We are overpopulated. We have to do a Graduation Project. It is a lot of work. I would not do this all over again.
Lots of work since most of my classes where online.
courses are intresting and challenging
Had some trouble getting oppertunities that my teacher wanted us to do with working at the police station
Nice school close to home.
My school experience has had its ups and downs. I'm making it though!
I hate the online classes. They are horrible, no help at all!
My mother just graduated with her bachelors degree, I'm very proud of her.
Review Sandhills Community College
The professors are amazing they help out a lot and work around your schedule.
I'm majoring in business, and it's awesome!
The teachers are very helpful. The school isn't really that big, so it's a small environment.
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